Famous Born in kosovo
  • Rita Ora

    Rita Ora is a British singer and actress who got recognition through DJ Fresh's single, 'Hot Right Now', in which she was the main vocalist. She got the attention of Jay-Z, whose record label released her debut album 'Ora'. She took the music industry by storm after her singles topped the charts in the UK one after another. She has appeared as a judge in a number of talent shows in the UK and the US, such as, 'The X Factor' and 'America's Next Top Model'. She is also an actor who is a part of the 'Fifty Shades' movie franchise. After entering UK as a refugee, she rose to fame through hard work and perseverance. Ora, whose family faced oppression when she was young, is a philanthropist and an advocate for women's rights. She has participated in many fundraisers and charity concerts for various causes. She has also endorsed top brands like Calvin Klein, Coca-Cola and Samsung, and has been the face of Madonna's clothing line 'Material Girl'. She signed a new record deal with Atlantic Records in June 2016.

    Rita Ora

  • Kida

    Orhidea Latifi, better known by the stage name Kida, is a popular singer in Kosovo known for singles like "Mke Rrejt," "Premtimet" and "Boni Zo," each of which has accrued tens of millions of views on YouTube.


  • Jumbo

    YouTube phenomenon who has had success with his Agar.io video game content. He first acquired one million subscribers in January of 2016.


  • Xherdan Shaqiri

    Attacking midfielder known for incredible dribbling, passing, and crossing who debuted for the Swiss national team in 2010 and won a Swiss Golden Player Award in 2012.

    Xherdan Shaqiri

  • Ledri Vula

    Immensely popular rapper whose viral music video for "Got Ur Back" with <a title='Dafina Zeqiri' href='/famous/dafina-zeqiri.htm'>Dafina Zeqiri</a> has gained over eight million views and counting. He also has popular songs "Krejt shokt e mi" and "Nuk Ma La."

    Ledri Vula

  • Arban Dili

    On his arbandili_ Instagram account, he frequently shares a slew of photographs showcasing his development and fitness routines to his over 200,000 followers.

    Arban Dili

  • Capital T

    Albanian Kosovar musician and rapper best known for performing in his Gheg Albanian dialect. He released his debut album Mouth of Madness in 2008 and later released the 2015 album SDM.

    Capital T

  • Flamur Ukshini

    Model and Instagram sensation known for his look-alike appearance to former One Direction member <a title='Zayn Malik' href='/famous/zayn-malik.htm'>Zayn Malik</a>. He has fully embraced his likeness to the singer and is a fan of Zayn himself.  

    Flamur Ukshini

  • Dora Kryeziu

    Dance and lip sync content creator who rose to fame by sharing short videos on her dora_kryeziu TikTok account. Her popularity on the platform led to her amassing more than 410,000 fans.

    Dora Kryeziu

  • Genta Ismajli

    Albanian singer and actress known for albums like 2008's Zero Zero and 2011's Guximi.

    Genta Ismajli

  • Endri Elshani

    Albanian pop star who became a sensation when his song "Us Two" was released to YouTube in 2014. He followed the song's success with songs like "Kukllat," "Thirrem" and "Baby Falma."

    Endri Elshani

  • Unikkatil

    Kosovar-Albanian rapper and producer who was a member of a group called Albanian Boys Incorporated before starting the Albanian Rap Group called TBA.