Famous twitter star, Celebrity Birthdays

  • Ricky Berwick

    Ricky Berwick is a popular social-media entertainer from Canada. Born with a physical disability that has left him wheelchair-bound, Ricky did not let his disability curb his will to live. As a child, Ricky displayed a keen interest in creating online content. He began his career by posting videos on his 'YouTube' channel. Unfortunately, he failed to impress the viewers. Ricky bounced back after a hiatus of nine years and has been entertaining people with his funny videos since then. His videos show him doing random things in a comical manner. He has earned millions of followers on 'YouTube' and 'Facebook.' Ricky has collaborated with a few popular "YouTubers" and has appeared on a TV show, too.

    Ricky Berwick

  • Francis Baraan IV

    Francis Baraan IV (born Francis Martin Beltran Baraan on December 5, 1982 in Dagupan City; also known on social media as Frank Baraan or @MrFrankBaraan) is a Filipino journalist, columnist, opinion leader, human rights advocate, social media activist, blogger, entrepreneur, hotelier, political influencer, and social media personality.

    Francis Baraan IV

  • George DeNoto

    Social media sensation best known for his Twitter account YaLocalWhiteBoy where he publishes a mix of comedic tweets and embedded videos for his more than 440,000 followers.

    George DeNoto

  • Ali Spagnola

    Musician and social media sensation who released a Power Hour Drinking Game album and many Android ringtones. Before the service was terminated, she had over 600,000 followers on Vine, where she shared a combination of humor and music. On Twitter, she has almost 2.8 million followers.

    Ali Spagnola

  • Josiah Jenkins

    Social media marketer who owned a handful of accounts on Vine and totaled over 500,000 followers on his self-titled Vine channel. He also went on to accumulate a significant fanbase of over 30,000 followers to Twitter. 

    Josiah Jenkins

  • Vegard Harm

    Popular video content creator on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook who first grew famous on Vine. He has over 70,000 followers on Twitter. 

    Vegard Harm

  • Khalil Byrd

    Music aficionado who rose to fame on Twitter by creating regular reviews of albums by artists like <a title='Frank Ocean' href='/famous/frank-ocean.htm'>Frank Ocean</a>, <a title='Sia' href='/famous/sia-furler.htm'>Sia</a>, and <a title='Mariah Carey' href='/famous/mariah-carey.htm'>Mariah Carey</a>. He has earned more than 20,000 followers on the popular microblogging site.

    Khalil Byrd

  • Gill Is Trill

    Comedic Vine content creator who started to gain large amounts of followers at the beginning of 2014 after being revined by popular Viner Carl Garrett. She is extremely active on Twitter, where she has amassed over 10,000 followers through a range of comedy and political posts. 

    Gill Is Trill

  • Oliver Lance Posadas

    Filipino social media star who is best known for his Twitter presence as well as for his song covers and dance videos.

    Oliver Lance Posadas

  • Leathershirts

    Comedic personality who gained a substantial following on the video app Vine. He was one of Vine's most followed personalities and finished with more than 300,000 followers when the app was shut down. 


  • Kevin Leiser

    Employed by On the Grind Management, he became best known for being the manager of rapper <a title='Derek Luh' href='/famous/derek-luh.htm'>Derek Luh</a>. He receives strong feedback on his KDL Twitter account that is followed by 10,000. 

    Kevin Leiser

  • Kyle Harris

    Video and web personality who gained fame on Twitter and then on the app Fling. He is known for posting videos with a comedic take on living in Las Vegas.

    Kyle Harris

  • VMiguel Gonzales

    Rose to fame as a Twitter personality thanks to his relateable posts, random pictures and videos. He later gained over 160,000 Instagram followers and 70,000 TikTok fans, becoming a social media phenomenon. 

    VMiguel Gonzales

  • Nicholas Joseph

    Former Vine superstar known as Nick Nack Pattiwhack who frequently used the hashtags #BlackRanked and #NolaTakeOver. He is extremely active on Twitter, with his frequent tweets reaching over 70,000 followers. 

    Nicholas Joseph

  • Nikki Orion

    Social media personality best known as nikkiorion on Twitter, where she tweets to more than 30,000 followers. She's also known on Instagram as nikkiiorion to more than 20,000 followers.  

    Nikki Orion

  • Freddy Amazin

    Became best known as a Twitter personality with more than 3.9 million followers. He was the creator of the #TeamFollowBack campaign, a system to help people get more followers. 

    Freddy Amazin

  • Matty Selley

    Cousin of One Direction star <a title='Harry Styles' href='/famous/harry-styles.htm'>Harry Styles</a> who is an aspiring entrepreneur and strongly into fashion. He has over 280,000 followers on Twitter. 

    Matty Selley

  • Semih Varol

    Social media expert with more than one million Twitter followers. His name has trended on Twitter multiple times.

    Semih Varol

  • Malayna

    Social media star who first found fame on Twitter after her famous "Love Faces" tweet went viral in 2015 and was retweeted more than 25,000 times. In 2016, she and her boyfriend Jordan made the leap to YouTube with the channel Jor and Layna.


  • Yusef Reown

    Famous for his trendy Tweets and Vine videos, he teamed up with <a title='Austin Combs' href='/famous/austin-combs.htm'>Austin Combs</a> on Vine and YouTube. Their video "Break Check" went viral with 275,000 likes on Vine and over 17 million loops. The video was featured on iFunny, Best Vines, Worldstar, and Ridiculousness. 

    Yusef Reown

  • Adorian Deck

    Popular Twitter and YouTube personality who helped to launch spoof Twitter accounts like OMGFacts.

    Adorian Deck

  • Josh Lewis

    Twitter star with more than 15,000 followers. He earned more popularity in November 2016 when the election was taking place.

    Josh Lewis

  • Antonio Devries

    Popularly recognized as the manager of BoyzKlub and Daddy Said 2 and the father of Welsh rapper Leondre Devries. On Twitter, he has almost 20,000 followers.

    Antonio Devries

  • Mike Pearson

    Better known by his Chocolate Metaphor online identity, he earned over 850,000 Vine followers and more than 20,000 Twitter followers.

    Mike Pearson