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  • Sierra Furtado

    Sierra Furtado is a Canadian YouTuber who makes DIY make-up videos and vlogs. This comical heiress has won the hearts of millions of teens around the world for her quirky way of bringing some jaw-dropping results in makeup. Her channel has social advice, costume ideas and the random funny stuff about the other YouTube channels. Any teenager, who requires a little nudge towards the right direction when it comes to social convention, can visit her channel for advice. After looking at her channel, one might think how a person can manage time to do all this in a day, but this young girl manages to do all this and lots more. She also likes to travel places and in her videos she has talked about the places she has traveled to and has made vlogs about the same. She is now on a book tour for her fictional work, Life Uploaded.

    Sierra Furtado

  • Gigi Gorgeous

    Gigi Gorgeous (Gregory Allan Lazzarato) is a Canadian YouTuber, model, activist and actress. With more than 2.6 million subscribers to her channel, Gigi is a huge YouTube star. She is a pathfinder in many ways. First she juggles multiple careers with much grace and cool. She is a popular Internet personality, a successful model and a promising model. Besides all these time intensive role, Gigi is determined to further her cause of promoting acceptance of various LGBT issues in Canada and worldwide. Being born a man, Gregory Allan, Gigi has completely transformed herself into this gorgeous and confident woman that she always felt like inside. Her life story, struggles and instances of intense courage while coming out is an inspiration to many around the world. Gigi has built up a large online following in several platforms by virtue of her honesty and conviction in her own self. Her channel is followed by millions of people, serves as a beacon of fashion, beauty and immense inner strength to all. She has translated her online success into multiple modeling, advertisement campaigns and film projects with some of the biggest names in the respective industries.

    Gigi Gorgeous

  • Ryan Johnston

    Ryan Johnston is a Canadian“American artist and social-media personality. He sketches portraits and landscapes using various kinds of art materials such as charcoal and spray paints. He posts his artwork on his 'Instagram' page and trades them on his website. By the time he turned 20, Ryan turned completely blind due to keratoconus, a progressive eye disease. He gained his eyesight back after a surgery. Ryan also owns a 'YouTube' channel where he vlogs about his life. He has also appeared a few times on the highly subscribed 'YouTube' family channel 'The ACE Family,' which is owned by his sister <a title='Catherine Paiz' href='/famous/catherine-paiz.htm'>Catherine Paiz</a> and her husband, Austin McBroom.

    Ryan Johnston

  • Romeo Lacoste

    Romeo Lacoste is a celebrity tattoo artist and YouTube star. Many celebrities like <a title='Justin Bieber' href='/famous/justin-bieber.htm'>Justin Bieber</a>, <a title='Ariana Grande' href='/famous/ariana-grande.htm'>Ariana Grande</a>, Soulja Boy and The Janoskians have been inked by him. He appeared on one of the most popular tattoo reality shows, ˜Best Ink'. Romeo owns a tattoo lounge in Los Angeles and is planning to open one in Japan. He is known for his unique designs that are neo-traditional and illustrative. He is famous for tattooing customized designs that are hand-drawn and cartoon characters. His designs are often detailed and are usually relatable to the personality of the client getting inked. Romeo has his own YouTube channel on which he posts videos pertaining to his work, pranks and tattoo challenges. He also hosts a game show called, ˜Tattoo Roulette', which is produced by Disney.

    Romeo Lacoste

  • Dalila Bela

    Dalila Bela is a Canadian actress best recognized for portraying the character of Olive in the TV series ˜Odd Squad'. She is also known for playing Taylor Pringle in the ˜Diary of a Wimpy Kid' franchise. Currently, she is playing the roles of Sydney and Diana Barry in the television shows ˜Ready Jet Go' and ˜Anne' respectively. Bela is a very talented actress. She was just five years old when she began acting by appearing in a commercial. Since then, she has been showing her acting skills to the audience on the small as well as the big screen. On a personal note, the Canadian beauty is a very classy and elegant young woman. She has two brothers, both of whom are actors. Very few people know that Bela started talking when she was just 11 months old! By the age of one, she was able to speak full sentences clearly. Currently, she is trilingual in English, Spanish, and French.

    Dalila Bela

  • Pat Patterson

    Canadian former wrestler who became a multiple-time World Wrestling Federation Champion and was the first-ever Intercontinental Champion. He later became a creative consultant for the WWF and was inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame in 1996.

    Pat Patterson

  • Realrosesarered

    YouTube gamer with 700,000 subscribers whose best known for her Roblox videos. Additionally, she has also played games such as Grand Theft Auto 5, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and H1Z1.


  • Maryse Ouellet

    Known under the stagename Maryse, she is a Canadian WWE wrestler and former WWE Divas Champion.

    Maryse Ouellet

  • Sami Zayn

    Rami Sebei, more famous as Sami Zayn, is a Canadian professional wrestler, who has performed for various wrestling promotions. He is presently signed to World Wrestling Federation (WWE) and performs in its ˜RAW' with the ring name, ˜Sami Zayn.' He made his debut in wrestling with International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS) in 2002 and went on to perform for different wrestling promotions before joining the WWE in 2013. He wrestled with a masked face under the ring name, ˜El Generico,' on the independent circuit and used the catchphrase ˜Olé!. He became the PWG World Champion twice and World Tag Team Champion five times in the ˜Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG).' He also became the only person to win both the annual tournaments of PWG “ ˜Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament,' in 2010, and the ˜Battle of Los Angeles,' in 2011. In the International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS), he became the IWS World Heavyweight Champion twice, and won the ROH World Tag Team Championship and ROH World Television Championship in Ring of Honor (ROH). He has so far won the NXT Championship once and earned the Slammy Award once in the WWE where he performs without a mask.

    Sami Zayn

  • Chris Benoit

    Chris Benoit (Christopher Michael Benoit) was a Canada born professional wrestler often considered among greatest wrestlers. During his immensely successful wrestling career of 22 years, he won numerous titles and remained a part of World Wrestling Entertainment/Federation, World Championship Wrestling, New Japan Pro wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling. During his illustrious career, Benoit achieved 22 professional wrestling titles, a feat which is incredible. His athleticism and wrestling prowess made him one of the most loved professional wrestlers with a large fan following. Among all the titles won by him include the World Heavyweight Championship in WWE and WCW along with United States Championship and Tag team Championship. He is also known as one of the five wrestlers in the world to get their hands on the Triple Crown Championships in both WWE and WCW. He entered the Royal Rumble 2004 as the first entry and ended up scoring the win. His death came as a shocker to millions of his fans around the globe when he was announced dead in May 2007. He murdered his family first and then two days later, took his own life. Somehow, his death sparked a lot of rumours and in the end, depression and brain damage turned out to be the cause of his diminishing mental health due to the concussions caused by head injuries over the years inside the ring.

    Chris Benoit

  • Cameron Brodeur

    Actor and dancer seen on the television series Helix in the role of Soren. As a dancer, he is skilled in break dancing and jazz, in addition to musical theater.

    Cameron Brodeur

  • William Shatner

    William Shatner is a Canadian actor, singer, comedian. Shatner initially started off as a stage actor before graduating into television and only got roles in some little known films for some time. However, his career changed completely when he got the role of the iconic Captain James T. Kirk in the cult television series ˜Star Trek' and Shatner went on to portray the character in the films that followed over the years to become one of the most loved films stars of his generation. Shatner worked in television throughout his life and also wrote some episodes of the TV series titled ˜T. J. Hooker' that started in 1982. As a television star, Shatner's most famous role was that of the character Denny Crane in the series ˜The Practice' and later on in the series ˜Boston Legal'. His performance was widely appreciated and also brought plenty of accolades. He has also appeared in a number of plays at Broadway at different points in his career and his training as a Shakespearean actor has been evident in all those performances.

    William Shatner