Famous people' day birth is october-28
  • Bill Gates

    Bill Gates is an entrepreneur, businessman, software developer, and philanthropist. He is the co-founder of the Microsoft Software Company, which is the largest PC software company in the world. Since Microsoft began in 1975, Bill Gates has held several positions in this company including being, C.E.O, chief software architect, and chairman. He is a famous entrepreneur of the P.C revolution and Forbes has consistently ranked him as one of the wealthiest individuals in the world, beginning in 1987. Bill Gates is the son of a successful lawyer, William H. Gates Sr. His mother, Mary Maxwell Gates, had a short career as a teacher and then devoted her time to raising the kids and working with charities and on civic affairs. Mary also served on some corporate boards. He was born in Seattle, Washington, on 28th October 1955. Since his childhood, Bill Gates was encouraged to be competitive. He developed an interest in computers while at school, and during his teenage years, Bill wrote his first computer program. After completing high school, he enrolled at Harvard University, but he dropped out. Bill Gates chased his passion in computers, teaming up with a friend, Paul Allen, to launch Microsoft in 1975. The company became very successful, and within a few years, Bill Gates became a well-known global entrepreneur. Currently, he is one of the wealthiest people in the world.

    Bill Gates

  • Caitlyn Jenner

    Formerly known as Bruce Jenner, she earned an Olympic gold medal in the 1976 decathlon at the Summer Olympics in Montreal. She regained fame on one of the most successful reality TV shows of all-time, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In 2015, she announced her gender change in an interview with <a title='Diane Sawyer' href='/famous/diane-sawyer.htm'>Diane Sawyer</a>. 

    Caitlyn Jenner

  • GamingWithJen

    GamingwithJen is a popular YouTube personality, who is well-known for her Minecart videos. She is a professional Gamer and a celebrated vlogger. She is famous for uploading Minecart videos along with her husband <a title='Pat' href='/famous/popularmmos.htm'>Pat</a> who is also a gamer and has a YouTube channel called PopularMMOs. Jen's videos mainly focus on how she manages to win every game, however difficult it may be. Apart from gaming, she also likes to upload other casual videos. She is famous on other social networks like Instagram as well.


  • Troian Bellisario

    Troian Avery Bellisario is an American actress as well as a director. She is the daughter of producers Deborah Pratt and Donald P. Bellisario. She is best known for portraying the character of Spencer Hastings in ABC's series ˜Pretty Little Liars'. Starting her career at the early age of three, Bellisario has now emerged as one of the most successful actresses of recent times. She has made appearances in several movies, short films, and TV shows such as ˜Last Rites', ˜Billboard Dad', ˜C.O.G', ˜Suits' and ˜Sister Cities', to name a few. The ambitious actress has received many honors in her career. Besides winning the Vision Fest Award for the Best Acting by a Female Lead, she has earned a Young Hollywood Award as well as a Teen Choice Award. Coming to her popularity, Bellisario is extremely famous these days. Her innocent face has attracted millions and today she has got numerable fans both on the social media and otherwise.

    Troian Bellisario

  • Matt Smith

    Best known to audiences for his role as the eleventh incarnation of The Doctor on the hit sci-fi series Doctor Who. The role earned him a BAFTA Award nomination in 2011.

    Matt Smith

  • Julia Roberts

    Julia Roberts is a renowned and acclaimed actress of recent times and well-known for her roles in movies such as ˜Pretty Woman', ˜Steel Magnolias' and ˜Erin Brockovich'. She had dreams of taking up many professions as a child but not one of an actress. However, as she grew up, she realised her true calling and embarked on her journey to become an actress. She even left her studies half-way in order to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. Julia landed in New York, where she took acting training and simultaneously did modelling assignments to support herself financially. Gradually, she got her first break in television and then owing to her acting potential, she made it to the big screen. She did not get full length roles initially, but with even with her trifle roles she performed well enough to be recognized. The film which became a milestone in her career was ˜Steel Magnolias' which earned her the ˜Golden Globe Award' for the first time. Her first major leading role was in the film ˜Pretty Woman' which earned her immense fame and made it evident that she is here to stay. She then further cemented her position in the industry with her role in ˜Erin Brockovich' and even today, she has a huge fan following

    Julia Roberts

  • Greg Paul

    Greg Paul is a well-known social media personality who is best recognized as the father of social media stars <a title='Logan' href='/famous/logan-paul.htm'>Logan</a> and <a title='Jake Paul' href='/famous/jake-paul.htm'>Jake Paul</a>. On Instagram, he holds about 596k followers. He has a modest fan following on Twitter as well, with about 104k followers. In addition, the American social media star also holds a YouTube channel and has hundreds of thousands of subscribers on the social platform. Paul is also a licensed realtor and commercial roofer. On a personal note, he loves the outdoors. He likes to spend his leisure time with his wife and sons. Paul is a funny guy in real life. His sense of humour is highly appreciated by both his family members and fans. He is a doting father and is also incredibly proud of his sons who are doing a great job on various social media platforms. With his positive attitude and energy, Paul is sure to garner more fans and admirers in the coming future.

    Greg Paul

  • Sierra McCormick

    Sierra McCormick is an American actor who is best known for her pivotal roles in the successful series ˜A.N.T. Farm' and ˜Supernatural.' She was born in North Carolina and raised in Los Angeles, where she moved with her family at a very young age. At the age of 9, she joined ˜The Corsa Agency' in Los Angeles, which initiated her acting career. She made her acting debut in 2007, with a small role in an episode of the series ˜'Til Death' and shot to national fame when she appeared as a judge on the popular game show ˜Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?' She appeared in the second season of the show and was selected out of more than a thousand kids who had auditioned. She continued acting in films and TV series such as ˜Ramona and Beezus,' ˜A Nanny for Christmas,' ˜Hannah Montana,' ˜Supernatural,' and ˜Boston Legal,' before she was invited to audition for ˜Disney's ˜A.N.T. Farm.' Throughout her audition, she talked about tigers, which got her the role. She then starred in the festival-favorite horror film ˜Some Kind of Hate' and received immense appreciation for her performance.

    Sierra McCormick

  • Frank Ocean

    Frank Ocean is one of the most fascinating singers, songwriters and rappers of our times. Raised by his music-loving mother, he decided to become a songwriter by the age of thirteen and began to record music by the time he reached high school, paying for studio time by doing odd jobs. In 2005, after his recording facility was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, he moved to Los Angeles, where he soon made useful contacts, selling his first song to Noel Gourdin at the age of nineteen. Eventually, he was hired by many established record producers and artists to contribute, earning enough by songwriting to lead a comfortable, but anonymous life. However, he felt that he had not left his school and his family just for that. Very soon, he self-released his debut mixtape, ˜Nostalgia, Ultra' and became famous overnight. His next release, a studio album called ˜channel ORANGE' was a super hit, selling 131,000 copies in its first week and also earning him three MTV nominations as well as number of awards. His third and fourth release were ˜Endless', a visual album and ˜Blonde', his second studio album. As of now, he has completed his fifth project, which is yet to be released.

    Frank Ocean

  • Brad Mondo

    Stylist who is best known for his work on hair for a variety of different celebrity clients, including <a title='Vanessa Hudgens' href='/famous/vanessa-hudgens.htm'>Vanessa Hudgens</a>, <a title='Heather Marks' href='/famous/heather-marks.htm'>Heather Marks</a>, and <a title='Shay Mitchell' href='/famous/shay-mitchell.htm'>Shay Mitchell</a>. In addition, he is also a recognized model who has appeared in a variety of shoots and advertisements. 

    Brad Mondo

  • Edd Gould

    Best remembered for his popular Eddsworld web-based flash cartoons, Gould also contributed to the TomSka YouTube cartoon series as both an animator and a performer and to the Slomozovo, Action Bunnies, Skeff, and InkyKeyboard/Matt Lobster series as a voice actor.

    Edd Gould

  • Joy-Anna Duggar

    5th daughter and 9th overall child born to <a title='Michelle' href='/famous/michelle-duggar.htm'>Michelle</a> and <a title='Jim-Bob Duggar' href='/famous/jim-duggar.htm'>Jim-Bob Duggar</a>. She starred on the reality series 19 Kids and Counting along with the rest of the Duggar family.

    Joy-Anna Duggar