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  • audychoo_

    Audrey martinez is a famous Instagram Star, who was born on June 10, 1990 in Doula, Cameroon. The French luxury lifestyle influencer and model has gained popularity through her Instagram account @audychoo_ . With over 218,000 followers, Audrey Martinez is an international top influencer sensation. Audrey Martinez's height is 175cm. She was born and half raised in Cameroon. She grew up in the border of Switzerland.


  • Radhesh Aria

    Radhesh Aria (born 29,September 2002)is an Asian American Actor and Social Media Personality, also known as Radhesh Arya. As an actor he has worked in portrayed the roles of Detective Wilden in Dangerous Lies 2020 and Lee Xian in Disneys Mulan Remake. In 2019 Radhesh had moved to Los Angeles and had started working on his career, doing auditions and taking acting lessons. And in 2020 he had starred as the role of Lee Xian (a runaway prince who joins General Tangs Unit) in Disneys Mulan Remake, he then landed the role of Detective Wilden in Dangerous Lies and Kumar in Freaky 2020. In 2021, Radhesh had done ainterview with Constellation Magazine, during his vaction in Seoul, South Korea. The interview was hosted by Bae Chung-Ae Of Korea and was about Aria's time in Seoul and also about his career. Radhesh also plays the role of Brad (an assasin in The Hitmans Wifes Bodyguard) and also Raj in 2021's Cruella

    Radhesh Aria

  • Valentino Noah Gray

    He is an Italian actor, dancer, model and makeup artist of American ancestry. He is known in Italy and around the world. He acted in A rainy day in New York and Tini, Violetta's new life.

    Valentino Noah Gray

  • benito lionel convalius

    Benito Lionel Convalius (born may 9, 2001), commonly known as Convalius Benito, is a Surinamese social media influencer, content creator. He became known in 2020 through making content on the VERO app.

    benito lionel convalius

  • Convalius Benito

    convalius benito (born may 9, 2001), is a Surinamese social media influencer, content creator. He became known in 2020 through making content on the VERO app .

    Convalius Benito

  • Dr. Sandesh Lamsal

    Dr Sandesh Lamsal is a Nepalese internet celebrity, doctor, social media influencer, actor, model, social worker, sportsman and international volunteer born in the Dang district of Nepal on August 17, 1994, and known for his creative videos on different social media platforms and achievements in his social, professional & public life. He went to Russia in 2015 for studies after receiving a scholarship from the Russian government in MBBS where he served as the Representative of Nepal in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region and organized many programs for the promotion of Nepal, Nepali culture and tourism. Dr. Sandesh believes that even if you are staying in abroad, your love for your country will not diminish. He is now actively creating content on various social media platforms. In May 2021, Dr Sandesh Lamsal launched his 4 tracks - singles, entitled “Alone and Missing You”, “When #COVID Ends”, “I Will Rule One Day” and “Just Feel It Baby” which are trending in all music streaming platforms including Spotify, Yandex Music, YouTube Music, Apple Music, etc. Appealing to audiences around the world, Dr. Sandesh Lamsal has been posting various content on social media, including transition, acting, sports, health and beauty tips, and lip-sync videos. He has a big fan base on Tiktok, Likee, Hello, Tangi, Instagram, Amazon, Moj, Josh, YouTube, Telegram, Changa, Chingari, Bolo Indya, etc., which are considered to be the most successful social networks in present time. Most of his social media profiles have been verified also. He has also created several videos on the general topics such as social awareness, personality development and public welfare. A lot of his videos, on which he has worked with many Indian famous co-artists, have been shared by the popular Bollywood stars also.

    Dr. Sandesh Lamsal

  • Subodh Godara

    Subodh Godara is a online fitness trainer who trained more then 10,000 peoples. Subodh is from Rania,Haryana his networth is almost 10million.

    Subodh Godara

  • nicolasknez

    Nicolas is a content creator and web star best known for his prank videos that have earned him over 500,000 followers on his nicolasknez TikTok account. He often films his videos in his room.


  • anneprettyness

    Hi Infamous people readers, my name is Anne also known as Anneprettyness. I'm a Beauty Vlogger from Los Angeles California. I'm Filipino originally from Manila Philippines. I'm a Physical Therapist by profession but turned to be a Beauty Content Creator.


  • Vale Jacquemus

    Vale Jacquemus was born on December 23, 2003 (age 17) in Italy. He is a celebrity star web. His full name is Valentino Lewis Jacquemus. Dancer and Instagram model who is recognized for sharing dance content and participating in various television shows.

    Vale Jacquemus

  • kai berkner

    Kai started out making funny comedy skits and relatable skits utilizing words in popular sounds to make the videos relatable. He blew up on two videos early on, one where he said when you spam random letters to give them the typing notification on Snapchat and another where a friend typed out a long paragraph message and Kai mistakenly swiped out of the message on Snapchat causing the message to delete.

    kai berkner

  • Lucky Gupta

    Lucky Gupta is a well-known Internet Celebrity from Jodhpur, He is 22 years old and known for writing on Digital marketing solutions.

    Lucky Gupta

  • Lucky Gupta

    Lucky Gupta is a well-known Internet Celebrity from Jodhpur, He is 22 years old and known for writing on Digital marketing solutions.

    Lucky Gupta

  • Zarpash Chughtai

    She's a famous entrepreneur and social media personality. She has a huge fan following and is known for her content creation due to hair care which also led her to open her own hair care brand. Her brand is also a success and people follow her hair care advice religiously

    Zarpash Chughtai

  • Katharina Boger

    Katharina Boger (geboren in Kasachstan und aufgewachsen in Deutschland) ist eine der vielversprechendsten Künstlerinnen der Pop/Pop-Urban Musikwelt. Musikalisch an der Pop-Akademie der Johann Sebastian Bach Musikschule in Leipzig ausgebildet, produzierte die Sängerin und Songschreiberin ihre erste EP “Bad Girl” in London und entschied danach, ihren Lebensmittelpunkt ins Musikmekka nach Los Angeles zu verlagern. Dort begann Katharina ihre Zusammenarbeit mit Produzent und Songschreiber Nicholas J. Turpin (bekannt durch Produktionen mit u.a. Justin Bieber, David Guetta) und veröffentlichte 2019 ihre letzte EP “Angels & Devils”, gefolgt von ihren Single Veröffentlichungen “Have It” und “Want Me Back”.

    Katharina Boger

  • Celinda Guerra

    Building her social media career and trying to become a model for any brands but also trying to be able to do fulfill her college graduation/high school for pharmacy technician.

    Celinda Guerra

  • anupam0099

    Anupam Rajput is a famous Youtuber (roaster) and social media influencer. He was born in Bihar (India). He started his carrier as a "vlogger" but after some days he started doing "roasting". Anupam is just 23 years old and so much popular on social media and the internet. He has two Youtube channels Anupam Rajput and Anupam Life. He raises social issues also on his channel.


  • Mr. Dark Rahul

    Rahul Mondal( 24 May 2000) also known as MR. Dark Rahul is a Bengali creator and social media personality known for his own voice Bengali short videos. Rahul Mondal was born and brought up in Kolkata. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He got fame and fan from his own voice Bengali short videos. He started this journey with TikTok. Now as TikTok is banned in India and now MR. Dark Rahul is available on all platforms with a good fan following.

    Mr. Dark Rahul

  • vinzleonardo

    Vinz Leonardo was born on March 1, 1992 (age 29) in The Philippines. He is a youtube star. He makes videos about his journey in the US as a Filipino guy living the "American Dream". He moved in the US (Chicago) in 2019. He captured the hearts of his fellow countrymen for being such an inspiration and giving motivation about his American Dream.


  • Sefer Bayindir

    Sefer Bayindir was born on March 03, 1992 in Turkey. He is a entrepreneur.

    Sefer Bayindir

  • orlandobell_

    living life


  • Stupid Steff

    \ American Social Media Personality known for posting Reels on Instagram displaying her sense of humor, lifestyle and big personality. Steff has a popular Instagram account where she posts her content of her talking about her being rejected by crushes, funny pranks, and just sharing her stories. Steff's Instagram continues to grow as her content grows as well. Instagram @stupidsteff

    Stupid Steff

  • _niharika_gs_

    Instagram celebrity from banglore food blogger..ex Twitter star ..known for funny and rosting tweets now a food blogger and a product reviewer daughter of business personalities


  • Ayumi Lashley

    Ayumi Lashley is a social media star that creates family related comedy skits with her husband and kids. Ayumi is a Army combat veteran, has her bachelors degree in Dental Hygiene and is a successful entrepreneur. She is known for her viral content on Tiktok and Instagram. Her husband is Terry Lashley and they have three daughters named Yuri, Zoe and Skye. They have a YouTube channel together called Lashley Life.

    Ayumi Lashley