Famous with careers are esports player
  • Daequan Loco

    Daequan Loco is an American YouTuber, a professional Fortnite player, and a Twitch Streamer. Apart from a Fortnite streamer, Daequan has also forayed as an eSports player taking part mostly in huge Fortnite events. A member of the US based eSports organisation, ˜Team SoloMid (TSM),' his team, ˜TSM_Daequan,' consists of three other players namely OPSCT, Camills and Hamlinz. Daequan has achieved several feats in his career as a streamer, and Fortnite player. He once set a World Record in a Fortnite Game for maximum kills (39 kills) in a ˜Teams of 20 game mode.' It was later broken by YouTuber Teeqzy with 43 kills. Daequan began his Daequan Loco channel only for Fortnite content. Presently, his self-titled YouTube channel has accumulated subscribers in millions. He also has huge following on Instagram and Twitch.

    Daequan Loco

  • FaZe Censor

    While some people have no idea that professional video game players exist, many others often think that those who make money by playing video games must be junk-food-eating, overweight, socially awkward kids. Douglas Martin, a.k.a. FaZe Censor is the person they need to look at to get their prejudices checked. He is a professional Call of Duty player who has won two national tournaments, including the MLG National Championship 2011 in Providence. He is also a successful YouTuber with huge following and is sponsored by brands like GFUEL, SCUFS and Gymshark. Moreover, he is a fitness enthusiast who boasts of an enviable figure and inspires his followers to lead a healthy lifestyle. While he is a talented gamer, his immense popularity among the gaming community might be the result of his intent to break the stereotypes. Indeed, to top it all, he is a geek who has also managed to get the girl of his dreams: Yanet Garcia, a Mexican weatherwoman who became an internet sensation for her toned figure.

    FaZe Censor

  • Seth Abner

    Seth Abner, best known by his pseudonym ˜Scump,' is an American professional ˜Call of Duty' player. In 2015, he replaced Matthew Haag as the new captain of the popular eSports organization, ˜OpTic Gaming.' Abner has participated in many gaming tournaments and is a two time ˜Major League Gaming' (MLG) gold medalist. He won his first ˜Call of Duty World Championship' in August 2017, post which his popularity skyrocketed. He has been sponsored by various gaming companies like ˜Turtle Beach,' ˜Brisk Mate,' ˜Gymshark,' and ˜Loot Crate.' Abner has so far managed to earn a decent amount of money from his gaming career. In 2017, he won a whopping $261,250 by getting the first position at the ˜Call of Duty World League Championship.' Apart from the gaming world, Seth Abner is also quite popular on social media. While his verified Twitter account has more than 2 million followers, his YouTube channel has over 2.3 million subscribers.

    Seth Abner

  • Bogdan Ilic

    Long-time League of Legends gamer also known for being the content creator behind the YouTube channel Baka Prase. He has played LoL professionally for the team Fortuna. 

    Bogdan Ilic

  • Lee Sang-hyeok

    Lee Sang-hyeok is a South Korean professional gamer, better known as Faker. He is widely regarded as the best ˜League of Legends' player of all time. Lee was born and raised in Seoul and was an avid gamer even in his early years. His love for solving complex puzzles improved his analytical skills. He also designed maps for ˜Warcraft III' and the ˜Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)' game ˜Chaos.' In 2011, he was introduced to the intriguing world of ˜League of Legends' and got addicted to it. His love for the game also had him dropping out of the high school. His extremely sharp gaming skills had him hired by ˜SK Telecom' (SKT) in 2013. He was later selected to play for ˜SKT T1 K' as a mid laner for the ˜League of Legends World Championship,' and he never looked back after that. Lee has been honored with the best ˜League of Legends' player award for almost every year following this event. He has also consistently helped his teams to end up among the top three teams of each season.

    Lee Sang-hyeok

  • Yiliang Peng

    Known by the gaming pseudonym Doublelift, he is a professional competitive gamer best known for playing League of Legends with Counter Logic Gaming. He joined Team SoloMid in 2015 and would later join Team Liquid in 2017. 

    Yiliang Peng

  • Olof Kajbjer

    Olof Kajbjer, professionally known as Olofmeister, is a Swedish video-game player who plays ˜Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' for ˜FaZe Clan.' Born and raised in Tyresö, Sweden, Olof has played football for most of his life. He was one of the best players on his school team, but an injury at age 15 made him quit active football. He turned toward video games. Soon, the competitive spirit he displayed during football games on field became his biggest ally and helped him conquer the world of video games. He started playing ˜Counter-Strike' at the age of 16. By the time he was 20 years old, he was ready to play the game professionally. In 2012, he started playing with the team ˜H2k.' He did not gain enough attention until he joined ˜LGB eSports' in 2013. He has led his teams to wins at reputed tournaments such as the ˜IOS Pantamera,' the ˜ESL One Katowice,' the ˜ESL One Cologne,' and the ˜Sltv Starseries.' After enjoying three highly successful years with the team ˜Fnatic,' Olof joined ˜FaZe Clan' in 2017. He is known as one of the greatest ˜Counter-Strike' players of all time.

    Olof Kajbjer

  • David Hull

    Professional Dota 2 player who joined compLexity Gaming in September of 2016 as an offlane player after spending time with Digital Chaos, Team Archon, FIRE, and ROOT Gaming. His nickname is Moo.

    David Hull

  • SquishyMuffinz

    Canadian professional Rocket League player who has competed for organizations like Cloud 9, Team Iris, The Muffin Men, and G2 Esports. His accomplishments include first place finishes at the Nexus Gaming Invitational, MCS Americas League Play and Nexus Gaming 3v3 Weekly.


  • Danil Ishutin

    Also known as Dendi, he is a professional gamer who became one of the world's best players of the online multiplayer game Dota 2. He is the winner of numerous gaming events, including Storm the Front #3 and the Techlabs Cup Grand Final 2013.

    Danil Ishutin

  • Noah Wright

    Professional gamer for the organization Team Liquid as of August 2018 who plays under the name Vivid. Alternatively, he is known as NotVivid. His main video game is Fortnite. 

    Noah Wright

  • ProHenis

    Professional gamer who has played Fortnite for gaming teams like Karnage Clan. His Fortnite content, in addition to highlights from games like Call of Duty: WWII, has made him hugely popular on YouTube, where he has over 650,000 subscribers. 


  • Wiktor Wojtas

    Professional e-Sport player also known as TaZ, who won eight World Championships playing the video game Counter-Strike between 2006 and 2014. He became the in-game leader for Virtus.pro and a member of the Golden Five group of CS players.

    Wiktor Wojtas

  • Gabriel Toledo

    Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who is widely known by his FalleN gamertag. He was nominated by MyCNB as one of the ten most influential Brazilian eSports players of 2015.

    Gabriel Toledo

  • Jason Wilhelm

    American gamer commonly known as General who has served as the managing director of the esports organization SoaR. He is known for his expertise at games in the Call of Duty series, including Infinite Warfare and Black Ops 3. 

    Jason Wilhelm

  • Kubz

    Canadian eSports player who has served as a coach and analyst for professional League of Legends teams. Some of the teams he has worked with include Huma, Copenhagen Wolves Academy, Complexity, and Cloud9. He won EUCS Spring 2016 with Huma.


  • Jordan Gilbert

    Professional gaming phenomenon known for his expertise in the first person shooter Counter-Strike. He has competed for the Cloud9 gaming team and runs a popular Twitch stream called n0thing, which has earned 440,000 followers. 

    Jordan Gilbert

  • Hai Lam

    Major league gamer who has been on numerous teams including Orbit Gaming, Quantic Gaming, Cloud 9, and Team Curse. He joined Cloud 9 as their mid laner in May of 2013, his second term with the team.  

    Hai Lam

  • Grzegorz Komincz

    Also known by the name MaNa, he is a full-time Starcraft 2 pro gamer who joined Team Liquid after previously playing for mousesports. He has multiple top 3 offline finishes and 2 championships to his name.

    Grzegorz Komincz

  • Jay Won

    Overwatch star who is widely known by his gamertag Sinatraa. In 2017, he rose to the #1 rank on NA servers after competing with Selfless Gaming, with whom he finished in 1st at the May 2017 Overwatch Rumble. 

    Jay Won

  • Joseph Marquez

    Professional gamer also known as MaNg0 who is considered one of the best Super Smash Bros. Melee players in the world. He has been victorious at many of gaming's biggest tournaments, winning back-to-back Evolution Championship Series titles in 2013 and 2014.

    Joseph Marquez

  • Martin Larsson

    Professional gamer nicknamed Rekkles who performs in League of Legends competitions. He has earned over $60,000 in tournament play.

    Martin Larsson

  • Shin Dong Won

    StarCraft II Zerg player who is widely known by his Hydra gamertag. In September 2014, he signed with ROOT Gaming, with whom he won his first and second career premier tournaments in 2015.

    Shin Dong Won

  • Christopher Alesund

    Otherwise known by his alias GeT_RiGhT, he is a professional Counter Strike player and is a member of the team Ninjas in Pyjamas. He was rated as the best player of 2014 by HLTV.org.

    Christopher Alesund