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  • Cornelia Funke

    Anyone can write but if anyone wants to be a professional writer then one must produce consistently excellent prose that would captivate readers and the challenge is magnified to a far greater degree when the audience happens to be children; often the most demanding of readers due to their disparate demands. Children can like the work of an author but then very quickly move on to the works of another if they somehow find the first author boring and that is the reason why the works of German author Cornelia Funke are so celebrated by people from all across the world. The German author is one of the most recognisable names in children's fiction writers in the world and her books have been translated into all major languages so that children from different parts of the world are able to enjoy her work. That speaks volumes about the body of work that she has produced over the course of her remarkable career as children's fictions writer and it is not really a surprise that she has sold many millions of her work worldwide. She is often compared to the other pillar of children's fiction J. K. Rowling by many and needless to say, that is not an incorrect comparison at all.

    Cornelia Funke

  • Frank Rosin

    Chef who joined the restaurant Rosin in 1990. The magazine Der Feinschmecker awarded it Restaurant of the Year in 2009. 

    Frank Rosin