Celebrities born in 2013
  • North West

    North West is probably the most celebrated star kid. The first-born child of singer/rapper, <a title='Kanye West' href='/famous/kanye-west.htm'>Kanye West</a> and reality TV star cum socialite, <a title='Kim Kardashian' href='/famous/kim-kardashian.htm'>Kim Kardashian</a>, North created a buzz as soon as she was conceived. Her birth was eagerly awaited by not just her parents and the immediate family, but millions of Kanye and Kim fans from all over the world. North is an adorable toddler who is the current favorite subject of the paparazzi who has their viewfinders trained on her whenever she steps out. Although she doesn't have any social media account of her own, several accounts on Instagram have been dedicated to display North's fashionable clothes and trendy outfits. A kid born with celebrity status, North seems to be able to handle the fame already!

    North West

  • Daxton Butler

    Better known as "Brotard," Daxton Butler is the youngest child of the American YouTuber couple <a title='Shay Carl' href='/famous/shay-carl.htm'>Shay Carl</a> and <a title='Colette Butler' href='/famous/colette-butler.htm'>Colette Butler</a>. The couple runs a family channel titled ˜SHAYTARDS' that hosts vlogs from their lives. Daxton was already a star before he was born. Ever since his family became aware of Colette's pregnancy with Daxton, they celebrated and shared each and every moment of the pregnancy with their social-media fans. The channel now has over five million subscribers.

    Daxton Butler

  • Eve Franke

    Eve Franke is an American child YouTube personality. She is best recognized as the daughter of popular YouTubers Kevin and Ruby Franke. She is regularly featured on her family channel ˜8 Passengers' along with her parents and five older siblings, namely Russell, Julie, Shari, Chad and Abby. Possessing an unrestrained love for the camera, Eve is featured in videos related to travel stories, shopping vlogs, and family-time vlogs. Irrespective of whether she is featured alonein a video or with her family members, her presence makes the videos very appealing and fun to watch. The little diva is very sweet and cute! Watching her innocent antics can turn anyone's bad day to a good one. On a personal note, Eve spends most of her time with her parents and siblings. She loves parks, beaches, and engaging in all kinds of activities that kids of her age love. She also has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well which are managed by her parents.

    Eve Franke

  • Parker Ballinger

    Parker Ballinger is the son of famous YouTubers <a title='Christopher' href='/famous/christopher-ballinger.htm'>Christopher</a> Ballinger and <a title='Jessica Ballinger' href='/famous/jessica-ballinger.htm'>Jessica Ballinger</a>. He appears frequently on his family YouTube channel, ˜Ballinger Family.' Some of his YouTube videos have gathered millions of views, making him one of the most famous kids in California. He has appeared in many interesting videos, such as ˜Parker Goes Missing,' ˜Parker's Gymnastics Progress,' ˜Interview with a 3 Year Old “ Parker Answers Twitter Questions with his Father,' ˜Parker's Sleepover Birthday Party Special,' etc. He was also part of a 30 minute live video, in which he was seen answering questions posed by his fans on Twitter. Parker is a passionate singer. He showed off his singing abilities on stage when he delivered a show-stopping performance of ˜The Cup Song.' Read on to know more about this young and talented social media sensation.

    Parker Ballinger

  • George Alexander Louis

    First son of <a title='Prince William' href='/famous/prince-william.htm'>Prince William</a> and <a title='Catherine Middleton' href='/famous/kate-middleton.htm'>Catherine Middleton</a> and the third in line to the throne after <a title='Queen Elizabeth II' href='/famous/elizabeth-ii.htm'>Queen Elizabeth II</a>, his grandfather, and his father. The world rejoiced at his birth, which marked a rare occasion whereby three generations of direct heirs to the throne lived during the same time.

    George Alexander Louis

  • Rory Vlach

    Youngest of three siblings featured on the highly popular YouTube channel SmellyBellyTV. The channel has earned over 2.2 million subscribers. 

    Rory Vlach

  • Lucas Lopez

    Celebrity family member and social media personality best known for being the younger brother of TikTok star Addison Rae.

    Lucas Lopez

  • Boston Hoellein

    Third child born to mommy vlogger <a title='Bonnie Hoellein' href='/famous/bonnie-hoellein.htm'>Bonnie Hoellein</a> and her husband <a title='Joel Hoellein' href='/famous/joel-hoellein.htm'>Joel Hoellein</a>. He is featured on his mother's self-titled YouTube channel. 

    Boston Hoellein

  • Peyton Johnson

    One of two kids featured on the family YouTube channel The Johnson Fam alongside her sister and parents. The channel has more than 900,000 subscribers. She is a Beautiful and kind child.

    Peyton Johnson

  • Ava McClure

    Widely known for appearing alongside her sister <a title='Alexis' href='/famous/alexis-mcclure.htm'>Alexis</a> on the McClure Twins YouTube channel, which has earned over 1 million subscribers. In October 2016, her video "Dada eats all the food!" went viral, and she was profiled in various high-profile publications, such as the Daily Mail.  

    Ava McClure

  • Theo Horan

    Theo Horan is an Irish child Instagram star and social media influencer. He is the nephew of <a title='Niall Horan' href='/famous/niall-horan.htm'>Niall Horan</a>, one of the members of the incredibly popular boy band One Direction. His father is Niall's older brother, Greg. Theo has gained considerable fame because of his uncle and has his own Twitter and Facebook accounts, both of which are run by his parents. He is also regularly featured on his parents' respective Instagram accounts. In 2017, it was reported by various outlets that Niall was not happy with Theo parents' use of the fame that he has accumulated to propel their family into fame and land lucrative brand deals. They apparently had a massive falling out. Recently, it seems the brothers have reconciled.

    Theo Horan

  • Abram Rader

    Known for his appearances on the family vlogging YouTube channel of his parents <a title='Sam' href='/famous/samuel-rader.htm'>Sam</a> and <a title='Nia' href='/famous/nia-rader.htm'>Nia</a>. He has gained popularity there with his parents and two siblings for documenting their daily family lives. 

    Abram Rader