Celebrities born in 2009
  • Txunamy

    If you are a regular fan of Musical.ly and Instagram, then you might have heard about a number of child artists who have made it big on social media. In fact, social media is making it possible for young artists to showcase their skills to a wider audience. Some of these young artists have now earned celebrity status. One such young artist is Txunamy. She is one of the most closely followed young stars on Musical.ly and Instagram. Txunamy is of Filipino origin. She started showing interest in music at a very young age. Looking at her interest, her parents gave all their support towards her music endeavors. As soon as she was ready, she started posting some of her music videos on popular social media channels like Musical.ly and Instagram. Her Instagram account was opened in 2014 by her mother. With growing fame, she has become very famous on other social media platforms, including YouTube.


  • Clara Lukasiak

    Clara Lukasiak is the sister of well-known dance star, actor, and social media personality <a title='Chloe Lukasiak' href='/famous/chloe-lukasiak.htm'>Chloe Lukasiak</a>. While Chloe was one of the original cast members of the dance reality television series ˜Dance Moms,' Clara also appeared in some of the episodes until the family finally decided to leave the show after season 4. Clara herself followed in her older sister's footsteps by becoming a dancer. She started dancing at the age of two and has gained a lot of attention as a child dancer. She also appeared on an episode of ˜Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.' Despite her young age, Clara is already present on many social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Her accounts are usually run either by her mother, Christi, or her sister Chloe. In Chloe's second music video performance, ˜Fool Me Once' by Jess Godwin, Clara and her mother, Christi Lukasiak, made cameo appearances. Clara's mother once tweeted that Clara is in talks to be in a movie, but the details have not yet been revealed.

    Clara Lukasiak

  • Skylynn Floyd

    Skylynn Floyd is an Internet celebrity who is popular on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. She first became famous as <a title='Nash' href='/famous/nash-grier.htm'>Nash</a> and <a title='Hayes Grier' href='/famous/hayes-grier.htm'>Hayes Grier</a>'s younger sister. Her brother were enormous Vine celebrities and often featured Skylynn in their videos. As part of the family lifestyle channel, Skylynn was introduced as their sister in 2014. Since then, her parents have created separate social media accounts for her and she has accumulated over a million followers across these channels in a short span of time. First popular on Vine, Skylynn is currently active on Instagram and YouTube where she creates family-friendly content. At such a young age, Skylynn is a social media sensation, with 1.1 million followers on Instagram, 303k subscribers on YouTube, 89k on Twitter and 26k on Facebook. She currently lives with her family in North Carolina.

    Skylynn Floyd

  • Mason Disick

    Mason Disick is the son of American reality television star, model and businesswoman, <a title='Kourtney Kardashian' href='/famous/kourtney-kardashian.htm'>Kourtney Kardashian</a>, and her former partner, TV personality <a title='Scott Disick' href='/famous/scott-disick.htm'>Scott Disick</a>. Since his first appearance on the season four finale of the E! network reality show 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians', he has appeared on the spin-off series 'Kourtney & Kim Take New York' and 'Kourtney & Kim Take Miami' and the TV documentary 'E! True Hollywood Story'. On July 12, 2015, he featured on a series of photos on his aunt Kim Kardashian's Instagram profile, making silly faces together. During an outing with his mother in June 2016, he made headlines for calling the paparazzi 'stupid' and 'weird' after they complimented his mother for looking 'beautiful'. In July 2016, Khloé Kardashian shared a Snapchat of Mason Disick doing an impression of his father <a title='Scott Disick' href='/famous/scott-disick.htm'>Scott Disick</a> as Todd Kraines. In December that year, during an outing with his father and uncle Kanye West, he clasped his hands together to make a finger gun and pretended to shoot at the paparazzi. In February 2017, his mother posted on her website pictures providing an inside look into Mason's 'Star Wars'-themed bedroom "filled with glow-in-the-dark elements and lots of star motifs".

    Mason Disick

  • Julie Franke

    Julie Franke is the fourth child of YouTube vloggers, <a title='Kevin' href='/famous/kevin-franke.htm'>Kevin</a> and <a title='Ruby Franke' href='/famous/ruby-franke.htm'>Ruby Franke</a>, who became famous for their family vlog called ˜8 Passengers'. Their vlogs feature Julie, her five siblings and her parents. Her siblings are Shari, Chand, Abby, Russel and Eve. She was first introduced to the viewers in the second video, titled ˜Meet the Passengers “ Julie', when she was just six years old. Their YouTube channel has videos, showcasing Julie's everyday life, right from the day she started walking to her present-day lifestyle. The family vlog channel gained over 1.1 million subscribers in no time and the number is growing by the day. Julie is also an amateur singer and the videos, in which she has exhibited her singing talent, have been uploaded by her parents. The family vlog showcases the challenges and joy of raising six children, belonging to different age groups. The November 2017 series was titled as ˜Halloween Special' and their current vlog for the month of December is titled as ˜Holidays with 8 Passengers'. It showcases the family's preparation for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

    Julie Franke

  • Lorenzo Greer

    Lorenzo Greer, also known as ˜Tekkerz kid,' is a popular YouTube star. Lorenzo is renowned for his soccer skills, which he displays through his YouTube videos. Lorenzo, who has represented the ˜Birmingham City U7 Academy,' is often called as ˜the future Neymar.' He started playing soccer at a very young age and has already won many awards in a short period of time. Lorenzo enjoys a huge fan following for the remarkable skills which he displays on the football field. It is because of his soccer skills that he has managed to gather more than 900,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, ˜Tekkerz kid.' Apart from posting videos related to soccer, Lorenzo posts reviews on soccer shoes as well.

    Lorenzo Greer

  • Esmé Ingham

    Middle child who stars alongside her parents and sisters on the popular YouTube vlogging channel The Ingham Family Of FIVE! The English family has earned more than 1 million subscribers documenting their daily adventures together.  

    Esmé Ingham

  • Jaxon Bieber

    Jaxon Bieber is the cute younger brother of popular Canadian singer <a title='Justin Bieber' href='/famous/justin-bieber.htm'>Justin Bieber</a>. Though his career as a popstar is wrought with controversies, <a title='Justin Bieber' href='/famous/justin-bieber.htm'>Justin Bieber</a> had secured a large fan following with his first single ˜One Time' which only grew manifold with his most popular track ˜Baby'. The stardom not only altered his teenage life forever, it also affected his family, especially his siblings “ Jazmyn and Jaxon, who became instant celebrities. Justin is said to be extremely fond of his younger half-brother, Jaxon Bieber, who is the son of Justin's father, Jeremy and his second wife, Erin. His sister, Jazmyn, has also enjoyed the constant spotlight ever since Justin became an international sensation. Even though being Justin's sibling has helped Jaxon achieve fame despite being just a kid, his unmatched cuteness and smart attitude has made him a social media star owing to his own credit. The strong bond the Bieber brothers share is very evident from the way <a title='Justin Bieber' href='/famous/justin-bieber.htm'>Justin Bieber</a> openly shows his affection for Jaxon by posting sweet pictures of them together.

    Jaxon Bieber

  • Wyatt Bennett

    Second son and the fourth child of the Bennett family, a clan of vloggers on the YouTube channel The Ohana Adventure. The family vlogging channel has accumulated more than 1.7 million subscribers by making videos about their day-to-day lives. 

    Wyatt Bennett

  • Leonidas So Cool

    Leonidas So Cool is a social media personality, best known for appearing on his stepfather's YouTube channel, ˜CJ SO COOL.' Some of the videos in which Leonidas has appeared have gone on to collect more than a million views, thereby contributing to the total number of views on the family YouTube channel. Thanks to the support provided by Leonidas and the rest of the family members, CJ's channel has now accumulated more than five million subscribers and over 846 million views from all its videos. One of the videos, titled ˜Destroyed My Son's Playstation Prank,' which features Leonidas is one of the most viewed videos on CJ's channel. With more than 10 million views so far, the video also features Leonidas' siblings.

    Leonidas So Cool

  • Sedona Fun Kids TV

    YouTube personality who is widely known for her Sedona Fun Kids TV channel. She has gained popularity there for her squishy-related vlog entries, as well as musical.ly reactions and videos.

    Sedona Fun Kids TV

  • Peyton Evans

    Peyton Evans is an American dancer. She is best known for being part of the 'Lifetime' dance reality show 'Dance Moms.' She, along with her mother, was featured in the sixth season of the show. Peyton was part of the 'Abby Lee Dance Company' (ALCD) mini team on the show. The following season, she quit the show. Peyton began training in dance when she was a toddler. Soon, she made her TV debut. Peyton is popular for her incredible acro skills that she displayed extensively on 'Dance Moms.' She is also active on social-media platforms and has a self-titled 'YouTube' channel.

    Peyton Evans