Famous social media personality, Celebrity Birthdays

  • nicolasknez

    Nicolas is a content creator and web star best known for his prank videos that have earned him over 500,000 followers on his nicolasknez TikTok account. He often films his videos in his room.


  • anneprettyness

    Hi Infamous people readers, my name is Anne also known as Anneprettyness. I'm a Beauty Vlogger from Los Angeles California. I'm Filipino originally from Manila Philippines. I'm a Physical Therapist by profession but turned to be a Beauty Content Creator.


  • Vale Jacquemus

    Vale Jacquemus was born on December 23, 2003 (age 17) in Italy. He is a celebrity star web. His full name is Valentino Lewis Jacquemus. Dancer and Instagram model who is recognized for sharing dance content and participating in various television shows.

    Vale Jacquemus

  • kai berkner

    I am a tiktoker who has been on the platform for around three years. I started out making funny comedy skits and relatable skits ulitlzing words in popular sounds to engage the videos idea. I blew up on two videos, one where I said "when you spam random letters to give them the typing noticialtion on snapchat" and another where my friend typed out a long paragraph and I "mistakenly" swiped out of the message on snapchat causing the message to delete.

    kai berkner