Famous people' day birth is january-11
  • Cody Simpson

    This Australian born singer and song writer has a fairytale story to inspire other aspiring aingers. Cody was just another Australian school boy who loved to swim. He also loved music and formed a small band with a few friends in school and they used to entertain the crowd in their free time. They posted a few videos of Cody singing the covers of his favorite artists, Justin Beiber and Justin Timberlake. He also wrote poetry, so he tried to make his poems into songs and sang one of them titled, ˜One'. He is an excellent guitar player and was inspired by his dad who used to play the instrument. His grandma once heard him play and asked him what he was going to choose, swimming or music, since he was good at both. He replied that he did not know what he would choose but that he knew he is going to make it big in either. So when fame came knocking at his door, he seemed to have been mentally prepared.

    Cody Simpson

  • Julie Franke

    Julie Franke is the fourth child of YouTube vloggers, <a title='Kevin' href='/famous/kevin-franke.htm'>Kevin</a> and <a title='Ruby Franke' href='/famous/ruby-franke.htm'>Ruby Franke</a>, who became famous for their family vlog called ˜8 Passengers'. Their vlogs feature Julie, her five siblings and her parents. Her siblings are Shari, Chand, Abby, Russel and Eve. She was first introduced to the viewers in the second video, titled ˜Meet the Passengers “ Julie', when she was just six years old. Their YouTube channel has videos, showcasing Julie's everyday life, right from the day she started walking to her present-day lifestyle. The family vlog channel gained over 1.1 million subscribers in no time and the number is growing by the day. Julie is also an amateur singer and the videos, in which she has exhibited her singing talent, have been uploaded by her parents. The family vlog showcases the challenges and joy of raising six children, belonging to different age groups. The November 2017 series was titled as ˜Halloween Special' and their current vlog for the month of December is titled as ˜Holidays with 8 Passengers'. It showcases the family's preparation for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

    Julie Franke

  • Lauren Giraldo

    Lauren Giraldo is a popular American singer, actor, musician, social media celebrity and advocate. She was also a popular vine star and is active on different social media platforms advocating the rights of women all around the world. She is known to invoke the feeling of feminism in teenage girls, who have accepted Lauren as their idol. As for her education, Lauren has studied musical theatre and she to make a career as an actor and singer. She attracted her biggest fame with ˜Lady Bits with Lauren Giraldo' for the FullScreen Network. She is also active as the executive producer for the Covert Media house for their documentary series. She has been three times Streamy Award nominee for Vine series ˜Camp Uplug'. As for her musical career, she released her debut single in January 2017 titled ˜Only Lovers' and the single became an immediate hit among her fans.

    Lauren Giraldo

  • Eve Bennett

    Eve Bennett is an English YouTube personality, best known for her videos pertaining to beauty, lifestyle and fashion. Born and brought up in Wolverhampton, England, Eve Bennett is one of the most successful social media celebrities. She has managed to garner huge number of fans, thanks to her success on the video sharing platform. Eve grew up watching other YouTube stars making it big in the world of social media. This inspired Eve at a very young age and it did not take long for her to decide what she wanted to do with her life. Her extrovert personality and positive attitude helped her to become popular in no time. Presently, the number of her subscribers stands at a whopping 202,000. After uploading her first video in June 2014, she went on to amass more than 10,000 subscribers within the first few months. She then became a small-time celebrity, first locally and then internationally. She has also collaborated with other YouTube stars and has endorsed a few beauty products through her channel.

    Eve Bennett

  • Louisa Johnson

    Singer best known for winning the 12th series of The X Factor UK in 2015. She was invited to take part in The X Factor Live Tour 2016. 

    Louisa Johnson

  • Yrndj

    Gamer and YouTuber whose channel, Yrndj, is famous primarily for its content relating to the basketball video game series NBA 2K. To date, his channel has accumulated more than 600,000 subscribers.


  • Jania Bania

    Social media influencer and model who became known for posting selfies, fashion, and lifestyle photos on her official38jania account. 

    Jania Bania

  • Mary J. Blige

    Mary Jane Blige is a prolific American musician, singer-songwriter, actress, and model. She started her career as a background singer in the late 1980s, and a few years later, in 1992, she was all ready to launch her music career with her debut album, ˜What's the 411?.' Her glorious career took off with her debut, and to date, she has released 13 studio albums and has garnered immense international success. Eight of her 13 albums have been honored as multi-platinum by the ˜Recording Industry Association of America' (RIAA). She has won 9 ˜Grammy Awards' and has achieved 22 nominations. Known as the Queen of hip-hop soul, Mary has redefined the genre and has inspired a new wave of artists, who have entered the industry to follow in her footsteps. In 2001, she made her film debut with ˜Prison Song.' She also starred in the films ˜Rock of Ages' and ˜I Can Do Bad All by Myself.' She reached the peak of her acting career with the 2017 film ˜Mudbound,' which won her several awards and nominations.

    Mary J. Blige

  • Alexander Hamilton

    Alexander Hamilton was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States; he was also a well-respected statesman and a successful military leader. Born out of wedlock in mid-eighteenth century, he spent his childhood among the lowest rung of the white society in St. Croix. Starting to work at the age of nine, he later received informal education from his mentors before being sent to the King's College, New York to be trained as a doctor. Here, he was quickly drawn into politics, writing his first published article at the age of seventeen. Later he joined the War of Independence and came close to General Washington, who on becoming President of United States made him the first Secretary of Treasury. In this new avatar, Hamilton founded the nation's financial policy, helping the government to tide over the chaos it had inherited from the revolution. A supporter of strong federal government, he also played significant role in the ratification of the new constitution and held slavery morally wrong.

    Alexander Hamilton

  • Lindsay Arnold

    Lindsay Arnold is a professional Latin and ballroom dancer, best known for her appearance in ˜So You Think You Can Dance', a popular talent hunt show. Although she was eliminated during the final stages of the show, she emerged as one of the most popular contestants. Born and raised in Utah, she auditioned for the show at the age of 18. The show turned out to be a major breakthrough as it paved the way for her to be a part of ˜Dancing with the Stars', a celebrity dance show. She was seen in the 16th season, in which she came across as a professional dancer. In the show, she was paired with boxer Victor Ortiz. They finished eighth at the end of the season. Lindsay has been a part of the show ever since and in the last four seasons she finished fourth, third, second and first respectively. The results of the last season were announced in November 2017. After competing in the last five seasons, she finally managed to win the title, along with her dancing partner, Jordan Fisher, a popular singer and actor.

    Lindsay Arnold

  • Jamie Vardy

    Jamie Vardy is an English footballer who plays for Leicester City as a striker in the English Premier League. He is also an important member of the English national football team. Vardy began playing football in his school days and his first major team was Stocksbridge Park Steels. He got an opportunity to play for the team for the first time in 2007 and impressed everyone with his superb skills and an amazing striking ability. He then went on to play in the Northern Premier League for the team F.C. Halifax Town and scored 25 goals in his first season, helping himself to bag the ˜Player's Player of the Year' award in 2010. His talents didn't go unnoticed as he was bought by Leicester City in 2012. He helped his team to win a trophy in 2014 and in the next season, he scored goals in 11 consecutive matches, making himself the ˜Premier League Player of the Season' and ˜FWA Footballer of the Year'. By 2015, he had already made his international debut and is now known as one of the lifelines of the national football team.

    Jamie Vardy

  • Christian Nodal

    Musician and composer who rose to fame with his hit 2016 single "Adiós Amor." That same year, he released his self-titled debut album.

    Christian Nodal