Famous Born in romania
  • Sebastian Stan

    Sebastian Stan is a Romanian-American film and television actor. He started performing at an early age, starring in school productions of ˜West Side Story', ˜Over Here!', ˜Harvey', ˜Cyrano de Bergerac', and ˜Little Shop of Horrors'. He spent a year in England studying acting at ˜Shakespeare Globe Theatre' in London. His first role on television came about in 2003, when he played Justin Capshaw in the ˜Law & Order' episode, ˜Sheltered'. He debuted on Broadway with ˜Talk Radio' in 2007 with Liev Schreiber, Stephanie March, and Peter Hermann as his co-stars. From 2007 to 2010 he portrayed the recurring character Carter Baizen on the ˜CW' teen drama ˜Gossip Girl'. In season one and two of ABC's ˜Once Upon a Time', he played Jefferson/Mad Hatter. In 2010, he signed a nine-picture contract with Marvel to portray James Buchanan Bucky Barnes. ˜Captain America: The first Avenger', his first outing as the character, was released in July 2011. He was cast as T. J. Hammond in the 2012 miniseries ˜Political Animals'. In 2013, he received a ˜Critics Choice Television Awards' nomination for the role.

    Sebastian Stan

  • Aurelia Dobre

    Aurelia Dobre is a retired Romanian artistic gymnast who emerged as the 1987 world all-around champion at the 24th ˜World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.' She scored five perfect 10s at the competition. She put up a spectacular performance at the championship where she won the gold medal in balance beam and the bronze medal in both floor exercise and vault. She was also part of the Romanian teams that won silver at the 1988 ˜Summer Olympics' and at the 1989 ˜World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.' Unfortunately, she suffered two major injuries and a growth spurt, which put an end to her promising gymnastics career. Although she was regarded as the youngest all-around champion of the game ever, it was later discovered that the age of Soviet gymnast Olga Bicherova was falsified at the 1981 ˜World Championships,' which meant the latter was the youngest gymnast to win the title. Aurelia is married to Iranian gymnastics coach Boz Mofid, with whom she has four sons. She works as choreographer and a dance coach at her husband's gym, ˜Dobre Gymnastics Academy.' She features in ˜YouTube' videos and has garnered popularity on applications such as ˜musical.ly,' where she makes videos associated with gymnastics.

    Aurelia Dobre

  • VladTeeVee

    For those of you who are stuck to YouTube and just cannot get over it no matter how hard you try, VladTeeVee must be a familiar name. For the rest, the briefing provided here would be an impetus enough for you to log onto YouTube and find for yourself more about VladTeeVee. A teenage sensation from Romania, VladTeeVee jumped up the fame with his entertainment reaction videos. He is today best known as a YouTuber who comments on the work and music videos of recording artists as well as the videos posted on Vine, YouTube, Musical.ly and other networks by some of the web's biggest stars. He has also created Musical.ly video compilation reaction videos based on the video creations of established web stars. As of December 2016, he has more than 1 million subscribers on the YouTube channel and counting.


  • Nazanin Kavari

    Nazanin Kavari is an American beauty and fashion vlogger of Romanian origin who is widely popular for her channels ˜Nazanin Kavari' and ˜Kavari Vlogs'. While the first channel focusses on beauty vlogs, fashion tips, makeup tips etc. the second one is more of an insight into her day to day life. It often features her sister Yasmin, who is a YouTube vlogger herself, her parents, and her boyfriend. ˜Get Ready With Meâ'¡PROM| Nazaninxox', ˜What Guys REALLY Think ft. Kris London!', and ˜How To Be A Bad B*itchâ'¡ Confidence & Self Love' are some of the most popular videos on her channel ˜Nazanin Kavari'. She is also a ˜StyleHaul' partner which came as a result of her immense success with her YouTube channel, which has over 913k subscribers. Nazanin has also been starring on the web series ˜Sheltered'. She is also an accomplished dancer having trained in ballet and enjoys dancing modern and hip-hop style. The beauty and fashion vlogger, is also equally active on Instagram and Twitter, gaining a huge fan following on both platforms.

    Nazanin Kavari

  • Nadia Comaneci

    She grabbed international recognition and affection by giving the world one of its most memorable moments in the history of sports “ scoring the first-ever perfect ten on asymmetric bars, at the Montreal Olympic Games in 1976. To add to that, she went to score six more perfect 10s, thereby becoming the youngest all-around Olympic gold medalist, at just 14 years of age. Not only did Nadia Comăneci draw attention from all directions, but she also helped Romania find itself a place on the global map. This sporting icon stepped into spotlight by achieving an unachievable score, thus creating a legend and popularizing gymnastics as a sport across the world. Moreover, it changed the people's perspective of female athletes. Such was her impact at the Olympics that the uneven bars event has two moves named after her “ toe-on and release move, which are, till date, rated at a high difficulty level. Besides Olympics, she showed remarkable performance at the World Championships and European Championships as well, thus becoming a living legend and one of the best-known gymnasts the world could ever have. This ˜Queen of Olympics' tried her hand at modeling and promoting sports equipment after her defection to the US.

    Nadia Comaneci

  • Inna

    Romanian dance music and pop singer known for her singles "Hot," "Love," "Sun is Up," and "Deja Vu." Her real name is Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu.


  • Vlad Munteanu

    Romanian YouTuber with more than 1.1 million subscribers who has earned his large fan base with a mix of comedy videos and vlogs.

    Vlad Munteanu

  • Alexandra Stan

    Romanian singer who achieved crossover success occurred with her hit single "Mr. Saxobeat." Her first single was "Lollipop (Param Pam Pam)" in 2009.

    Alexandra Stan

  • Andra Gogan

    Romanian YouTube star and voice actress who first became known for dubbing animated and live action shows like Disney's Doctori?a Plu?ica, Phineas and Ferb, Dog with a Blog, and Sofia the First. She has since become known for her self-titled vlog channel, which has earned more than 600,000 subscribers. She is also popular on musical.ly, with over 700,000 fans to her andragogan account.

    Andra Gogan

  • Smiley

    Born Andrei Tiberiu Maria and known to his fans as Smiley, this Romanian pop star recorded four albums with the band Simplu and later had a career as a solo artist. His album In Lipsa Mea and his single "Dream Girl" won him several Romanian Music Awards.


  • Ralu Mary ( Maxim Raluca Maria)

    Romanian painter, born in Arad, Romania. Got recognition for her style and her artworks.

    Ralu Mary ( Maxim Raluca Maria)

  • Machine Man Challenge

    We all have a winner in us. “Push your mind, to push your body, to push your limits!” This has been my mantra in my recovery. In 2015 I was diagnosed with diabetes, after almost a decade of bad eating habits, late working hours and unhealthy lifestyle choices. The diagnosis was both a curse and a blessing and it dramatically changed my life. It started the process of rebuilding myself. By challenging myself moment by moment I cured my disease and on the way I found my true self. I overcame many setbacks, and I discovered machine-like qualities. Power. Precision. Endurance. All driven by willpower. Today I am MachineMan, a skydiver on a course to break a record. What’s a record? Pushing yourself, challenging your self imposed limits.

    Machine Man Challenge