Celebrities born in 2011
  • Maya Le Clark

    Maya Le Clark is an American actor, model, and social-media personality. She is best known for her performance as ˜Chloe Thunderman' in the 'Nickelodeon' comedy series 'The Thundermans.' She later appeared in another 'Nickelodeon' series, 'Ho Ho Holiday Special.' She has worked as a model and is associated with a modeling and talent agency. Maya has a 'YouTube' channel where she posts her daily vlogs and the behind-the-scenes footage of her shows. She is active on other social-media accounts, too, and they are all managed by her parents.

    Maya Le Clark

  • Sienna Fizz

    Sienna Fizz is a child YouTuber from England. She is best recognized as the youngest daughter of YouTubers Darren and Georgie. She has a self-titled YouTube channel on which she shares kid-related videos. She is also one half of the channel ˜Fizz Sisters', the other half being her elder sister <a title='Mia' href='/famous/mia-vegankidtv.htm'>Mia</a>. Besides these, she also gets featured on her family vlogging channel ˜Family Fizz'. Possessing a deep love for the camera, Sienna is featured in videos of skits, challenges, fun experiments, games, vlogs, and more. Irrespective of whether she is creating a solo video or is getting featured in a collaborative one, her charming presence makes the video cute and entertaining. Talking about the little YouTuber's social media popularity, every channel of hers is doing great. Till date, her solo channel has amassed over 109k subscribers and her collaborative channel has accumulated more than 172k subscribers. In addition to these, her family channel is soon to hit a million subscribers! Sienna, who has a decent fan following on Instagram as well, is very talented girl. Her charm and cuteness can melt any heart in no time!

    Sienna Fizz

  • Reese Herron

    Reese Herron, also known by her YouTube nickname Reesiedoodles, is a popular Instagram star. She is the youngest sibling of the popular pop singer <a title='Zach Herron' href='/famous/zach-herron.htm'>Zach Herron</a>. She became famous because of her association with her brothers. Her parents then started an Instagram account for her, where she currently has over 174k followers. Her posts include her daily activities, snapshots from her travels, and messages encouraging her brother's latest single. As part of being an Instagram celebrity, she has represented several brands, such as San Diego's Izzy By Clothing and Find Fun Mermaid. Apart from her Instagram account, she also has a YouTube channel titled ˜Reesiedoodles' where videos of her performances at school talent shows are regularly posted. She is often seen on her brother Zach's Instagram stories as well. She recently graduated from her kindergarten school and currently lives with her loving family in California.

    Reese Herron

  • Russell Franke

    One of six kids featured on the YouTube channel 8 Passengers alongside his parents <a title='Kevin' href='/famous/kevin-franke.htm'>Kevin</a> and <a title='Ruby' href='/famous/ruby-franke.htm'>Ruby</a>, who run the channel.

    Russell Franke

  • Harper Beckham

    Harper Seven Beckham is daughter of famous Soccer player <a title='David' href='/famous/david-beckham.htm'>David</a> Beckham and <a title='Victoria Beckham' href='/famous/victoria-beckham.htm'>Victoria Beckham</a>. She has already got the paparazzi at her heels with her elaborate and trendy wardrobe. With all credit going to <a title='Victoria Beckham' href='/famous/victoria-beckham.htm'>Victoria Beckham</a> and her infinite sense of style and trends, she surely has little Harper walking her footsteps. With her adorable innocence and irresistible cuteness, this young angel already has a fan following of 89.3 K on ˜Instagram.' The youngest Beckham and only girl among the next generation of Beckhams is loved and pampered by her brothers. Obviously, her arrival brought great joy to the couple that had three boys before her. Victoria has shown the world that her fashion trends aren't limited to adults but also brings out the best in children. In a recent video uploaded by her father, Harper was gallantly singing Happy Birthday and wishing her mother lots of love. The video went viral and viewers couldn't get enough of her!

    Harper Beckham

  • Perri LeRoy

    Youngest of four siblings featured on the family vlogging YouTube channel The LeRoy's. The channel is run by parents her <a title='Cory' href='/famous/cory-leroy.htm'>Cory</a> and <a title='Shanna LeRoy' href='/famous/shanna-leroy.htm'>Shanna LeRoy</a>. 

    Perri LeRoy

  • Ben Hampton

    Instagram personality who rose to fame by posting fashion and lifestyle photos to his eponymous account, which has garnered over 700,000 followers. He later became a member of Team 10, headed by <a title='Jake Paul' href='/famous/jake-paul.htm'>Jake Paul</a>.

    Ben Hampton

  • Blayke Busby

    Became known as the older sister to the Busby quintuplets featured on TLC's reality show OutDaughtered. She and her family are also known on social media as It's A Buzz World with over 500,000 followers and counting.  

    Blayke Busby

  • Lux Atkin

    Lux Atkin is a social media sensation, who has more than 1.4 million followers on Twitter. She also has an Instagram account, which is packed with photos, clicked along with her famous parents, <a title='Lou Teasdale' href='/famous/lou-teasdale.htm'>Lou Teasdale</a> and Tom Atkin. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts also boast of pictures of popular singer Harry Styles and the rest of his mates from their band, ˜One Direction.' Lux became a star soon after her birth as her pictures and videos sent social media sites into a frenzy of activity. Apart from her obvious charm, the fact that Lux was always surrounded by stars helped her to become an internet celebrity even before she could stand up and walk. Read on to know more about this cute and lovely young woman.

    Lux Atkin

  • Tilly Mills

    Crown verified muser whose parent-monitored account includes a variety of types of different videos. She often makes videos with family members, including her twin older brothers <a title='Max' href='/famous/max-mills.htm'>Max</a> and <a title='Harvey' href='/famous/harvey-mills.htm'>Harvey</a>. 

    Tilly Mills

  • Ocean Maturo

    Ocean Maturo is an American child actor known for portraying Young Auggie in Disney Channel's sitcom ˜Girl Meets World'. He is the younger brother of <a title='August Maturo' href='/famous/august-maturo.htm'>August Maturo</a>, who played the older version of Auggie Matthews in the show. A native of Los Angeles, Ocean was raised in a family that encouraged his acting aspirations. In 2011, he made his screen debut as a baby in an episode of FX's anthology horror television series ˜American Horror Story'. He then worked in a telefilm called ˜Stalked at 17'. In 2016, he was cast as the younger version of the character that his real-life older brother played in ˜Girl Meets World', which is a sequel to, and spinoff of, ˜Boy Meets World'. Recently, he appeared in a video short called ˜Bryan Lanning: Idaho'. Maturo also has made appearances in reality shows such as ˜Daily Bumps' and ˜KawaiiHappii'. He has Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, which are managed by his mother.

    Ocean Maturo

  • Diezel Ortiz

    Instagram personality whose parent-run account diezelortiz features Diezel in different fashion looks. The account has racked up more than 80,000 followers. 

    Diezel Ortiz