Famous people' day birth is april-8
  • Skai Jackson

    Skai Jackson has been a part of the entertainment industry for her entire life. Starting off as a baby model, today she is a Disney actress and her growth can be witnessed through her social media platforms. Just 14 years old and this actress has 2.7 million followers on her ˜Instagram' account! Getting a lot of appreciation for acting, memes and her hair, she has inspired a Marvel character, Riri Williams, the new Iron Man. Confirming it, Mike Deodato Jr, comic book artist, tweeted Riri Williams was based on the beautiful young actress @Skai Jackson. Skai's love for fashion has grown with years and it can be clearly seen on her social media platforms, award functions or any red carpet event. Her future plans include owning a fashion line, or working with a major fashion company and getting into directing and producing. Doing few dramatic films also lines up in her wish list.

    Skai Jackson

  • Tobi Lerone

    Tobi Brown AKA Tobi Lerone is an English YouTuber who is also the part of the famous ˜Sidemen', a group of UK's top vloggers. He makes vlogs about football and gaming. Most of the games he streams other than his primary FIFA are, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Fable and GTA 5. His YouTube channel contains remarkable gameplay videos and funny vlogs which Tobi has made with his friends. The guy has a reputation for his subtle comedy and has an eye for noticing people's quirks. He posts his vlogs on the main, TBJZL account and the gameplays in TBJZLPlays account. Tobi has mentioned that he likes to interact with the online community, and as a result he spends a lot of time on YouTube streaming content.

    Tobi Lerone

  • Dej Loaf

    Dej Loaf is an American singer, rapper and songwriter. She received global recognition with her song, ˜Try Me' which featured on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and was certified gold by Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). She began her career in 2011, and has launched three mixtapes, an extended play and an album. Most of her singles have peaked on the US music charts, especially in the R&B and rap music genres. She has featured in the songs of popular music artists, such as <a title='Kid Ink' href='/famous/kid-ink.htm'>Kid Ink</a>', <a title='Lil Durk' href='/famous/lil-durk.htm'>Lil Durk</a>' and <a title='The Game' href='/famous/game.htm'>The Game</a>'. Some of her songs are a reflection of her tragic past. Her father was murdered when she was just four, hence she grew up in seclusion and took to music to vent her loneliness. At the age of nine she composed music and wrote songs as a means to express herself. In order to step closer towards the career she dreamed, Dej eventually dropped out of a nursing course in college, and took up music full-time. She is currently ranked amongst the best R&B artists of present times, and is a popular name on the internet. In 2014, she signed a record deal with the mega record label ˜Columbia Records' and has continued working under its banner.

    Dej Loaf

  • Kim Jonghyun

    Singer, dancer, and model who was best known as a member of the South Korean boy band SHINee and a vocalist for SM The Ballad. 

    Kim Jonghyun

  • Matthew Healy

    Matthew Healy is the lead vocalist, guitarist and pianist of the Manchester based Indie rock group who call themselves ˜The 1975'. He goes by the nickname Truman Black Matty or just Matty to his friends. His parents were both part of show business, which exposed him to music at an early age. From jamming with his friends in college and playing in local pubs, Matthew and his band have made a name for themselves by making a number of live performances and releasing three hit albums in the UK. Matthew is the main songwriter of his group that produces a variety of music in different styles. They have toured Europe and USA and performed in the Royal Albert Hall in London. Today the band has a large following of young fans and has been recognised by being awarded at UK's annual music ˜Q' Awards and the ˜Brit Awards'. Healy as an individual is a strong supporter of the British Humanist Association and is active on social media with a large following. His unique style makes him stand out from contemporary artists and has been the driving force behind the success of his band.

    Matthew Healy

  • Joel Berghult

    Joel Berghult, also known as Roomie, is a Swedish YouTuber, singer and songwriter. He runs a YouTube channel called 'RoomieOfficial' on which he shares his covers, original songs, and other music-related videos. Till date, his channel has earned 3.4 million subscribers and about 313 million views. The singer cum songwriter is also popular on Instagram and Twitter. He has impressed his audience with his mesmerizing voice and charming personality. Berghult writes lyrics with the aim of penning down songs that are meaningful and unique. What's amazing about his music is that it is appropriate for the youth, adults, and elderly alike. Berghult believes that music is a medium of connecting people. It's a way of expressing the emotions that can't be expressed otherwise. On a personal note, the Swedish star is a young, smart, and charming guy. With his singing and song-writing talents, he is sure to earn more name and fame in the coming future.

    Joel Berghult

  • Leon Burns

    Leon Kida Burns is an American professional hip-hop dancer and the winner of America's Favorite Dancer title in the 13th season of ˜So You Think You Can Dance', also known as ˜So You Think You Can Dance: Next Generation'. He is more popular by his several stage names, including Kida the Great and Lil Kida. A California native, Burns grew up emulating his father, who was a professional dancer himself. He received his initial training from his elder brother and began dancing at an early age. After setting up a Vine account, he began to upload six-second videos of his performances and soon garnered a loyal following. His Instagram account has been equally successful. He has over 1.7 million followers on the platform. In 2016, Burns emerged as the champion on ˜So You Think You Can Dance: Next Generation'. That year, he also performed alongside Usher at the 2016 BET Awards.

    Leon Burns

  • Jessica Ballinger

    Jessica Ballinger is an American social-media personality who is best known for her family vlog channel, 'Ballinger Family.' The channel was created by her husband, Chris, a popular vlogger and magician. The YouTuber couple is blessed with four adorable children. Jessica also owns her individual channel, which is another vlogging space. Her simplicity and her approachable attitude have played a major role in the popularity of her family channel. She and Chris are a perfect example of a happily married couple. Their videos highlight Jessica's journey as a loving girlfriend, a supportiv wife, and a dutiful mother.

    Jessica Ballinger

  • Hazel Busby

    Became known as one fifth of the Busby quintuplets featured on TLC's reality show OutDaughtered. Her family had the first set of all-girl quints in the U.S. 

    Hazel Busby

  • Carolyn Borock

    Social star from Estonia who became a crowned muser under the name Perksofbeingcarolyn, where she earned over 430,000 followers. She would later go under perksarchive. She's also popular on Instagram, YouNow, and YouTube, and frequently posts musical.ly tutorials to her YouTube channel.  

    Carolyn Borock

  • Colin Duthie

    Colin Duthie is an American YouTuber famous for posting comedy vlogs on his self-titled channel. He rose to fame with his videos titled 10 Things Guys Do If They Like You and 10 Things Girls Do That Guys Find Attractive Or Cute. His channel has successfully garnered over 419k subscribers and about 26 million views as of April 2018. Besides YouTube, Duthie is popular on Instagram. Currently, he has about 42k followers on the social platform. Though now he operates a self-titled channel, he was earlier known as Comical Colin on YouTube”a fact that not many are aware of. On a personal note, Duthie is a fun-loving guy. He has a girlfriend who is often seen in his videos. The couple is highly adored by the YouTuber's fans. Colin and his girlfriend don't care what the society thinks about them and do whatever makes them happy. Duthie also has a few good buddies in the town with who he loves spending his free time.

    Colin Duthie

  • Chuggaaconroy

    Chuggaaconroy, or Chugga, is an American internet personality and video-game player. He is best known for hosting the ˜Let's Play' series. He is popular for his game walkthroughs and commentaries on role-playing game (RPG) series such as 'Earthbound,' 'Mother,' 'Pokémon,' and 'Mario.' Chuggaaconroy co-owns the ˜YouTube' channel 'TheRunawayGuys,' which he has created with gamers ProtonJon and NintendoCapriSun. The channel primarily hosts 'Let's Play' videos for popular video games. He also owns his individual 'YouTube' channel, ˜chuggaaconroy,' which has millions of subscribers. He is popular for having a raw sense of humor that has a comic appeal. Always high on optimism, Chuggaaconroy is known to be a completionist.