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  • Mariahlynn

    Rapper and VH1 reality personality on the show Love & Hip Hop: New York who became a main cast member in season six. 


  • Christina Milian

    Not many can claim to have the best of both acting and singing and Chitina Milian is definitely one amongst them. An American actress and singer-songwriter, Milian has worked her way to the hearts of the audience, with her immense talent and artistic abilities. A prodigious child, she showed sparks of making it big in the entertainment world and was soon spotted by her parents who pushed forth her abilities by giving her new opportunities. They realized her passion for singing and acting and relocated to Los Angeles to open for her a door full of prospects. She started it off as a singer, releasing her debut self-titled album under Def Jam. The singles from the album were much appreciated and positioned her among the top singers from the very start. Following the success of her singing career, she tried her luck in front of the camera and appeared in a number of television series and films. She guest starred and made cameo appearances as well in addition to lead roles. Her switch from singing to acting and back to singing and then acting have proved fruitful for her career.

    Christina Milian

  • Martha Stewart

    Emmy Award winning TV show host, domestic goddess, lifestyle guru and business entrepreneur, Martha Stewart has made it big as a businesswoman in America. This business tycoon was featured on Fortune magazine's list of ˜50 Most Powerful Women' and has successfully made a brand out of herself. She is the most trusted and well-known lifestyle expert and guide to millions of Americans, to whom she imparts everyday skills like cooking, home décor, entertaining, housekeeping, gardening, crafting and other domestic know-hows. Founder of ˜Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia', Stewart has made a media empire, launching magazines, books, television shows and the like. She soon became the biggest name in America as millions looked up to her for guidance. Achieving the status of a media mogul, her television show, ˜Martha Stewart Living' was a massive success and it went on to receive the Daytime Emmy Award. Born into a middle class family in New Jersey, Stewart leant gardening as a child from her father while the art of cooking, baking and sewing was imbibed to her by her mother. What's more, her grandmother taught her the process of canning and preserving. She began her career by appearing in TV commercials and also had a brief stint in modelling. To learn more interesting and intriguing facts about her childhood, personal life and achievements, scroll down and continue to read this biography

    Martha Stewart

  • Beetlejuice

    Lester was born in the United States. Napoleon Green, also known by his stage moniker "Beetlejuice," was a regular on the Howard Stern Show and took part in the Killers of Comedy Tour.


  • Nancy Sinatra

    Nancy Sinatra is an American pop/rock singer and actress, still popular for her mid-1960s hit song ˜These Boots Are Made for Walkin'. The daughter of the great <a title='Frank Sinatra' href='/famous/frank-sinatra.htm'>Frank Sinatra</a>, she made her debut in 1957 when she appeared on her father's ABC-TV variety series but her popularity was limited to Europe and Japan. But in 1966 when her signature hit ˜These Boots Are Made for Walkin' hit the floor she became a household name and a favorite pin-up of troops during the Vietnam War. During the 1960s, her fashionable high boots and her appearance with colorfully dressed ˜go-go dancers' portrayed an image of popular ˜swinging sixties' and became a trend among young girls. Nancy became a well-known name among pop and rock music lovers between 1966 and 1967 when she charted with 13 titles, featuring Billy Strange as the arranger. She partnered with Lee Hazlewood in many of her songs and their duets soon became immensely popular among fans. Sinatra also appeared in some movies alongside famous figures like her father <a title='Frank Sinatra' href='/famous/frank-sinatra.htm'>Frank Sinatra</a> and the legendary Elvis Presley. Though her acting career did not stretch too long, she did achieve a lot of fame appearing alongside legendary figures in popular films. She took a lengthy break from her professional life in the 1980s due to personal reasons but returned as determined as ever and still continues to contribute to the music industry despite her advanced age.

    Nancy Sinatra

  • Brandon Collymore

    YouTube personality with a channel called BrandonDoesEverything who is perhaps most well known for his WWE content. He also posts gaming videos, tutorials and vlogs.

    Brandon Collymore

  • Nathan Lane

    Star of the hit musicals The Producers and Guys and Dolls, as well as comedy films like The Birdcage with <a title='Robin Williams' href='/famous/robin-williams.htm'>Robin Williams</a>. He voiced the character Timon in the 1994 Disney film The Lion King. 

    Nathan Lane

  • Derek Luke

    Derek Luke is an American actor, popularly known for his portrayal of Antwone "Fish" Fisher in his big-screen debut film ˜Antwone Fisher'. His father was a former actor, and mother is a musician. During his childhood, which he states were difficult days, he constantly believed in the power of words. Derek Luke had to struggle for a long period before finding work in the acting industry. He is best known for his roles in feature films, such as ˜Antwone Fisher', ˜Glory Road', ˜Friday Night Lights' and ˜Captain America: The First Avenger'. His acting prowess has earned him prestigious awards like the Independent Spirit Award and Stanley Kramer Award. Apart from feature films, he has been actively involved in television and acted in several music videos as well. Some of his notable works in television include ˜Rogue' and ˜Empire'. He has had the unique opportunity of portraying several real life characters on screen while they were still alive. Some of them were ˜Boobie Miles' in ˜Friday Night Lights' and ˜Sean Combs' in ˜Notorious'. He is extremely popular on social networking sites like Instagram and twitter. He attributes his success in his acting career to his fearlessness.

    Derek Luke

  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner

    Best known for his role as Theo on the television series The Cosby Show, he is also known for playing Malcolm McGee on the UPN sitcom Malcolm & Eddie and Dr. Alex Reed on the BET sitcom Reed Between the Lines.

    Malcolm-Jamal Warner

  • Norman Lloyd

    Actor and director who has appeared in over 60 films and TV shows throughout his career, which lasted over eight decades.

    Norman Lloyd

  • Domo Glo Twins

    Content creator who, along with her sister Danny, became best known for their Glo Twins YouTube channel. Their original vlogs, pranks and challenges have been viewed a combined 2.7 million times. 

    Domo Glo Twins

  • Flip Wilson

    Flip Wilson, born Clerow Wilson, Jr., was an American comedian and actor. He was one of ten children born to Clerow Wilson, Sr. and Cornelia Wilson. After his mother abandoned the family, his father was unable to take care of them, and placed the children in foster homes. At 16, he joined the US Air Force after lying about his age. His outgoing personality made him popular to the extent that he was even asked to tour military bases to boost the morale of servicemen. After he was discharged, he worked as a bellhop, and made some extra money by playing a drunken patron in between the scheduled acts at Manor Plaza's nightclub. Hollywood started noticing him for a routine titled Columbus from the album Cowboys and Colored People in which he tells the story of Christopher Columbus with modern characters mentioned in the acts anachronistically. NBC offered him a chance to host his variety show, The Flip Wilson Show. He hosted many African-American entertainers, including The Jackson Five and The Temptations. He also acted in the movies such as Uptown Saturday Night and The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh, and appeared in a musical adaptation of Pinocchio as the Fox. The Flip Wilson Show won him two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award.

    Flip Wilson