Celebrities born in 1964
  • Michelle Obama

    Michelle Obama is the wife of U.S. President <a title='Barack Obama' href='/famous/barack-obama.htm'>Barack Obama</a> and the first African-American First Lady of the United States. A lawyer by training, she is the 44th First Lady and the third First Lady with a postgraduate degree. As an educated, intelligent, and independent minded woman, she has become a role model for women not just in America, but all over the world. Born as Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, she grew up in a middle-class family and had a conventional upbringing. She learned the values of hard work and perseverance from her father who despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at a young age, never let the disease overcome his ambitions. Her home-maker mother instilled in her a reverence for family values. She was a bright girl who performed well at school and went on to graduate from the Harvard Law School. She was a successful lawyer when she met and married another lawyer, <a title='Barack Obama' href='/famous/barack-obama.htm'>Barack Obama</a>, and was soon juggling the roles of being a wife and mother along with being a professional. She played a major role in her husband's presidential campaigns and her responsibilities increased manifold after becoming the First Lady. In this role she has focused on issues relating to women empowerment, children's health and education, organic food movement, and national service

    Michelle Obama

  • Eazy-E

    Eric Lynn Wright, better known by his stage name Eazy-E, was an American rapper fondly called the "The Godfather of Gangsta rap" by his fans. He was a popular solo performer who also performed in the hip hop group N.W.A. Known for his unique style of delivery, over-the-top lyrics, and raw sex appeal, Eazy-E was indeed a rap-star beyond comparison. Born into an impoverished family in Compton, California, his early dream was to make it big and become rich no matter what. He dropped out of school in his mid-teens and became involved in the drug business that was flourishing in his notoriously violent neighborhood. Charming and determined, he earned a lot of money through his illegal activities and eventually decided to embark on a more respectable career as a rapper. Naturally talented, he started recording songs and soon formed a partnership with his friend Jerry Heller to form Ruthless Records. Deeply influenced by the contemporary funk groups, rappers and comedians, he went on to develop his own unique style that made him much popular among the masses. He was enroute to becoming one of the most successful rappers ever when it was discovered that he suffered from AIDS. He breathed his last just weeks after his diagnosis, aged 31


  • Courteney Cox

    Courteney Cox is an American actress, director, and producer. She is best known for her role in the TV series ˜Friends' and for playing one of the main roles in the ˜Scream' movie franchise. She was born in Birmingham, Alabama and developed an interest in acting as a youngster. She enrolled to study architecture at Mount Vernon College in Washington, DC; however, she eventually left her studies to pursue a fulltime acting career. She made her film debut with a role in ˜Down Twisted'. She started gaining fame after playing one of the important roles in the horror slasher film ˜Scream'. The film was very successful commercially and earned around eleven times its budget. It was also appreciated by the critics. She reprised her role in all the three sequels of the film. Her popularity reached new heights after she played a main role in the popular sitcom ˜Friends'. She received several awards and nominations for her performance. The series, which was a huge success, aired for ten years. Her most recent works include a supporting role in the drama film ˜Mothers and Daughters'. Some of the awards won by her are the TV Guide Award for her performance in ˜Friends' and the Golden Derby Award for her role in the TV series ˜Cougar Town'.

    Courteney Cox

  • Sandra Bullock

    Sandra Annette Bullock is a multiple award winning Hollywood actress turned producer. So far this very successful lady has appeared in a number of high grossing films like ˜Gravity', ˜The Blind Side', and ˜The Heat' which rank her among the most bankable celebrities. Daughter of an opera singer, her parents ensured she attended music and dance classes as a young girl. She played small roles in her mother's opera's productions and developed a love for the performing arts. She sang with a children's choir and actively took part in stage productions while in high school. Deciding to pursue a career in acting, she studied drama in college and appeared in several student films. Success however did not come easily to her in spite of her good looks, poise and talents. For a while she supported herself by working as a bartender and waitress. She started her career by acting on the stage before moving on to films. She worked in a string of independent films which led to her being cast in mainstream Hollywood fare. One of the top actresses of the 1990s, she is the recipient of several prestigious awards including an Academy Award for the Best actress and a Golden Globe.

    Sandra Bullock

  • Lori Loughlin

    Lori Loughlin is an American film and television actress and model. Lori began her career at a young age as a model and appeared in several commercials before she made it big in the television and film industry. Her most memorable performance has been her enactment of Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis on the famous ABC sitcom ˜Full House'. Originally she was to be cast in only six episodes of the show, but owing to her lovable character and critical reception she stayed on to play the role for seven years. She also found her way into several blockbuster Hollywood movies such as ˜Secret Admirer' and ˜The Night Before'. She became a voice actor in the animated direct-to-video ˜Farce of the Penguins'. Apart from ˜Full House', she ruled television with her performance in ˜Beverly Hills, 90210', ˜Summerland' and ˜When Calls the Heart'. Spanning her 3 decade career she has worked alongside stars such as Keanu Reeves, C. Thomas Howell, John Stamos, Bob Saget and Shawn Christian. She has received many accolades for her stellar performances and is presently working in the ˜Full House' sequel titled ˜Fuller House'.

    Lori Loughlin

  • Keanu Reeves

    Keanu Charles Reeves, a Canadian actor known for his nobility in the Hollywood film industry, is a humble and down to earth actor who does not shy away from sharing his success with the co-actors and the crew of his movies. The gentle actor famously gave away most of his earnings from the blockbuster trilogy ˜The Matrix' to the special effects and costume designer team of the movie because he felt that they were the real heroes of the movie. He also gave away the opportunity to earn millions just so his production team could afford ace actors for his movies like Al Pacino for ˜The Devil's Advocate' and Gene Hackman for ˜The Replacement'. Reeves had an emotionally instable childhood because his father left him and his mother when he was only 3 years old and his mother went on to marry three more times after that. He travelled along with his mother to Sydney, New York and Toronto before he decided to leave for LA for good to start his acting career at the age of 15. Reeves has given many blockbuster hits like: ˜The Matrix'. The Matrix Reloded', ˜The Matrix Revolutions', ˜The Devil's Advocate', ˜Speed', ˜Constantine', etc. He is a recluse and tries to stay away from the media and enjoys ballroom dancing and surfing more than anything. He has faced many tragedies in his life like the birth of his still born daughter ˜Ava', death of his longtime girlfriend Jennifer Syme and the death of his dear friend and actor River Phoenix. Recently, Reeves made his directorial debut with the movie ˜Man of Tai Chi' in 2013.

    Keanu Reeves

  • Nicolas Cage

    Nicolas Cage is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. Be it for his versatility or the discovery of the new acting process called ˜method acting', Cage is currently one of Hollywood's most talented actors. He hails from anupright background, where both, his mother and father, though separated, were well-respected achievers in their own fields. He is also related to Francis Ford Coppola, but changed his name so that he could create an identity of his own in Hollywood, devoid of any sort of family connections. He dropped out of high school, so that he could pursue a career in acting. His life as an actor began with teenage comedies like ˜Fast Times at Ridgemont High' and ˜Valley Girl'. Instead on piggy-backing off his uncle's accomplishments, he struggled for a few years on his own until he was cast in films like ˜The Cotton Club', ˜Birdy', ˜Moonstruck', ˜Vampire's Kiss', ˜Wild At Heart' and ˜Leaving Las Vegas'. He also caught the attention of the audience with his hair-raising performances in mainstream box-office hits such as, ˜Con Air', ˜City of Angels, ˜National Treasure', ˜The Weather Man', ˜Ghost Rider', ˜The Sorcerer's Apprentice', ˜Knowing' and ˜The Croods'. Acting aside, Cage is an avid collector of comics, owns a variety of exotic pets and is also an automobile buff.

    Nicolas Cage

  • Wendy Williams

    Wendy Williams is a well-known TV host, actress, fashion designer, author, and former radio personality. She is best recognized for hosting the nationally syndicated talk show on television called ˜The Wendy Williams Show' since 2008. Prior to entering the television industry, she served as a radio DJ and became popular in New York as a "shock jockette". Despite her popularity, Williams has also earned notoriety for her on-air spats with several celebrities! She is also a successful author. She has written six books along with a New York Times best-selling autobiography. As a fashion designer, she has launched many product lines including a wig line, a fashion line and a jewelry collection. She is a graduate of Northeastern University. Married to Kevin Hunter since 1997, she is the mother of one child. To mark her 50th birthday, the council of Asbury Park renamed the road on which Williams grew up to Wendy Williams Way. In February 2018, she disclosed publically that she is suffering from Graves' disease.

    Wendy Williams

  • Rob Lowe

    With charming ˜chocolate-boy' looks and a charismatic smile that captured every girl's fancy Rob Lowe became one of the hottest teenage sensations during the 1980s. This ˜teenage heartthrob' made his mark on television as ˜Sam Seaborn', in the television series ˜The West Wing,' following which, he received tremendous success. Some of his films include, ˜Wayne's World', ˜Contact', ˜Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me' and ˜The Specials' which earned him great fame and worldwide recognition. He is also a member of the ˜Brat Pack', a group of actors who often appeared together in teenage, ˜coming-of-age' films in the 1980s. He was one of the most influential actors during his time and his career catapulted to great heights owing to his portrayals in teenager-based movies. This Golden Globe-nominated actor is an active philanthropist, who has helped raise millions of dollars for breast cancer initiatives and other women's health related issues. He began his career as a model and turned to acting during his teenage years and went on to become one of the most legendary sensations in the 20th century.

    Rob Lowe

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Steven James Williams, better known as Stone Cold Steve Austin, is one of the most popular American wrestlers of all time. Austin, who is also an actor and a TV host, has now retired from the world of wrestling. However, during his stint with the wrestling world, he held 19 championships, including six ˜World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Championships,' two ˜Intercontinental Championships,' four ˜WWF Tag Team Championships,' two ˜World Championship Wrestling (WCW) United States Heavyweight Championships,' and two ˜WCW World Television Championships.' He started his wrestling career with the ˜WCW' in 1991, and was soon signed by the ˜WWF,' now ˜World Wrestling Entertainment' (WWE. He gained mainstream popularity when he became the poster boy of ˜WWE' in the 1990s. His beer-drinking, authority-defying anti-hero image earned him a lot of popularity all over the world. He is still known as The Texas Rattlesnake, whose signature move, the Stone Cold Stunner, always made his audience gasp in amazement. Austin was at the peak of his career when a series of injuries forced him to retire in 2003. As an actor, he has been part of films such as ˜The Condemned' (2007) and ˜The Expendables' (2010).

    Stone Cold Steve Austin

  • Jeff Bezos

    Jeff Bezos is an American technology entrepreneur and founder of e-commerce giant Amazon.com. Born to Jacklyn Gise and Ted Jorgensen, he was adopted by Miguel Bezos, a Cuban immigrant, after his mother married him. As a child, he spent his summers laying pipes, vaccinating cattle and fixing windmills at his grandfather's Texas ranch. He attended Miami Palmetto Senior High School, and took his B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University graduating ˜summa cum laude'. He worked on Wall Street in companies such as Fitel, Bankers Trust and D. E. Shaw & Co, New York. He became the youngest Vice President at D. E. Shaw & Co. In spite of success, he decided to quit the field of finance. He founded Amazon.com, an online book store, and later introduced features including one-click shopping, customer reviews, and e-mail order verification. He expanded it to include various other items including clothes, CDs, toys, jewellery, watches, electronics and shoes. He has constantly been improving his web site, and introducing improved facilities for his customers. His childhood dream of space travel spurred the founding of Blue Origin, an aerospace company that is developing technologies to offer space travel to customers. Bloomberg Billionaires Index listed Bezos as one of the wealthiest people in the world with an estimated net worth of $28 billion.

    Jeff Bezos

  • tobyMac

    TobyMac is an American Christian hip-hop music producer, songwriter, singer, and recording artist. Although Christian music is not considered to be as popular as traditional hip-hop music, Toby's songs prove to be a pleasant exception. Born and raised in Virginia in a traditional Christian family, Toby was an avid music lover since his early days. In the late 1980s, Toby formed a group called ˜DC Talk,' with two of his friends, Kevin Max Smith and Michael Tait. ˜DC Talk' released several successful albums. After the trio took a break from making music together, Toby embarked on a solo music career. He began with the 2001 album ˜Momentum.' Mixing urban rock and beats with authentic Christian music worked for Toby, leading the album to become a big hit. Since then, Toby has had six successful studio albums and a Christmas album called ˜Christmas in Diverse City' to his credit. In the course of his solo career, Toby has won seven ˜Grammy Awards' and sold more than 10 million copies of his albums. Toby has also penned a few novels, including two novels belonging to the ˜Jesus Freaks' series with Kevin Max and Michael Tait.