Age is 44
  • John Cena

    John Cena, an American professional wrestler, rapper and actor, is arguably WWE's most successful superstar. Cena became interested in professional wrestling after being encouraged by a gym employee at Gold's Gym in Venice Beach. He garnered a sizeable fan following appearing on the UPN reality TV show 'Manhunt', and later became a part of the WWE main roster. He rose to fame after beating JBL to win his first WWE Championship. He went on to win 25 championships throughout his career to become one of the greatest WWE stars of all time. He swayed his fans by donning various personas, including the semi-robotic 'The Prototype' and the rapper 'Doctor of Thuganomics'. He has emerged as a successful actor with films like 'The Marine', '12 Rounds', 'The Reunion', 'Trainwreck', and 'Sisters'. His television credits include 'Total Divas', which has his partner Nikki Bella in the main cast, and its spin-off 'Total Bellas'. On the personal front, he is currently engaged to WWE superstar Nikki Bella.

    John Cena

  • Kanye West

    Kanye Omari West was raised in the middle-class background of the Chicago city by his highly educated mother Donda West. He had a knack for creativity and poetry from a very young age. He started rapping from the age of 7 and soon confessed to his mother that he wanted to take recording music more formally. When he was 20, he decided to drop out of college and pursue music professionally. His mother supported him in his endeavors. He started as a small time producer until he met Jay-Z and produced his ˜The Blueprint' for him. Since that time West started getting recognition and he worked with talented people like Ludacris, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, etc. But West's main aspiration was to become a rapper and it was not until the year 2002 that he was given his first opportunity to record his solo album. From then onwards there was no looking back fort West and he gave to the entertainment industry best hip-hop music in the form of ˜The College Dropout, ˜Late Registration', ˜Graduation', ˜My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy', etc. His music has always been appreciated by music critics for its innovation and the risk that West takes with its creativity. He has always been in the news, whether it is for the numerous awards he has won or for the controversies that he has caused over the years.

    Kanye West

  • Shakira

    Singer-songwriter whose 2006 song "Hips Don't Lie" became a #1 hit. She initially gained fame from her 1995 major-label debut album, Pies Descalzos, and found international success with her 2002 track "Whenever, Wherever."


  • Tom Brady

    Tom Brady is an American National Football League quarterback who plays for the New England Patriots. He is the recipient of two NFL MVP awards, four super bowl MVP awards and five Super Bowl wins, which is a record in itself. After playing college football, he was drafted by the Patriots in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft. In his 15 seasons as a starter, Brady has quarterbacked the Patriots to seven Super Bowl appearances, which is a record for any player in history. He got embroiled in the notorious ˜deflategate' incident, after which he got suspended for the first four games of the 2016 NFL season. He went on to win Super Bowl LI and Super Bowl MVP that season. Playing as a quarterback, he has never lost a season and is widely considered as one of the all time superstars of American football history.

    Tom Brady

  • Gerard Way

    Gerard Way is a dynamic American rock/ punk singer-songwriter, band member, musician and comic book writer/director. He founded the band ˜My Chemical Romance' in 2001, which had its fair share of stardom until it split in 2013. Like most of the children, Way was fond of comic books as a child. Fulfilling his passion, he created his own dark-humored mini-comic series ˜The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys' and released the comic book ˜The Umbrella Academy' in 2007. Way went on to release his debut solo album in 2014 and named it ˜Hesitant Alien'. It peaked the ˜UK Rock Albums' chart and was labelled a platinum selling album. Gerard is also known for his association with the boy band ˜The Hormones'. He is the band's lead vocalist alongside guitarists Ian Fowles and Matt Gorney, drummer Jarrod Alexander and pianist James Dewees. Battling with a distraught childhood wasn't easy for the rock star and most of his teenage years were spent in isolation, depression and alcoholism. His only source of inspiration was his grandmother who taught him both music and art. With sheer perseverance and determination, he overcame a rotten past and is today known as a pioneer of punk and has made it a thriving genre in mainstream music.

    Gerard Way

  • Rhett McLaughlin

    Rhett McLaughlin is an internet sensation and one half of the famous YouTube comedy duo ˜Rhett and Link,' the other half being his friend Charles Link Neal III. Rhett is well known for his comic timings, quirky acting, and his trendy fashion sense. He makes a powerful and distinguished style statement through his beard and hairstyle, often dyeing his hair in a variety of colors. Rhett and Link's multiple award-winning channels have a combined subscribership of over 20 million with over 4 billion total views! They are wildly popular for their comedic songs and viral low-budget local commercials. They like to call their profession as ˜INTERNETAINERS', a word they coined themselves. The duo also frequently appears on talk shows and radio shows.

    Rhett McLaughlin

  • Daddy Yankee

    Daddy Yankee is the stage name of Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and record producer Ramón Ayala, who is one of the pioneering reggaetón artists who helped establish a mainstream market for the music style. Influenced by traditional hip-hop, as well as Spanish-language dancehall reggae, he is one of the musicians who first fused different styles of music to create and popularize a new genre of music. From humble beginnings with independently released mixtapes that he himself produced, he went on to become the co-owner of the record company 'El Cartel Records'. The company also released his first commercially successful international album 'Barrio Fino', which made him an international star after a decade of struggle. He won the 'Latin Grammy Award' for the album, which also included his best known single 'Gasolina'. Following his international success, he was named among 100 most influential people by 'Time' magazine, bagged endorsements for brands like Reebok and Pepsi, and signed a $20 million contract with Interscope Records. He later branched into acting and producing, and is known for the movie 'Talento de Barrio'.

    Daddy Yankee

  • Bhushan Kumar

    Film producer who became the CEO of India's leading music company after taking over his father's T-Series record label.

    Bhushan Kumar

  • Varli Singh

    Successful businesswoman who became the founder and editor-in-chief of Varli Magazine which educates the world on Indian cuisine. Her other ventures include the creation of the Varli Food Festival and VarliWare kitchen equipment. 

    Varli Singh

  • Psy

    International satirical pop performer whose hit single "Gangnam Style" won the 2012 Best Video MTV Europe Award and became a viral video on YouTube. 


  • Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    Floyd Mayweather Jr is an American boxing champion who is regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters of his generation. A sport that runs in his blood, Mayweather has given everything to it, his blood, his sweat, his hard work and his life. His career graph is an illustrious one, studded with cent percent victories in his 49 outings, of which 26 came by knockout. He has major world titles in his belt including WBC super featherweight champion, WBC lightweight champion, WBC super lightweight champion, IBF welterweight champion, WBC welterweight champion, WBC light middleweight champion, WBA (Super) light middleweight champion, WBA (Super) welterweight champion and WBO welterweight champion. Nearly every time in the ring, Mayweather has managed to give a flawless performance that has been the result of his blazing speed, punishing power and unbelievable ring generalship. His fights are a fistic masterpiece of brilliance that very few can claim to possess. Despite his age, Mayweather is a nightmare for opponents in the ring even today. What is even more surprising to note is that even at 40, he looks as hale and hearty and fit as the day he first entered the ring!

    Floyd Mayweather Jr.

  • Orlando Bloom

    Orlando Bloom is a British actor, popularly known for his roles in ˜The Lord of the Rings' and ˜Pirates of the Caribbean' films. Though he began his career with minor roles in feature films, he soon rose to stardom with his portrayal of the elf prince ˜Legolas' in the ˜The Lord of the Rings' trilogy. Subsequently he appeared in films that included the ˜Pirates of the Caribbean' series, ˜Troy', ˜New York, I Love You' and many more. His performances earned much appreciation both critically and commercially and he was offered leading roles in films like ˜Kingdom of Heaven'. Apart from feature films, he also stated his interest in exploring theatre and appeared in his debut performance at the Duke of York's Theatre, London in 2007. He also has a Broadway performance to his credit, ˜Romeo and Juliet', in which he played the lead role of Romeo. Orlando Bloom has received several awards and accolades owing to his stellar performances on screen including the Screen Actors Guild Awards, National Movie Awards and Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards. Apart from his acting career, Orlando Bloom has been actively involved in various humanitarian causes and was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2009.

    Orlando Bloom