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  • Jack Griffo

    Jack Griffo is an American actor and singer who has acted in several television shows and movies. He plays the lead role of Max Thunderman in the television series ˜The Thudermans' of which he has been part of since 2013. Griffo also has his own YouTube channel where he posts covers of popular songs. His fan following on social media is huge and is growing rapidly with each passing day. The young actor has been nominated for Kids' Choice Awards four times during his career. An inspiration to many teenagers and youngsters, Griffo also endorses a lot of apparels and lifestyle brands. Apart from television, Jack has also been part of movies like ˜Sound of My Voice', ˜What I did Last Summer: First Kiss' and ˜American Hero' among others. Besides being an actor, Jack is a singer too. In 2011 he released a single titled ˜Hold Me' in collaboration with his friend Kelsey. He even released his debut solo ˜Slingshot' on 13 November 2013.

    Jack Griffo

  • Patrick Simondac

    Patrick Simondac, popularly known as Patrick Starrr, is a professional make-up artist and YouTube celebrity. He is passionate about a lot of things, photography being one of them. The art of capturing images is a creative outlet for Patrick. The passion for photography prompted Starrr to try his luck as a make-up artist. He is extremely passionate about both photography and make-up and nurtures both with extraordinary vim. Patrick has innumerable followers in social networking sites. He boasts of make-up contracts with dominant beauty brands like Benefit and NYX. He usually collaborates with his peers Manny Mua (Gutierrez) and Christen Dominique for the videos on YouTube. Patrick is a confident and self-motivated person. After gauging through the success of Patrick it can be easily deduced that make-up is not restricted to girls alone. Patrick Simondac is definitely a personification of this major shift in the beauty world.

    Patrick Simondac

  • GloZell Green

    GloZell Lyneette Simon, popularly known as GloZell Green, is an American internet personality who became famous through her YouTube videos, which are mostly comedies and song parodies. Having performed at the World Famous Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory and several other such venues, she has also performed on shows such as ˜Showtime at the Apollo', and ˜The Dr Oz Show.' She established her YouTube Channel in 2008 and most of her early videos were ˜translations' of pop songs, like ˜Tik Tok' by Kesha, and ˜Rude Boy' by Rihanna. Later, she began parodying popular music videos as well. She first became popular in 2011, after her vlog was mentioned by actor Elijah Wood during an interview. In 2012, she took part in the cinnamon challenge, an internet food challenge, where one had to eat a spoonful of ground cinnamon in a minute. Not only her video went viral, but it also got ranked on The Guardian's ˜Viral Video Chart'. She also released two singles in 2013. She gained a lot of attention in 2015, after her interview with the then US President <a title='Barack Obama' href='/famous/barack-obama.htm'>Barack Obama</a> which was hosted at the White House. In 2016, she played a lead role in the webseries ˜Escape the Night.' Along with the rest of the cast, GloZell won the Streamy Award for best ensemble cast.

    GloZell Green

  • Drew Gooden

    Known on social media as drewisgooden, he became a sensation on Vine, finishing with more than 100,000 followers on the app. He would later switch to YouTube, where he has amassed over 850,000 subscribers to his Drew Gooden channel. He also really loves this website! It excited him so much he nearly peed himself again!

    Drew Gooden

  • Bryana Salaz

    Bryana Salaz is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She has been working in the entertainment industry since the age of 12. Belonging to a military family, she credits her background for her mental toughness and resilience that she thinks is very important to survive in the highly competitive environment of the entertainment industry. Having participated in many singing and talent contests from a young age, she feels that she now has the confidence and the experience to pursue singing as a career. Having acted in musical plays and appeared in commercials from a young age, she is inclined to pursue both music and acting simultaneously as career.

    Bryana Salaz

  • Jessica Vanessa

    Jessica Vanessa DeLeon is an American internet personality, social media influencer, dancer, comedian, and actress who first gained popularity for her twerking videos. A native of Florida, she loved dancing and performing even when she was a child. She would often go to parties, see people dance and pick up their moves. After finishing school, DeLeon began working as an assistant kindergarten teacher. In May 2014, she set up her Vine account with the help of her brother. Initially, her content was mainly comedy skits. She earned her first few thousands of followers through it before she started twerking. At the height of her popularity on Vine, she had over two million subscribers. Vine shut down for good in 2017 but DeLeon was one of the few of its stars who made a successful transition to other popular social media platforms. She presently uses Instagram to post her content and has over one million followers on the platform. Her successful online presence has led to lucrative modelling opportunities as well, and in 2016, she made her debut as an actor in the romantic-drama ˜Boy Bye'.

    Jessica Vanessa

  • Jessica Marie Garcia

    Well known for her lead roles as Willow on Disney's Liv and Maddie and as Jasmine on Netflix's On My Block. She also was featured in numerous episodes of ABC's The Middle as Becky. 

    Jessica Marie Garcia

  • Catherine Valdes

    Catherine Valdes, better known as Catrific, or Cat, is a popular American ˜YouTube' personality. She is one of the founding members of ˜Summoners Con,' an annual convention for ˜League of Legends' players from all over the world. She owns three 'YouTube' channels that feature her vlogs, storytime videos, pranks, challenges, and hauls. Catherine has created numerous videos on a number of sensitive and debatable issues, too. Thus, she was eventually categorized as a serious vlogger. However, some of her statements have got her into serious trouble. Catherine is an actor, too, and has been associated with a few acting projects.

    Catherine Valdes

  • Jaden Newman

    Following after her brother, <a title='Julian' href='/famous/julian-newman.htm'>Julian</a>, she is a basketball prodigy. Both she and her brother are renowned for being the youngest boy and girl to surpass 1,000 career points at the varsity prep level.

    Jaden Newman

  • Greg Davis Jr.

    Series regular on the TBS sitcom 10 Items or Less who first became well known on the internet under the name Klarity on Vine. He had recurring and guest-starring roles on notable series including Lincoln Heights, The Shield, and CSI: New York. 

    Greg Davis Jr.

  • Jayy Von Monroe

    Jeremy Brian Griffis is an American singer and guitarist formerly affiliated with the electronic music duo Blood on the Dance Floor. He is better known by his stage name Jayy Von Monroe. A native of Florida, he left high school to join Dahvie Vanity in Blood on the Dance Floor in 2009. He would be part of the musical act for the next seven years, releasing six studio albums, ˜Epic', ˜All the Rage!!', ˜Evolution', ˜Bad Blood', ˜Bitchcraft', and ˜Scissors'; three compilation albums, ˜The Revolution Pack', ˜Blood Unplugged', and ˜RIP 2006-2016'; and four extended plays, ˜Epic: The Remixes', ˜Clubbed to Death', ˜The Anthem of the Outcast', and ˜Cruel Pornography'. In September 2016, Monroe left the group and within a month, the disbandment of the group was announced. Blood on the Dance Floor since has reunited without Monroe, who is pursuing a solo career himself and has released several singles. Monroe is openly gay and a male-to-female cross-dresser. He has a cross-dressing persona named The Dahli.

    Jayy Von Monroe

  • GlokkNine

    Notable for singles like "Crayola" and "I Don't Need No Help," he is a hip hop artist who had multiple music videos drop on World Star Hip Hop.