Famous people' day birth is december-29
  • Ross Lynch

    Ross Lynch is an American actor, singer and musician, who became famous after his role in the television show ˜Austin & Ally.' The show, in which, Lynch played the lead role as Austin Moon, became a hit, earning numerous awards and becoming quite popular worldwide. He is also known for his popular role as Brady in the ˜Teen Beach Movie' a Disney Channel Original Movie which premiered in 2013, as well as its sequel ˜Teen Beach 2' which premiered in 2015. Possessing a good singing voice, he is also well-versed in playing the guitar and the piano. He is one of the members of the pop rock band R5 and has received much fame for his musical talents as well. He also performed ˜Heard it on the Radio' for the soundtrack of the show ˜Austin & Ally'. Despite being just a young adult, Lynch has managed to accomplish a lot in his life so far which has earned him an online fan base of more than three million. He uses his fame in social media to motivate his followers to pursue their dreams no matter how hard their lives get and no matter how many tough obstacles they face. He has himself proven to his fans how far your ambitions along with persistence and dedication can take you.

    Ross Lynch

  • Paris Berelc

    Paris Berelc is one of the most accomplished actors of the young brigade that America takes pride in. A champion gymnast, an electrifying dancer, a super model and of course an artistically gifted actor “ she is a powerhouse of talent. The best aspect about Berelc as an entertainer is the fact that she has excelled at everything she has laid her hands on, be it her career as a gymnast, as a model or even as an actor. When Berelc took to gymnastics, she attained the coveted position and was counted amongst the country's most premier gymnasts. However, this was just an aspect of her career as she was a successful model as well. She was the face of major brands and services, starting from Kohl's, Boston Store, Sears, and K-mart. Not just this, she was featured in a number of signage/posters in stores as well. But just when Berelc seemed to be fated for gymnastics and modelling, she took a detour and found her real calling in acting. Today, there seems to be no stopping this Capricorn star sensation. She has attained quite much in her still early career and seems to be hungry for more and more. Truly, an all-rounder in the making!

    Paris Berelc

  • Dylan Hartman

    Dylan Hartman is an American social media star, actor, model, and musician. He is best known for posting content on Instagram, where he has more than 86,000 followers. He is also known for creating content on his self-titled YouTube channel, where he has over 14,000 subscribers. Hartman's long-term aspiration of becoming an actor became a reality in 2018, when he was roped in to play a gay teen named Noah in the Ian Liberatore-directed drama film ˜An American Hate Crime.' In the same year, he also became part of a music tour called ˜Boys of Summer,' which spanned from July 21 to August 19. Dylan Hartman is currently being managed by ˜Vivid Management' and ˜Parimore Entertainment.'

    Dylan Hartman

  • Dylan Minnette

    Dylan Minnette is a well-known American actor and musician, best known for playing ˜Clay Jensen' in the popular ˜Netflix' drama, ˜13 Reasons Why.' The young actor made his professional acting debut in 2005 when he appeared in an episode of comedy sitcom ˜Drake & Josh.' Since then, he has appeared in a number of TV series such as ˜Two and a Half Men,' ˜Prison Break,' ˜Grey's Anatomy,' ˜The Mentalist,' ˜Supernatural,' ˜Lost,' ˜Lie To Me,' ˜Major Crimes,' ˜Nikita,' ˜Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,' and ˜Scandal.' His breakout role came in crime drama series ˜Saving Grace' in which he had a starring role. He played ˜Clay Norman' in the series which lasted from 2007 to 2010. He made his film debut 2007 film ˜Game of Life' which was directly released to video. His first notable film role came in 2010 romantic horror ˜Let Me In' in which he played ˜Kenny.' His other films include ˜Prisoners' (2013), ˜Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day' (2014), ˜Goosebumps' (2015), ˜Don't Breathe' (2016), and ˜The Open House' (2018). As a musician, he plays and sings in a band called ˜Wallows.'

    Dylan Minnette

  • Jordan Clark

    Jordan Clark is a well-known dancer and actor from Canada. Despite starting her career as an actor, she gained reputation as a dancer. Jordan Clark started learning dancing from a very young age and gained expertise quickly. She participated in the fourth season of the famous dance based TV show in Canada, ˜So You Think You Can Dance Canada' and came out a winner. Later she got an opportunity to appear in another dance based TV show called ˜The Next Thing'. Her performance in the show was critically acclaimed. Being a contortionist, Jordan Clark stands out from other dancers with her mind bending dance moves. She also likes to teach and choreograph others whenever she gets an opportunity. Jordan Clark likes to call herself a perfectionist and works very hard to further improve her dancing skills. She specializes in contemporary and hip-hop dancing styles and most of her performances are in based around these styles.

    Jordan Clark

  • itsbambii

    Everything that is a part of this universe has a specific purpose and importance. Many times we tend to discriminate between things because they don't fall into our definition of normal. Social media personality Itsbambii is a transgender who has overcome such hostilities and found an identity that she feels most comfortable with. In the video ˜My Coming Out Story' she says that since her Kindergarten days, she knew that she was gay. Sixth grade was the worst time of Itsbambii's life when classmates teased her about her race and rudely told her that she wasn't completely black. Being uncomfortable with her race, young Bambii found it hard to mingle with people. She couldn't fit in with anybody. She also faced a lot of embarrassment when people used to publically call her gay and the whole day she used to be disturbed by it. The courageous girl could never confide in her mother because she felt her mother would stop loving her if she learnt the truth. Despite these hard realities, Itsbambii accepted the way she was and began to build her life the way she wanted without being bothered about others.


  • Nick Merico

    Nick Merico is an Argentine TV actor, best known for his role as Daniel Miller in Nickelodeon's 2014 series ˜Every Witch Way'. Besides being an actor, he is also a singer who loves creating his own songs. Singing since the age of eleven, Merico is extremely talented and enthusiastic when it comes to both acting and singing. He also holds a self-titled YouTube channel on which he uploads his cover songs and other videos. Today, Nick Merico has become one of the most impressive social media stars with thousands of fans and followers. This young personality is not just famous on YouTube, but on other social networking platforms too. He has a decent fan following on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Coming to his personal lifestyle, the internet sensation seems to be very sober in nature. Yet, he is a jokester and fun to be around. And this is what his fans like about him the most!

    Nick Merico

  • Ella Noel

    Actress, model and social media star. She has appeared in commercials and the 2020 short film The Color of Red. 

    Ella Noel

  • Jude Law

    David Jude Heyworth Law is an English actor who earned international acclaim for his role of Dickie Greenleaf in the 1999 movie ˜The Talented Mr. Ripley' for which he was awarded the ˜BAFTA Award for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role' and nominated for an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award. He is also known for playing Pope Pius XIII in the television miniseries ˜The Young Pope' and for making minor appearances in the programs ˜Families', ˜The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes', and 'Saturday Night Live.' He was naturally inclined towards acting from a young age and actively participated in his school stage productions. He was just a teenager when he realized his calling and dropped out of school to pursue an acting career. Despite being handsome and talented, his initial years were filled with struggles. After several lukewarm performances, he finally began to enjoy success as a film star. In addition, the actor has an accomplished career on stage as well and has acted in numerous Broadway and West End productions including 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' and 'The Fastest Clock in the Universe.' With his impeccable acting skills, Law has done justice to almost every role he has played till date. The actor is also known for his benevolent nature; Law is a peace advocate and once participated in road protests against Alexander Lukashenko.

    Jude Law

  • Alison Brie

    On Mad Men, she played Trudy Campbell, and on Community, she played Annie Edison. For the latter part, she was nominated for a Critics' Choice Award for Best Comedy Supporting Actress in 2012. She debuted as Ruth Wilder in the Netflix series GLOW in 2017.

    Alison Brie

  • Minatozaki Sana

    One of nine girls featured in the K-pop group Twice, which has released a mini-album called The Story Begins. The group was formed through the reality series Sixteen.

    Minatozaki Sana

  • Kaelyn xox

    MovieStarPlanet YouTuber who provides updates, VIP codes, tickets and other information related to the game on her channel.

    Kaelyn xox