Celebrities born in 2010
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

    Famous as the son of soccer star <a title='Cristiano Ronaldo' href='/famous/cristiano-ronaldo.htm'>Cristiano Ronaldo</a>, he is known by the nickname "Cristianinho." His father has been secretive as to the identity of Cristianinho's mother.

    Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

  • Brock Butler

    Also known as Rocktard, he is one of the members of the YouTube famous Shaytards family. His family channel has amassed over 5 million subscribers. 

    Brock Butler

  • Evelin Bennett

    YouTube family vlogging star known as one of eight vloggers on the channel The Ohana Adventure. Appearing with her parents and five siblings, the channel has earned more than 1.7 million subscribers. 

    Evelin Bennett

  • Symphony Rader

    Symphony Rader is an American child YouTuber. She is the eldest kid of the famous YouTube vloggers <a title='Sam' href='/famous/samuel-rader.htm'>Sam</a> and <a title='Nia Rader' href='/famous/nia-rader.htm'>Nia Rader</a> and features on her family vlogging channel <a title='Sam' href='/famous/samuel-rader.htm'>Sam</a> and Nia'. She also has a solo channel titled ˜SymphonysWorld' on which she posts toy-centric videos. The young entertainer is contributing a lot to both her channels, especially her personal channel. Despite her young age, she is very determined and ambitious. She loves to create videos with the help of her parents and share them with her fans. Her parents too love the idea of filming their daughter while she is playing with her toys, enjoying poolside activities, and doing crazy things with her siblings. Rader is truly blessed in every way and her family completely dotes on her! She also feels a sense of responsibility towards her younger siblings Juliet and Abram and is proud to be an elder sister. Currently, the young YouTube personality is busy concentrating on her studies as well as making play-doh videos!

    Symphony Rader

  • Emanuella Samuel

    Emanuella Samuel is a young comedienne from Nigeria who has featured in tons of videos on YouTube. She mainly features in Mark Angel Comedy videos. Emanuella first rose to fame when she appeared in Mark Angel's comedy video ˜My Real Face'. Since then she has appeared in number of Angel's videos. Emanuella Samuel is one of the most repeated artists in his videos and most liked too. Their collaboration is what makes Mark Angel's videos extraordinary and likeable. The two have number of videos together and their content is different each time. Their settings, cultural background and natural acting are what makes the audience tick and come back for next video. Emanuella's innocence and unique style of acting has set her apart from other YouTubers of her generation.

    Emanuella Samuel

  • Olivia Johnson

    One of two kids featured on the family YouTube channel The Johnson Fam, alongside her sister and parents. The channel has amassed over 900,000 subscribers.

    Olivia Johnson

  • JiffPom

    Pomeranian dog who became an internet sensation with over 8 million followers on Instagram. Also an animal actor, he was featured in the music video for the 2014 <a title='Katy Perry' href='/famous/katy-perry.htm'>Katy Perry</a> song "Dark Horse," which has been viewed over 2 billion times on YouTube. 


  • Gavin Thomas

    Gavin Thomas is an American social media star. He is best known for his viral ˜fake smile' expression. Thomas started hogging the limelight when he became an overnight internet sensation in China. His Weibo account, which is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, amassed over 1.8 million followers within four months from the date of its creation. Gavin Thomas has since won millions of hearts in China and has even visited the country twice to acknowledge the admiration of his fans. Gavin's popularity can be credited to the makers of his GIFs. As of now, the GIFs featuring Gavin Thomas have been used more than a billion times across various social media platforms in China. Riding on his popularity, Gavin has secured a contract with the Chinese multinational conglomerate company ˜Tencent.' He is also popular back home in the US, as he has thousands of followers on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

    Gavin Thomas

  • Isabelle Roberts

    American gymnast who shows off her unusual flexibility on Instagram, where she has earned more than 150,000 followers. She also gives fans a glimpse into her life as a gymnast on her self-titled YouTube channel. 

    Isabelle Roberts

  • Kingston Foster

    Actress who rose to fame for her lead role as Cindy in the film, Bitch. She's also gained television roles for popular series such as Days of Our Lives, Fuller House and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. She also starred in the TV movie Zombies in 2018.

    Kingston Foster

  • Ethan Monster

    YouTube personality and one-half of the HardCorllector channel alongside his father. They have earned popularity there for their Pokemon card hauls and collection reviews, as well as their toy vlogging.

    Ethan Monster

  • Lilia Jean

    Famous as the daughter and oldest child of YouTube star <a title='Jessica Roque' href='/famous/jessica-roque.htm'>Jessica Roque</a>, she made her debut when her mother was only eighteen years old and rose to fame on the wildly popular JesssFam YouTube channel, which has amassed over 750,000 subscribers. 

    Lilia Jean