Famous Born in ukraine
  • Mila Kunis

    Mila Kunis is best-known for her role as ˜Jackie', the boisterous, chirpy, self-centered rich girl in the American sit-com, ˜That ˜70s Show'. Although, she has moved out of the ˜That ˜70s show' zone and has delivered a number of hits, she is fondly remembered for annoying ways and her prolific comic timing. She has since then, appeared in a number of television series including the animated series, ˜Family Guy' and played a minor role in the television drama series, ˜7th Heaven'. When she started off in films, most of her movies released a lot later than the promised release date. However, she remained undeterred and began to get noticed for her versatility in acting and her power-packed dialogues. ˜Forgetting Sarah Marshall', ˜Extract', ˜The Book of Eli', ˜Black Swan' and ˜Friends with Benefits' earned her critical acclaim and she soon became Hollywood's favorite, with her girl-next-door charm and realistic chemistry with her co-stars. She has been romantically linked with a number of her co-stars including Macaulay Culkin, Justin Timberlake and her ˜That ˜70s Show' co-star, Ashton Kutcher. Apart from her acting career, she is the face of Christian Dior and is ranked as one of the ˜100 most powerful celebrities around the world'.

    Mila Kunis

  • Valentin Chmerkovskiy

    Valentin Chmerkovskiy is an American“Ukrainian professional dancer who is best known for winning the American dancing reality show ˜Dancing with the Stars' twice. He was born into an upper middle-class family in Odessa, Ukraine. Shortly after the country's separation from the USSR, the family moved to the US. Valentin began training in a dance studio that his parents owned. By the time he turned 12, he had already become skilled enough to perform in various overseas dance competitions. At age 15, he won his first international dance competition, the ˜IDSF World Championship.' He became the first American professional dancer to win the honor. Over the years, he has become the ˜US National Latin Dance' champion 14 times. He has also won several other national and international dance championships. He has participated in the American version of the dance reality show ˜Dancing with the Stars' 13 times and has won the title twice, paired opposite Rumer Willis and Laurie Hernandez, in the twentieth and the twenty-third seasons, respectively. He also runs a dance studio and is a part-time rapper with the stage name Val C.

    Valentin Chmerkovskiy

  • Ruslana Popach

    Video creator on the platform TikTok who posts lip-sync and choreographed dance videos for her more than 650,000 fans. She also engages with her fans by asking them questions in her captions.

    Ruslana Popach

  • Denis Shaforostov

    Vocalist best known as the former lead singer of the band Asking Alexandria. He previously sang and played guitar for Make Me Famous and Down & Dirty. 

    Denis Shaforostov

  • Solomia Lukyanets

    Solomia Lukyanets is a Ukrainian opera singer who gained fame for appearing on ˜The Voice Kids Ukraine' and ˜The Voice Kids Germany'. A native of Kiev, Solomia started singing when she was three years old. In 2004, she won her first international competition. In 2012, she successfully auditioned for the inaugural season of ˜˜The Voice Kids Ukraine'. She lasted up until the final episode and was eventually declared one of the two runner-ups. She later moved to Berlin, Germany with her family. Solomia has appeared on the German version of ˜The Voice Kids' as well. She has been listed as the youngest performing opera singer in the Ukrainian Book of Records. She is quite popular on social media. She has about 56 thousand followers on Facebook and more than seven thousand subscribers on YouTube. For her prodigious musical skills, she is considered to be a phenomenon in the world of opera.

    Solomia Lukyanets

  • Taras Maksimuk

    YouTube phenomenon and tech expert with the channel name TechRax whose videos aim to test the durability of various smartphones. Some of the ways he tests the durability of each phone include smashing, burning, microwaving, and chainsawing them.

    Taras Maksimuk

  • Milla Jovovich

    Milla Jovovich, the American model, actress, fashion designer and musician is also known as, ˜the reigning queen of kick-butt'. Starting her modeling at a very young age, she was not even in her teens when she was featured for the first time on a magazine cover. A gifted actress, she owes her achievements to her prodigious talents and her beauty. Gaining recognition from the early movies such as ˜Blue Lagoon' (1991) and ˜Dazed and Confused' (1993), she was catapulted to great fame through the film, ˜The Fifth Element' by Luc Besson. After getting a breakthrough, she never looked back, and appeared in numerous science fiction and action films. She was not someone who was known only for her acting her skills and modeling endeavor, as she also earned great acclaim for her talent as a singer, song writer and a musician with the release of the ˜Divine Comedy'. She won several awards and honors for her wide array of work. She is also involved in numerous charitable works including the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. With her charismatic performances as an actress and hit songs, she continues to mesmerize the audience all over the world.

    Milla Jovovich

  • Maksim Chmerkovskiy

    Dancer and choregorapher known as one of the professional competitors on ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

    Maksim Chmerkovskiy

  • IdunnGoddess

    Content creator of how-to and DIY videos on YouTube who became a phenomenon thanks to her 2.4 million subscribers. She creates crafts, sometimes from recyclable materials, and demonstrates life hacks, tips, and tricks.


  • Alec Utgoff

    In season three of Stranger Things, he was cast as Alexei, a British actor. Power Monkeys and The Wrong Mans were two more shows in which he appeared. The Tourist, San Andreas, and Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation are among his film credits.

    Alec Utgoff

  • karinnofficial

    Real name: Karina Redajuva Merdjanova Pseudonym: Karinnofficial Date of birth: 30.12.2000 Place of birth: Ukraine


  • Igor Tsuman

    Igor Tsuman is a Ukrainian christian singer, musician and songwritter. Born on June 29, 1998. I live in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. He gained a following in 2019, posting christian song and covers on YouTube.

    Igor Tsuman