Famous Born in united arab emirates
  • Craig Thompson

    Craig Thompson, more popularly known as Mini Ladd owns one of YouTube's greatest gaming channels. With over 3.6 million subscribers, he has a magnificent 565 million views for around 800 videos on his channel. He skilfully weaves humor into his game play and has attracted plenty of youngsters to follow him on other social accounts as well. On Instagram he has 1 million followers and 888K followers on Twitter. He frequently ˜tweets' and keeps his fans updated with his latest game plays and videos. He also does ˜Q&A' videos on his channel. He plays with his friends who go by the usernames ˜VanossGaming', ˜H2O Delirious', ˜BasicallyIDoWrk' and others, and uploads these videos to his page which has turned gaming into a mania. He has a good players' rating in several of the games that he uploads. His usual gaming videos are from the games COD, GMod, Dead Realm, and Gta5.

    Craig Thompson

  • Mo Vlogs

    Mo Vlogs is a vlogger and gamer who found success with his YouTube channel ˜Mo Vlogs'. Interestingly, Mo's journey into social media started with his gaming channel HitspecK0. However, he found fame and recognition with his vlogging. He started off with daily vlogs on his channel but it was his segment on luxury cars that brought him to limelight. Mo's videos on most expensive cars in Dubai earned him immense fame and popularity and he rose to become top rated videos on YouTube. Such was the popularity of the videos that the daily viewers that ranged from 10000 to 20000 views rose to 200000 to 500000. Currently, Mo focuses on his main channel rather than the gaming one that he founded. He is also active on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

    Mo Vlogs

  • Lana Rose

    Lana Rose is a social-media influencer from Dubai. She has emerged as one of the most-envied social-media stars, because of the luxurious lifestyle that she flaunts through her vlogs. She is also known as the older sister of the owner of the popular 'YouTube' channel ˜Mo Vlogs.' Lana is a fashion and beauty enthusiast and often posts related videos on her 'YouTube' channel. She is also a skilled oil-painting artist and has displayed her talent a number of times in her vlogs. Her lavish lifestyle has not only earned her fame but has also made her a subject of criticism in many instances. Though Lana is a known personality, she has kept her true identity pretty much a secret.

    Lana Rose

  • Rashed Belhasa

    Rashed Belhasa is a popular social media celebrity and YouTuber, who has achieved fame and success at a very young age. Rashed first joined Instagram in May 2013 and thereafter created his own YouTube channel ˜Money Kicks.' He started off by posting a video titled ˜Legendary Sneaker Collection,' in which he showed off his expensive sneaker collection. His love for sneakers became well-known as many actors, sportspersons, and rappers appeared on his videos just to talk about his sneakers. His videos began to go viral as he started featuring major celebrities from all over the world. When his popularity grew, he became a subject of curiosity for the rest of the world as people wanted to know more about this newly emerged celebrity. As of now, he has over a million subscribers on his YouTube channel with more than a billion views. Besides being a famous internet star, he is also known for raising a few exotic and dangerous animals like tigers. He is also popular for his impressive collection of automobiles, which includes some of the costliest cars in the world.

    Rashed Belhasa

  • N&A Productions

    YouTube star best known as N&A Productions for his challenge, prank and trick shot videos. He's amassed over 1.4 million subscribers as well as 189 million views and counting.

    N&A Productions

  • NaDeXe

    Known as either NaDeXe or NaDeXeY, he is a YouTube sensation who became primarily known for his NBA 2K content.


  • Eva Cudmore

    Lip sync and dance content creator known for posting videos on her self-titled TikTok account. She has developed a fanbase of more than 900,000 fans on the platform.

    Eva Cudmore

  • Ahlam Alshamsi

    Arab singer who has released ten albums, including El Thokol Sana'a and Hatha Ana. She has been a judge on Arab Idol and later MBC's The Voice.

    Ahlam Alshamsi

  • Maya Bouguenna

    Dancing personality who uses the same username of maya1en for her Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Triller accounts. She is best known on the former where she has earned 150,000 followers. 

    Maya Bouguenna

  • Hamdan Bin Mohammed-al-maktoum

    Best known by his pen name of Fazza, this poet and member of United Arab Emirates royalty was given the title of Sheikh upon his birth. In 2008, he became Crown Prince of Dubai. 

    Hamdan Bin Mohammed-al-maktoum

  • Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

    Ruler and first president of the United Arab Emirates. From 1966 until his death in 2004, he was a key figure in the formation of the UAE. 

    Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

  • Abdulaziz Al Jasmi

    Comedian, model, social media phenomenon, and all around entertainer well known as Bin Baz who became one of the biggest social influencers in the Middle East.

    Abdulaziz Al Jasmi