Famous Born in guernsey
  • Wroetoshaw

    Wroetoshaw (W2S) a.k.a Harry Lewis is not just any other YouTuber; he is one of the best known e-gamers on social media! His gaming channel can even be regarded as one of the best stress buster techniques. And not only does this stress buster technique involve some of the most epic gaming videos, it is also blended with some over-the-top but hilarious commentaries. There's still more to it that Harry's channel has to offer; Wroetoshaw is also popular among the generation for its mad challenges and even some jaw-dropping pranks. W2S, a ˜YouTube' channel that he started in the year 2012, was initially just meant for games like ˜FIFA', and ˜Call of Duty' but now apart from the games he also posts extreme challenge videos, and some insane Q&As.


  • Holly H

    Holly H is a British social-media personality. She has gained prominence as a "Viner" and a "muser." Her videos showcase both serious and comic content. On 'musical.ly,' Holly usually posts lip-syncs and dance videos. She began posting videos on 'Vine' in 2015 and garnered millions of views and followers before the application was taken down. Holly has a 'YouTube' channel, too, which hosts a variety of entertaining content. She also made a brief appearance in a TV series. Holly has been nominated for a 'Teen Choice Award' in 2018.

    Holly H

  • Ben Loller

    Ben Loller is an English YouTuber known for his channel ˜Lokey Games' on which he uploads virtual reality and other gaming content. He is also notable for his secondary channel where he posts videos on product reviews. Loller is extremely talented when it comes to developing playthrough and walkthrough gaming content. He also has impeccable language skills which are highlighted in his commentary-fueled gaming videos. Hailing from Guernsey, Loller entertains people with his gaming videos and also makes them aware of new products through his genuine reviews. The funny, entertaining, and humorous guy is a unique personality. He is straightforward and frank. A happy-go-lucky man in real life, the English YouTuber believes in living life as it comes. Having fun on a day-to-day basis is important for him. On the personal front, he is a very private person who doesn't reveal much about himself to his audience.

    Ben Loller

  • Josh Lewis

    Josh Lewis is a YouTube vlogger popular for his challenge and football videos. He is the younger brother of Harry Lewis, a football enthusiast and YouTube personality. Josh created his YouTube channel under the title ˜Joshlewisgsy' which is a combination of his name and the place, Guernsey. Josh stepped into the world of YouTube when he was featured in his brother's challenge videos. Introduced to YouTube by his brother, Josh not only went on to create his own channel but has also managed to amass more than 750,000 subscribers. His initial videos updated its viewers about the football matches that were held weekly. Some of the challenge videos that he has posted so far include ˜100k pack discard challenge', ˜crossbar challenge' and ˜trampoline dodgeball challenge'. Josh's most popular video to date is the ˜huge fatal grips unboxing' video.

    Josh Lewis

  • Rosie Lewis

    Social star and sister of YouTube FIFA gaming phenomenon Harry Lewis, AKA <a title='Wroetoshaw' href='/famous/wroetoshaw.htm'>Wroetoshaw</a>. She was a competitive cheerleader during her teenage years.  

    Rosie Lewis

  • Ben Setters

    Online entertainer who does live shows and posts regularly to various social media networks, including YouNow, Twitter, and Instagram. He has over 110,000 followers on YouNow and more than [TN190,000TN] followers on Twitter. 

    Ben Setters

  • Sabryna

    New Zealand pop singer who first turned heads in early 2016 with the release of her breakout single "Young, Sexy, Crazy." She found further success in 2017 with the release of "Try It," which inspired the "Try It Challenge" on musical.ly.


  • Heather Watson

    British tennis player who became the top-ranked British woman in the WTA rankings in July 2012. She won her first WTA singles title at the Japan Open that year.

    Heather Watson

  • SamGSY

    FIFA player who plays out hypothetical soccer scenarios suggested by his fans on his popular YouTube channel, SamGSY. He is also known to fans for his reactions, challenges and real life soccer videos. 


  • Meg Mathews

    Interior designer best known as the former wife of Oasis lead guitarist and songwriter <a title='Noel Gallagher' href='/famous/noel-gallagher.htm'>Noel Gallagher</a>.

    Meg Mathews

  • Megan Williams

    Model with Storm Management best known for her work with Guess and ASOS. She became popular on Instagram with over 430,000 followers.

    Megan Williams

  • Mura Masa

    British electronic music producer who began receiving significant attention with his 2014 mixtape Soundtrack to a Death and released his debut LP To Fall Out of Love To in 2017. He is also known for his remixes of songs like <a title='Travis Scott' href='/famous/travis-scott.htm'>Travis Scott</a>'s "Upper Echelon."

    Mura Masa