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  • Seth MacFarlane

    Seth Macfarlane is a popular American personality who has made his mark as a television producer, singer, lyricist, actor and film maker. Though his works are spread over different genres, he principally focusses on comedy and animation. Animation has been a passion for him since childhood; he began drawing cartoon characters when he was as young as two years old. This interest earned him work as a cartoonist with a local newspaper when he was only nine years old. Seth Macfarlane is also known to give frequent talks at various renowned universities across USA; a few of which are Stanford University, Harvard University, George Washington University, University of Texas and University of Toledo. He is a strong supporter of gay rights and has a strong commitment to humanist values and equal marriage rights for all. In his personal life, Seth Macfarlane is passionate about music and finds time to nurture this interest. His kind of music primarily includes traditional pop, jazz, swing, and big band. He is also a trained pianist. Seth Macfarlane has English, Irish and Scottish lineage.

    Seth MacFarlane

  • Tom Kenny

    Thomas James Tom Kenny is a popular American actor and comedian famous for his work on the popular animated TV series 'SpongeBob SquarePants', where he voiced the titular character. He has also worked in the video games as well as the films related to the series. Kenny made his acting debut with a supporting role in the romantic comedy film 'How I Got into College'. The film, which was directed by Savage Steve Holland, didn't do well commercially. Other films he has acted in include 'Surviving Christmas' and 'World's Greatest Dad'. He has done voice roles for several animated TV shows such as 'The Batman' and 'Transformers: Animated'. He is best known for his role in the animated series 'SpongeBob SquarePants', where he voiced the titular character. The show was a success and gained much popularity. It won many awards, including two Emmy Awards and six Annie Awards. As a voice actor he has also done voice roles for several popular animated shows such as ˜Dexter's Laboratory', ˜Samurai Jack', and ˜The Powerpuff Girls'.

    Tom Kenny

  • Arin Hanson

    Arin Hanson is an American YouTube personality well-known by his pseudonym Egoraptor. He is a talented animator, cartoonist, voice actor, rapper, gamer, song writer and comedian. Arin is famous for his animated web series ˜The Awesome Series' first aired on Newgrounds and later he started to upload them on his YouTube channel ˜Egoraptor'. In this series he parodies different types of video games like Poke'mon, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy and Metal Gear with the help of self-created flash cartoons. He is the co-creator of the very popular YouTube web series ˜Game Grumps' where he as one of the hosts plays a video game with his commentary sharing his experiences and opinions about the game chosen. In his YouTube channel, he also uploads animated music videos and profoundly popular Sequelitis animated video series where he humorously, critically and passionately analyses and discusses the intricacies of video games and their sequels. Arin has also participated in sketch comedy and he has collaborated with other animators like Chris O'Neil, Ross O'Donovan and Rodrigo Huerta for many animation ventures and projects. He has provided rapping vocals for the Starbomb American musical- comedy group whose songs are all about video game parodies.

    Arin Hanson

  • Adam McArthur

    Voice actor best known for voicing Marco Diaz on Disney's Star vs. The Forces of Evil. Previous credits of his include The Adventures of Puss in Boots, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and The LeBrons.

    Adam McArthur

  • Sean Schemmel

    Sean Christian Schemmel is a voice actor, Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR) director, and screenwriter from America. One of the most renowned figures in the field, his impressive résumé encompasses both eastern and western animation, video games, and audiobooks. A native of Iowa, Schemmel got his start in voice acting in 1999 when he was cast as the voice of Goku, King Kai, Nail, Mr. Musuka, and Vegito in the English dub of ˜Dragon Ball Z'. He followed that up by lending his voice to Rick in ˜Blue Gender'. In the subsequent years, he has provided the voice for Gaston and Conrad in ˜Berserk'; Bone Cold in ˜Ultimate Muscle'; Amidamaru, Rio, and Nichrom in ˜'Shaman King', Robert, Morrison, Cyrus, and Lampent, Lucario in ˜Pokémon'; Helmeppo, Hatchan, Chabo, Kuroobi, and Dr. Indigo in ˜One Piece', and several characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise. He made his western animation debut in 2003 in ˜Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' and film debut in 2014 in ˜Time of Eve'. In 2015, Schemmel won the Behind The Voice Actors (BTVA) Anime Dub Movie/Special Voice Acting Award for Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in an Anime Feature Film/Special for providing the voice of Goku in ˜Dragon Ball Z: Doragonbôru Z - Kami to Kami'.

    Sean Schemmel

  • Steven Ogg

    Steven Ogg is a Canadian actor cum voice actor popularly known for playing the character of ˜Simon' in the American post-apocalyptic horror television series ˜The Walking Dead', developed by Frank Darabont. He is also a very well-known face among the gamers having played the role of ˜Trevor Philips' in the action-adventure video game ˜Grand Theft Auto V', developed by ˜Rockstar Games' in 2013. Interested in acting from a young age, he started attending acting classes as a little boy. His interest shifted to sports during his adolescence and he hoped to become a professional sportsman. However, an injury shattered this dream and he eventually tried his luck in several jobs including acting in different theaters. Finally, he made his debut with the role of a fashion photographer named ˜Andre' in the 1999 film ˜Giving it Up'. He later appeared in several popular television shows including ˜Law & Order', ˜Third Watch', ˜Better Call Saul', and ˜Westworld' in special roles. The talented actor won the prestigious ˜New York Videogame Critics Circle Award for Best Overall Acting in a Game' award for his work in the video game ˜Grand Theft Auto V'.

    Steven Ogg

  • Dan Castellaneta

    Dan Castellaneta is an American voice actor and comedian widely known as the voice of ˜Homer Simpson' in the hugely popular adult comedy animated series ˜The Simpsons'. He has also provided voiceovers for several other popular characters like ˜Barney Gumble', ˜Krusty the Clown', ˜Sideshow Mel', and ˜Groundskeeper Willie' in the same show. Castellaneta is equally famous for lending his voice to various characters in television programs and films like ˜Darkwing Duck', ˜The Adventures of Dynamo Duck', ˜Back to the Future: The Animated Series', ˜Aladdin', and ˜Hey Arnold!'. The versatile actor has won the Annie Award two times and the Emmy Award four times in his career that has spanned over three decades. The son of an amateur actor, Castellaneta was inspired by his father's comic acts and used to listen to his records while growing up. Even though he loved acting from a young age, he did not give a serious thought to pursuing it professionally. He initially aspired to become an art teacher but destiny had other plans for him. Once he began acting, there was no looking back for him. Castellaneta became one of the highest-paid voice artists in the industry in 2008 when he was given a $400,000 per episode contract for his role in the ˜The Simpsons'.

    Dan Castellaneta

  • Troy Baker

    Voice actor who provided the voice of Snow Villiers in Final Fantasy XIII and Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite. He also provided the voice of Hawkeye in Avengers Assemble and Joel in The Last of Us.

    Troy Baker

  • Damien Haas

    Well known for his recurring role as Damien Johanssen in the Disney series So Random!. He is perhaps even better known for his voice work in the show Clarence and in the video games Halo: The Fall of Reach and Grand Theft Auto V.

    Damien Haas

  • Andy Cowley

    Andy Cowleyis a British voice actor,YouTube gamer and Twitch streamer who goes by the online alias 'TheDragonHat' and posts family friendly videos on his channel. He does voice over for video games, 2D and 3D animated videos, TV shows, internet applications, and more. In his relatively short career so far, he has already worked on a number of video games and animations. He voiced the bosses Phobos andDeimos in the indie video game 'Apotheon' by Alientrap Games. He voiced the main male protagonist in another indie game, 'Hazewalker', by Theoryform Games. He also did voice acting for a fighting character in the Dlala Studios game 'Overruled', narrated the trailer of the game 'Rainbow Hero' by Pixel Elephant, and voiced Garen in the solo queue mode for 'League of Legends Machinima'. In the 3D 'Terraria: Animated Series', he voiced the characters of 'Slimey', 'Slimes', and 'Slime King'. He also did the voice over for 'Music Copyright Watermark' for Deepsky Records. He has voiced many characters from the role-play series 'Minecraft Diaries' by YouTuberAphmau, including Garroth, Chad and Jeffory. Some of his recent work include 'Meet Overwatch', 'Legend of Nine Tails', 'Pokemon Logic' and 'Zoolaplex'.

    Andy Cowley

  • Ned Luke

    Voice and television actor best known as the voice and motion capture model of Michael De Santa from the hit video game Grand Theft Auto V.

    Ned Luke

  • Anthony Gonzalez

    Burgeoning actor who rocketed to fame in 2017 after winning the leading role in the Disney Pixar animated film Coco. 

    Anthony Gonzalez

  • Shawn Fonteno

    Most well known for providing his voice for the character of Franklin Clinton in the hit video game Grand Theft Auto V, he previously lent his voice for the part of a gangster in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

    Shawn Fonteno

  • Zach Callison

    Voice actor known for his work on such animated series as Steven Universe, Sofia the First, and The Legend of Korra.

    Zach Callison

  • Nolan North

    Leading voice actor in the video game industry. He's voiced Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series, Desmond Miles in the Assassin's Creed series, and Penguin in Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Origins. He's also voiced the character Chicken Chuck on Nickelodeon's Sanjay and Craig.

    Nolan North

  • Charles Martinet

    Talented voice-over artist known for bringing life to iconic video game characters Mario and Luigi.

    Charles Martinet

  • Rodger Bumpass

    Famously portrayed the voice of Squidward on SpongeBob SquarePants. He also provided the voice of Professor Membrane on Invader Zim.

    Rodger Bumpass

  • Mel Blanc

    Voice actor who brought life to lovable characters such as Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird and Daffy Duck.

    Mel Blanc

  • Justin Roiland

    Voice actor best known for creating the animated series Rick and Morty and voicing both of the lead characters. He also voiced the character Oscar on Disney's Fish Hooks and the voice of Lemongrab on Adventure Time.

    Justin Roiland

  • Joji Nakata

    Japanese voice actor who is known for being the voices of Giroro in the animated series Sgt. Frog, as well as Hody Jones in One Piece and Baki in Naruto.

    Joji Nakata

  • Todd Haberkorn

    Japanese-to-English anime voice actor best known for his contributions to D. Gray-man and Soul Eater. He also portrayed characters in Dragon Ball Z Kai, Suzuka, and Rosario and the Vampire.

    Todd Haberkorn

  • Greg Cipes

    Greg Cipes is a multi-talented American artist; he is an actor, musician, voice actor, composer and professional surfer. His interest in the entertainment industry stems from his thespian grandparents and his father, who is a television director. He has been a part of various sides of the entertainment industry such as theatre, national commercials, Broadway, video games, films and numerous television shows. He achieved most of what is mentioned, before the age of fifteen, which is incredible for someone that young. Today, he stands as one of the most popular and recognized voice artists, in the world. Greg Cipes has also self-produced his own album in the past, which gave him his entry into yet another vertical of the showbiz, that is, production. Ever since then, he has produced many albums, and is in the process of creating and producing his own television show. He is best known for his voiceover for ˜Beast Boy' in the ˜Teen Titans' animated series and for ˜Michelangelo' in ˜Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

    Greg Cipes

  • Raymond Ochoa

    Young television actor who has also lent his voice to the animated films Mars Needs Moms, Yogi Bear, and A Christmas Carol. He came together with his brothers to form the group Ochoa Boyz.

    Raymond Ochoa

  • Matthew Mercer

    Animation, anime, film, and video game voice actor who provided his voice to notable anime series such as Attack on Titan and Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. In 2015, he began voicing the character Bigfoot on the Cartoon Network series Wabbit.

    Matthew Mercer