Famous saxophonist, Celebrity Birthdays

  • Kenny G

    From being a music aficionado to a sideman and finally turning on to becoming the Grammy award winning smooth jazz saxophonist, Kenny G has come a long way. A prodigious child, he developed an affinity for music since an early age. by the time he turned ten, he started playing the saxophone and seven years later, debuted as a sideman for Barry White. His escalating career graph is dotted with bestselling albums, each of which gathered a platinum status at the box office. While all his albums were major hits, it was his fourth studio album, ˜Duotones' and his sixth studio album, ˜Breathless' that earned ground-breaking reception. He received the prestigious Grammy award in 1994 for his track, ˜Forever in Love'. He even has a Guinness Book of Records to his credit. Apart from playing music, Kenny G is an avid golfer and has partaken in a number of tournaments. He ranked the No 1 status in 2006 in the Golf Digest ranking of Top 100 in Music.

    Kenny G

  • James Briggs

    Keyboardist and saxophonist for the rock ska band The Aquabats. He also appeared on the television series The Aquabats! Super Show! from 2012 to 2014.

    James Briggs

  • Steve Lacy

    Late Dixieland jazz artist who was one of the most influential saxophonists throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

    Steve Lacy

  • Tommy Smith

    Award-winning saxophonist who emerged in the 1980s and who signed with Blue Note Records when he was in his twenties.

    Tommy Smith

  • Chris Potter

    Artist who has appeared on more than 150 recordings and voted Best Tenor Saxophonist by Down Beat Magazine from 2004 to 2007.

    Chris Potter

  • Laurdine Patrick

    Baritone and alto saxophonist who also played bass and who collaborated with <a title='Sun Ra' href='/famous/sun-roodenkoa.htm'>Sun Ra</a> for more than forty years.

    Laurdine Patrick

  • John Coltrane

    Regarded as one of the most revolutionary and a widely imitated saxophonist in jazz music, John Coltrane carved a niche for himself in the world of jazz. Despite a relatively brief career spanning over just 12 years, he achieved more than what a normal human musician could ever dream of achieving. This is the reason why he was honoured with numerous awards posthumously. It was amazing to see the record companies, taking advantage of his fame, re-issuing his recordings. Despite of all these achievements, Coltrane was a controversial figure. He was a person who changed his style often over his career that created much confusion in the discography and appreciations of his playing. However, irrespective of the style, no one can question his devotion and commitment to jazz music and the significance of that music in the history of jazz. Though it is hard to find musicians who actually play in his style, he was a great inspiration for musicians to be innovative in their work and devote themselves to the art.

    John Coltrane

  • Lol Coxhill

    Free improvisational soprano and sopranino saxophonist known for his diverse collaborative works. He was a frequent participant at the Bracknell Jazz Festival.

    Lol Coxhill

  • Charlie Parker

    Charlie Parker, known to jazz lovers as Yardbird or simply Bird, was an American jazz saxophonist and composer, born in Kansas City to a musician father and a charwoman mother. Interested in music from a young age, he started playing baritone horn while still in his junior class. But when at the age of eleven, he received his first saxophone, it became his favorite instrument. By that time, his father had abandoned them, and soon taking advantage of his mother's night duties, the boy started frequenting clubs. At fifteen, he not only abandoned school and joined the professional musical circuit, but also started taking drugs. He never had any formal lessons in music but learned from listening to others play, which was accompanied by intense practice and at the same time, a will to experiment. Soon, he became well-known in jazz circuits and working with others, invented ˜bebop' style of jazz. Unfortunately, years of substance abuse had its affect and Charlie died broken and pennyless at the age of thirty-four. Today, he is remembered as one of the twentieth century's great musical innovators and father of bebop.

    Charlie Parker

  • Leo Pellegrino

    Saxophonist who has become famous for his dance moves and attention-grabbing dress style in addition to his playing. He is widely known for performing with the band Too Many Zooz, who have gone viral multiple times with performances in the subways of New York City. 

    Leo Pellegrino

  • Serghey Stepanov

    Moldovan saxophonist who is widely known as the man behind the Epic Sax Guy meme. This was generated when his pop group SunStroke Project performed their song "Run Away" at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010 during his saxophone solo.

    Serghey Stepanov

  • David Murray

    Founder of the World Saxophone Quartet known for his circular breathing technique during his performances.

    David Murray

  • Illinois Jacquet

    Tenor saxophonist who is recognized for his role in the song "Flying Home," which featured the first R&B saxophone solo. He was also one of the few jazz artists to play the bassoon.

    Illinois Jacquet

  • James Carter

    Notable for his work on the baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, and flute, this prominent jazz musician collaborated with opera singer <a title='Kathleen Battle' href='/famous/kathleen-battle.htm'>Kathleen Battle</a>, saxophonist Julius Hemphill, trumpeter <a title='Wynton Marsalis' href='/famous/wynton-marsalis.htm'>Wynton Marsalis</a> and numerous other world-class musicians.

    James Carter

  • King Curtis

    Saxophone virtuoso who recorded in numerous styles, from jazz to soul. He was a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee in 2000.

    King Curtis

  • Fela Kuti

    Fela Kuti was a Nigerian musician and composer who pioneered the Afrobeat genre (a unique combination of funk, psychedelic rock, jazz, and Yoruba chants). He also became known as a prolific civil rights activist and a political force in Nigeria and beyond, with especially outspoken views about both bureaucratic corruption and the after-effects of colonialism. Deeply influenced by the politics of the ˜Black Panther Party,' Kuti's music grew increasingly radical as he transitioned to pidgin English to increase his pan-African appeal. The Nigerian government he criticized did not react well to his catechisms and had the singer arrested over 200 times. The government also had his family and friends harassed repeatedly. Kuti believed in polygamy and was married to several women at the same time. He had eight children, three of them with his first wife. Kuti's legacy has only grown stronger after his death, and he continues to be hailed as an African legend.

    Fela Kuti

  • Pharoah Sanders

    Grammy Award-winning free jazz pioneer who is considered one of the greatest tenor saxophonists to ever live. <a title='Amiri Baraka' href='/famous/amiri-baraka.htm'>Amiri Baraka</a> supposedly gave him the name Pharaoh.

    Pharoah Sanders

  • Clarence Clemons

    American rock and R&B performer known for his smooth saxophone playing with the E Street Band for more than thirty years.

    Clarence Clemons

  • Evan Parker

    Key figure in the free jazz movement, pioneer of various sax techniques, and known as a master of improvisation.

    Evan Parker

  • Lee Thompson

    Saxophonist and songwriter for Madness, a second-wave ska band known for their single "Our House," as well as "House of Fun" and "Uncle Sam."

    Lee Thompson

  • Sonny Rollins

    Grammy Award-winning performer, composer of many well-known jazz standards like "St. Thomas" and "Doxy." He is considered a jazz great.

    Sonny Rollins

  • Chris White

    Jazz and rock saxophone player who toured with Dire Straits for a decade.

    Chris White

  • Kit French

    Saxophonist, keyboardist, and vocalist who has been a member of the band Parachute. He is known for albums like 2011's The Way it Was and 2013's Overnight.

    Kit French

  • Candy Dulfer

    Known for her Grammy-nominated album Saxuality, as well as for being a session musician for bands like The Eurythmics.

    Candy Dulfer