Famous people' day birth is august-8
  • Shawn Mendes

    The teen population in the United States dominates the music market and as expected, their preferences are for musicians more in line with their age. Given this, young talent has been on the rise and youngsters have been very well received by the US market. Shawn Mendes is one such young blood who has done very well at a young age by appealing to the mass population. He has flourished both as a singer and songwriter and has also collaborated with many other young stars to further his stardom. His albums have sold thousands of copies and have all done very well on the Billboard charts, being widely appreciated by the public. Shawn Mendes has also done well in rankings relating to other people of his age and this is a tribute to how fast he has climbed up the ladder of success. Shawn Mendes has also been involved in his share of controversies and this has if anything furthered his popularity among the masses. Shawn has thus burst on to the scene with a bang and his future looks bright in the years to come.

    Shawn Mendes

  • Desmond English

    If you are a fan of funny videos then there is absolutely no way you would not have come across Desmond English. He is one of the most popular pranksters on YouTube and it is his comic timing that appeals to the audience the most. Desmond is known by the name ˜Mightyduck' in the world of YouTube. Apart from creating a niche for himself in the world of videos, Mightyduck is also one of the most popular Vine stars. Apart from being lucky at whatever he places his hand on, Desmond is also exceptionally hard working and goes out of his way to fill people's life up with fun and frolic. After a tough day at work all you need is to watch a couple of Desmond videos and you will again be happy as a fiddle. Saying that he is popular would probably be an understatement thanks to the huge fan base that he has built over the years with exceptional dedication towards his work. Let's scroll down to know more about Desmond English's personal life apart from what is visible on social platforms.

    Desmond English

  • Casey Cott

    Actor who gained notoriety when he was cast as Kevin Keller on The CW's Riverdale. 

    Casey Cott

  • VladTeeVee

    For those of you who are stuck to YouTube and just cannot get over it no matter how hard you try, VladTeeVee must be a familiar name. For the rest, the briefing provided here would be an impetus enough for you to log onto YouTube and find for yourself more about VladTeeVee. A teenage sensation from Romania, VladTeeVee jumped up the fame with his entertainment reaction videos. He is today best known as a YouTuber who comments on the work and music videos of recording artists as well as the videos posted on Vine, YouTube, Musical.ly and other networks by some of the web's biggest stars. He has also created Musical.ly video compilation reaction videos based on the video creations of established web stars. As of December 2016, he has more than 1 million subscribers on the YouTube channel and counting.


  • Roger Federer

    Deemed by tennis pundits as the greatest player of all time, Federer is known for his prompt speed, fluid play and exceptional shot making. His power packed smashes, excellent footwork and efficient techniques not only made him win matches but create history. He holds a record of being the only player to hold the no. 1 position for 302 weeks overall, out of which 237-weeks were for a stretch from 2004 until 2008. He remained in the Top 2 for eight years on the run, from 2003 to 2010 and at Top 3 from 2003 until 2012. He has the distinction of being one amongst the seven tennis players in the world to have a career Grand Slam. Furthermore, he has bagged a total of 17 Grand Slam titles till date. This apart, he is the proud recipient of an Olympic gold medal and silver medal for doubles and singles respectively.

    Roger Federer

  • Lauv

    American pop singer who is known for songs like "I Like Me Better," "Come Back Home" and "Adrenaline." His song "The Other," featured on his EP Lost in Light, ranked on Spotify's Global Top 100.


  • Aubrey Miller

    Aubrey Kathryn Miller is an actress and dancer known for her roles in television shows such as ˜Just Add Magic', ˜Austin & Ally', and ˜Shameless'. She is also an aspiring singer. A native of California, she has been dancing since she was three years old. After she found a dance agent to represent her, she landed her first role in a television series. In 2010, she made her screen debut in an uncredited role in an Indian film called ˜My Name is Khan'. In the ensuing two years, she made a series of guest appearances in both films and TV shows before being cast in Nickelodeon's ˜The Fresh Beat Band' as Jr. Kiki. It was followed by Disney Channel's ˜Austin & Ally'. In 2016, she started portraying Hannah Parker-Kent, one of the main protagonists in Amazon Video's ˜Just Add Magic'. Right now, the young actress has her hands full with numerous upcoming TV projects.

    Aubrey Miller

  • Meagan Good

    Meagan Monique Good is an American actress who has appeared in numerous television shows, feature films, and music videos. Born in California, she started acting at the tender age of four and appeared in several television dramas before making her debut on the big screen. Her breakthrough performance came in the role of a sexually charged teenager in the 1997 movie ˜Eve's Bayou' and she later went on to land a regular role in the kid-friendly sitcom ˜Cousin Skeeter'. A gorgeous and gifted performer, she was able to gracefully make the difficult transition from a child and teen star to an adult actress. In her career so far, she has starred in a variety of roles ranging from a schoolgirl spy in ˜D.E.B.S.' to a skilled dancer in ˜Roll Bounce', and ˜Stomp the Yard'. She also impressed as a femme fatale in the high school-set noir ˜Brick' and executed her role with sheer conviction in the action flick ˜Waist Deep'. Alongside, she also featured as a guest star in several television dramas and later took the lead role in the NBC series ˜Deception', playing a detective. Instead of merely relying on her pretty face and perfect figure, she depends more on her wit and acting skills while portraying a character

    Meagan Good

  • Anthony Rizzo

    Anthony Rizzo is an American professional baseball player. He currently plays for the ˜Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball' (MLB) as a first baseman. He made his ˜MLB' debut in 2011 with the ˜San Diego Padres' after he was selected in the sixth round of the ˜2007 MLB Draft.' He was first selected by the ˜Boston Red Sox' but was traded to the ˜San Diego Padres' after the 2010 season. He was again traded to the ˜Cubs,' in 2012. Rizzo became the first ˜Chicago Cubs' player to have three game winning RBI's (Run Batted In) in his first five games. In 2013, he signed a $41 million deal with the ˜Cubs' for 7 years. In the same year, he played in the ˜World Baseball Classic' for Italy. In 2014, he played his first ˜All-Star' game. He is also a three time ˜All-Star.' He is the recipient of ˜Silver Slugger Award,' ˜Gold Glove,' and ˜Platinum Glove Award' among many others. In 2016, he helped his team win their first ever ˜World Series' title, a win that came after 100 years for the ˜Cubs.'

    Anthony Rizzo

  • Michael Finch

    Michael Finch is an Australian makeup artist known for his makeup tutorials and other beauty-related content on his YouTube channel 'makeupbymichaelfinch'. Popular for his creative makeup looks, Finch has earned hundreds of thousands of followers not just on YouTube but on other social media platforms too. His never-ending passion for creating new makeup looks and fresh content is the reason behind his sustained success. Today, many people regard Finch as their inspiration and keep learning through his videos. Born in Myrtleford, Victoria, the makeup artist is extremely talented when it comes to reviewing beauty and cosmetic products. His knowledge is vast regarding the aesthetic fields and this is what makes him stand out from the newbies. On a personal note, Finch has a charming and fun personality. He is confident and straightforward and encourages his fans to be the same. He does not follow the ascribed social norms when it comes to the idea of masculinity and is very comfortable being in his own skin.

    Michael Finch

  • Olivia Nicole Duffin

    Singer and video creator on the platform TikTok who has garnered more than 1 million fans to her olivianduffin account. She enjoyed posting singing covers and impressions, makeup content as well as some acting. 

    Olivia Nicole Duffin

  • Ragan Smith

    Ragan Smith is an American artistic gymnast. She was the winner of the ˜United States National Gymnastics Championship,' in 2017. Smith started her gymnastics training from a very early age. As her mother was a gymnastics coach, it was quite natural for Smith to get inclined toward the sport. She qualified for the ˜Junior International Elite' status, and won accolades. Later, Smith was selected to the ˜U.S. National Team.' She won the ˜all-around' title, and also won the first position in the ˜balance beam' and ˜floor exercise' events. While Smith was at the peak of her career, she sustained ankle injuries, which affected her performance. Later, Smith suffered multiple broken toes due to which she failed to secure her place in the national team.

    Ragan Smith