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  • Queen Naija

    Queen Naija is a popular American YouTuber and singer who used to run a YouTube channel, ˜Chris and Queen', along with her ex-husband, Christopher Sails. The channel consisted of vlogs, pranks, challenges and other videos, which she made with her ex-husband. Now, the channel has been closed and she runs an eponymous YouTube channel. An ex-contestant of American Idol, Naija's singing abilities earned her fame and prominence and gave her a pathway to her future career. Immediately after being ousted from the show, Naija started her channel in YouTube. Through her channel, she showcased her impressive singing abilities and even gave a glimpse of her ability for vlogging. She soon became an internet sensation. Her relationship with Chris, their marriage and eventually their high-end dramatic breakup earned her a huge fan following, which seems to be increasing by the day. Her latest release, ˜Medicine', which gives an account of the circumstances which led to her divorce with Chris has given Naija a new career high. The song has become a big hit and has garnered over 56,000 Genius pageviews. It gained the 31st position on Genius' Top Songs chart. It also shows how new-age YouTube stars add personal drama in their post and videos to keep their subscribers and followers interested.

    Queen Naija

  • Armon Warren

    Armon Warren is an American singer and social-media star. He is known for his cover versions of hit tracks, which he posts on his social-media accounts. Armon usually performs with his brother, <a title='Trey Traylor' href='/famous/trey-traylor.htm'>Trey Traylor</a>. Armon began his social-media career on 'Vine' and eventually gained prominence on other social-media platforms, too. Armon has earned millions of fans on his online profiles. A popular shopping site once featured a customized line of mobile covers dedicated to Armon and his brother. Although Armon is highly popular online, not much is known about his personal life.

    Armon Warren

  • Christopher Sails

    Christopher Sails is an American YouTuber and rapper. He shot to fame when he and his then-wife <a title='Queen' href='/famous/queenn-naija.htm'>Queen</a> started uploading content and addressing fans together on their channel Chris Sails, which they started in 2016. He mostly posts prank videos on friends besides challenges and vlogs. His jokes are quite spicy, and hence, he is quite popular amongst the teen audience. Christopher loves music and rapping, and is a talented lyricist. After becoming a sensational couple on YouTube, Chris and <a title='Queen' href='/famous/queenn-naija.htm'>Queen</a> parted ways. While <a title='Queen' href='/famous/queenn-naija.htm'>Queen</a> started her own channel on music, Christopher is still running the existing channel. He also runs a second self-titled channel, which he started in 2012, and a third one called ˜Daddy & Me,' where he posts his son's videos.

    Christopher Sails

  • Ella Anderson

    Frequent Disney Channel actress who landed the series regular role of Piper Hart in the Nickelodeon series Henry Danger. She also played a young Jeanette Walls in The Glass Castle.

    Ella Anderson

  • CoryxKenshin

    Popular video content creator on YouTube whose most-viewed videos feature Five Nights at Freddy's and Mortal Kombat X. 


  • Brooklyn Queen

    Brooklyn Queen is an American rapper and social media personality. A Detroit native, she made her debut in 2017 with the viral hit "Keke Taught Me". Passionate about singing since childhood, she recorded her first song at the age of eight. Queen is also a talented songwriter who started writing songs when she was just five years old. Today, she has emerged as one of the most popular young rappers in the country. The daughter of rapper Nailnotirious Kim, she was exposed to the world of music at a tender age. She is at present signed to BMB Entertainment and frequently releases new songs. A charming and soft-hearted girl, Queen derives inspiration from her rapper father who helps her develop her rapping skills. Her father is her constant source of support and encouragement. The young artiste has already won millions of hearts through her brilliant songs and music videos and continues to shine further. She is immensely popular on social media, especially YouTube, where she has over half a million subscribers.

    Brooklyn Queen

  • Trey Traylor

    Trey Traylor is an American singer, musician, and social media star. He and his brother, <a title='Armon Warren' href='/famous/armon-warren.htm'>Armon Warren</a>, perform together and run a highly-popular YouTube channel dedicated to their music. A Detroit native, Trey grew up with a deep love for music and show business. He and his brother began their journey to internet stardom on Vine and soon gathered a large following on the platform with their six-second-long covers of famous songs. After Vine shut down, the brothers followed the route that many other erstwhile Viners took; they set up a YouTube account. Fortunately for them, the majority of their audience made the transition along with them and soon Trey and Armon were accumulating new viewers on the video sharing platform. As of early 2018, their channel had garnered over 2.1 million subscribers. While they have mostly done covers for a major part of their careers, the brothers have started making original music recently.

    Trey Traylor

  • Molly Brazy

    Molly Brazy is an American rap artist. She is popularly known for her chartbuster tracks 'More Facts' and ˜Gang.' She rose to prominence after she was featured on the 'YouTube' channel owned by the independent American magazine '4sho Magazine.' All her music is available on this channel. Her music reflects her troubled childhood. Molly is sometimes regarded as one of the most controversial stars in the American rap scene. Her rebellious nature and her love for firearms have brought her a lot of negative publicity. Molly was once involved in a controversy after a video showing her pointing a gun at a toddler became viral. The controversy made several headlines. Amid this chaos, Molly released her debut mixtape. The mixtape, however, was a success.

    Molly Brazy

  • Dej Loaf

    Dej Loaf is an American singer, rapper and songwriter. She received global recognition with her song, ˜Try Me' which featured on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and was certified gold by Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). She began her career in 2011, and has launched three mixtapes, an extended play and an album. Most of her singles have peaked on the US music charts, especially in the R&B and rap music genres. She has featured in the songs of popular music artists, such as <a title='Kid Ink' href='/famous/kid-ink.htm'>Kid Ink</a>', <a title='Lil Durk' href='/famous/lil-durk.htm'>Lil Durk</a>' and <a title='The Game' href='/famous/game.htm'>The Game</a>'. Some of her songs are a reflection of her tragic past. Her father was murdered when she was just four, hence she grew up in seclusion and took to music to vent her loneliness. At the age of nine she composed music and wrote songs as a means to express herself. In order to step closer towards the career she dreamed, Dej eventually dropped out of a nursing course in college, and took up music full-time. She is currently ranked amongst the best R&B artists of present times, and is a popular name on the internet. In 2014, she signed a record deal with the mega record label ˜Columbia Records' and has continued working under its banner.

    Dej Loaf

  • Issac Ryan Brown

    Child actor who landed a series regular role on Raven's Home after having been cast in recurring roles on notable series such as Black-ish, How to Get Away with Murder, Miles from Tomorrowland, Bubble Guppies, OMG!, and Devious Maids. His movie roles include 2016's Believe and 2017's Kings. 

    Issac Ryan Brown

  • Demetrius Harmon

    A tall and gangly guy who is of high school age and has a sense of humor that might put some veteran comedians on high alert, Demeterius Harmon a.k.a. Meech who goes by the handle Meechon Mars is one of the very first guy that comes to your mind. A Vine celebrity turned YouTuber, he shot into social media through his short videos posted on Vine. From vlogs to skits, his content is refreshingly original and is completely devoid of any attempt to offend or belittle anyone. Meech is one of those individuals who seems to have a keen eye open to his surrounding and is acutely aware of the goings on of the things happening around the world. That, precisely, proves to be Meech's strong points as an actor/comedian. His skits and vlogs are both a source of inspiration as well as entertainment to millions of fans across various social media platforms.

    Demetrius Harmon


    SoLLUMINATI is an American YouTube personality known for posting NBA 2K content on his self-titled channel. He launched his channel in 2012 with '51 Game Winning Streak Highest in NBA 2K15' as its first video. Since then, he has posted a variety of content focusing on NBA games and has also uploaded other interesting videos like challenges and reactions. Till date, SoLLUMINATI's channel has earned over 661k subscribers and about 81 million views. The YouTuber, who is also referred to as The King of Sun Set Beach, is also a basketball player who used to play during his college days. Besides YouTube, SoLLUMINATI has a huge fan base on Twitter and Instagram as well. As of April 2018, he has about 205k and 229k fans respectively on these social media platforms. On a personal note, the American social media star is a very classy and handsome boy. He has a good sense of humor that is often showcased in his vlogs. As a young black youth, he serves as a positive example for other black youngsters who want to make it big as social media personalities.