Famous princess, Celebrity Birthdays

  • Princess Diana

    It is not every other day that a ˜People's Princess' is born. She may have left for the heavenly abode quite early than anticipated, but she continues to reign in the minds and hearts of millions across the globe. Diana, Princess of Wales, was one of the most eminent royal bloods of the 20th century. Coming from an aristocratic patrician family, nobility and kingly spirit came naturally to her. Ever since her birth, Diana held several titles, the most important was the Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales which she acquired after her marriage to Prince <a title='Charles' href='/famous/prince-charles.htm'>Charles</a>, Prince of Wales. Throughout her life, Diana had been actively involved in philanthropic and humanitarian work. She supported organizations that worked for the betterment of people with serious illness and those that assisted homeless people, drug addicts and elderly. Her charming mannerism and contagiously amicable demeanour earned her quite a few nicknames like, ˜People's Princess˜, ˜Princess Di', ˜Queen/ Lady of Hearts' and ˜Lady Di'. Despite her last held title being Diana, Princess of Wales, she was popularly known as ˜Princess Diana' during her days alive and posthumously. Legacy states the power and the prominence of Diana, Princess of Wales at the world forum. She was the ˜world's most photographed woman' during her time and was noted the world over for her compassionate disposition, empathetic temperament, charismatic appeal and unrestrained benevolence. Not to forget, she was a fashionista in the truest sense of the word and known for her impeccable sense of style!

    Princess Diana

  • Princess Charlotte

    The second child and first daughter of England's <a title='Prince William' href='/famous/prince-william.htm'>Prince William</a> and his wife <a title='Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge' href='/famous/kate-middleton.htm'>Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge</a>. Her name, which honors her paternal grandfather <a title='Prince Charles' href='/famous/prince-charles.htm'>Prince Charles</a>, her great-grandmother <a title='Queen Elizabeth II' href='/famous/elizabeth-ii.htm'>Queen Elizabeth II</a>, and her grandmother <a title='Princess Diana' href='/famous/princess-diana.htm'>Princess Diana</a>, was announced to the public one day after her birth.

    Princess Charlotte

  • Zara Phillips

    Second-eldest grandchild of <a title='Elizabeth II' href='/famous/elizabeth-ii.htm'>Elizabeth II</a> and <a title='Prince Philip' href='/famous/prince-philip.htm'>Prince Philip</a> who is known for her professional equestrian talents. She won a Silver Medal at the London 2012 Olympic as a part of the British equestrian team. 

    Zara Phillips

  • Princess Margaret

    Countess of Snowdon who was the youngest daughter of <a title='King George VI' href='/famous/george-vi.htm'>King George VI</a> and <a title='Queen Elizabeth' href='/famous/queen-mother.htm'>Queen Elizabeth</a>. She stirred the world's heart with her tragic private life and caused controversy within the royal family for getting divorced. 

    Princess Margaret

  • Princess Eugenie

    Younger daughter of <a title='Prince Andrew, Duke of York' href='/famous/prince-andrew-duke-of-york.htm'>Prince Andrew, Duke of York</a>, and <a title='Sarah, Duchess of York' href='/famous/sarah-ferguson.htm'>Sarah, Duchess of York</a> who is the seventh in the line of succession. 

    Princess Eugenie

  • Princess Madeleine

    The Princess of Sweden who also holds the title of Duchess of Halsingland and Gastrikland. She is the youngest child of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden and the fourth in line of succession.

    Princess Madeleine

  • Princess Beatrice

    Daughter of <a title='Sarah, Duchess of York' href='/famous/sarah-ferguson.htm'>Sarah, Duchess of York</a> and <a title='Prince Andrew' href='/famous/prince-andrew-duke-of-york.htm'>Prince Andrew</a> who is known to occasionally take on Royal duties such as attending charity events.She is the first female, in the line of succession to the thrones of the sixteen Commonwealth realms but the sixth overall.

    Princess Beatrice

  • Anne, Princess Royal

    The only daughter of <a title='Prince Philip' href='/famous/prince-philip.htm'>Prince Philip</a> and <a title='Queen Elizabeth' href='/famous/elizabeth-ii.htm'>Queen Elizabeth</a> II, who is known for her charitable work and philanthropy. She became the first member of the British Royal Family to compete in the Olympic Games when she participated in the 1976 Olympics as a member of the British equestrian team. 

    Anne, Princess Royal

  • Princess Leonor

    First in the royal line of succession from the time of her birth, Leonor, Princess of Asturias was the first child born to <a title='King' href='/famous/felipe-ofspain.htm'>King</a> and <a title='Queen Letizia' href='/famous/princess-letizia.htm'>Queen Letizia</a>.

    Princess Leonor

  • Lady Diana Cooper

    Daughter of the 8th Duke of Rutland who was one of London and Paris's most well-known 19th century socialites.

    Lady Diana Cooper

  • Jane Seymour

    Third wife of <a title='King Henry VIII' href='/famous/henry-VIII.htm'>King Henry VIII</a> who left him a male heir, but at the cost of her own life. She was the only one of Henry's wives to receive a queen's funeral and be buried beside him. 

    Jane Seymour

  • Princess Victoria of Sweden

    Crown Princess of Sweden who is expected to be Sweden's fourth queen regnant. There has notably not been a queen regnant of Sweden since 1720.

    Princess Victoria of Sweden

  • Louise Windsor

    Youngest granddaughter of <a title='Queen Elizabeth' href='/famous/elizabeth-ii.htm'>Queen Elizabeth</a> II and tenth in the line of succession for the throne. She was the youngest member of the royal family to be in attendance at her grandmother's 60th coronation anniversary celebration.

    Louise Windsor

  • Queen Letizia of Spain

    Born Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, she became Queen of Spain on June 19, 2014 alongside King Felipe VI. She worked as a journalist and news anchor before her marriage to Felipe.

    Queen Letizia of Spain

  • Princess Isabella

    Danish royal family member who was born third in line to the Danish throne. She is the first female born into the Danish royal family since 1946.

    Princess Isabella

  • Princess Elisabeth

    The first-born child of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Princess Elisabeth Therese Marie Helene, Duchess of Brabant became first in the Belgian line of succession upon her father's ascent to the throne in 2013. 

    Princess Elisabeth

  • Princess Estelle

    A member of Swedish royalty, she was born to Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. The granddaughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf, she was born second in line -- after her mother -- to her country's throne. 

    Princess Estelle

  • Mary Crown Princess of Denmark

    Wife of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark who will eventually become Queen of Denmark. Her relationship with the Prince was a major news story in Europe with many people calling it a "fairytale" romance.

    Mary Crown Princess of Denmark

  • Infanta Sofia of Spain

    Best known as the second daughter of <a title='King Felipe VI' href='/famous/felipe-ofspain.htm'>King Felipe VI</a> and <a title='Queen Letizia of Spain' href='/famous/princess-letizia.htm'>Queen Letizia of Spain</a>. She follows after her older sister, <a title='Leonor, Princess of Asturias' href='/famous/princess-leonor.htm'>Leonor, Princess of Asturias</a>, in succession to the Spanish throne.

    Infanta Sofia of Spain

  • Princess Ingrid Alexandra

    At the time of her birth, Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, a member of the House of Glucksburg, was declared second in line to her grandfather's throne.

    Princess Ingrid Alexandra

  • Princess Stephanie of Monaco

    Singer, swimwear designer and fashion model who is the youngest daughter of <a title='Grace Kelly' href='/famous/grace-kelly.htm'>Grace Kelly</a> and <a title='Prince Rainier III of Monaco' href='/famous/princerainieriii-ofmonaco.htm'>Prince Rainier III of Monaco</a>. She is known for her philanthropy, working to combat HIV/AIDS for much of her adult life.

    Princess Stephanie of Monaco

  • Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange

    First in line to the Dutch throne, this royal was born Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria. Shortly after her birth, she assumed the title of Princess of Orange.

    Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange

  • Princess Caroline of Monaco

    Philanthropist and patron of the arts who became famous as the eldest child of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier. She became the heiress presumptive to the crown of Monaco since her brother, Prince Albert II, had no legitimate children of his own. 

    Princess Caroline of Monaco

  • Kitty Spencer

    Niece of the late <a title='Princess Diana' href='/famous/princess-diana.htm'>Princess Diana</a> who is the eldest daughter of Charles Spencer, Diana's younger brother, and his first wife, Victoria Lockwood. She is referred to as Lady Kitty Spencer. 

    Kitty Spencer