Famous game show host, Celebrity Birthdays

  • Howie Mandel

    Howard Michael Mandel is a Canadian television host, comedian, producer and actor. He is considered as one of the top 100 comedians of all time. He has hosted NBC's game show ˜Deal or No Deal', not only in the USA but also in Canada. He has also lent his voice for multiple characters in shows and movies like ˜Muppet Babies' and ˜Gremlins'. He has acted in TV shows like˜Good Grief', ˜Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman', ˜Bobby's World' and ˜St. Elsewhere', in which he played the notorious intern, Dr. Wayne Fiscus. Mandel has also appeared in a number of movies like ˜Walk Like a Man', ˜Hansel and Gretel' and ˜Killing Hasselhoff'. Besides being an accomplished actor, he has also worked asan executive producer for a number of shows like ˜Bobby's World', ˜The Howie Mandel Show' and ˜Deal with It'. He is one of the judges in the hugely popular show, ˜America's Got Talent'.

    Howie Mandel

  • Alex Trebek

    George Alexander Alex Trebek is the host of the highly popular game show ˜Jeopardy!' that he has been hosting since 1984. ˜Jeopardy!' is a television game show in which the contestants are presented with general knowledge clues for which they have to form the questions. Trebek was selected to host its syndicated version and proved to be a very capable host. Prior to hosting this game show, he had hosted several other shows like ˜Pitfall' and ˜The Wizard of Odds'. As a college student he decided to study philosophy though he realized over the duration of his course that he wanted to pursue a career in journalism. He began his professional life as a newscaster and broadcaster for CBC where he specialized in national news. Even though very successful as a newscaster he eventually shifted over to hosting game shows. A native of Canada, he hosted the Canadian quiz show ˜Reach for the Top' for seven years before moving to the U.S. to further his career. One of his initial jobs in the U.S. was to host the new game show, ˜The Wizard of Odds'. He reached the heights of success when chosen to host the syndicated version of the game show ˜Jeopardy!' for which he has won several Daytime Emmy Awards.

    Alex Trebek

  • October Gonzalez

    October Gonzalez is an American television personality, best known for appearing in Fox's game show ˜Beat Shazam.' She is also known as the long-time partner of former American football player Tony Gonzalez. October started hogging the limelight in 2009, when she appeared in the television documentary series ˜E! True Hollywood Story.' In 2014, she landed an opportunity to co-host a couple of TV series, including the popular talk show ˜Rachael Ray.' Her biggest breakthrough came in the year 2017, when she appeared in ˜Beat Shazam.' October's popularity increased after appearing in the game show, which reflected on her social media pages.

    October Gonzalez

  • Vanna White

    Vanna White is an American television personality best known for hosting ˜The Wheel of Fortune', a popular game show on NBC. Although she has appeared in number of TV series and films, it is her role as the letter turner at the show, which has brought her fame and fortune. Since the very first day she has been able to enthrall the audience with her beauty, charm and energy. For some years the nation was swept by ˜Vannamania' and people started naming babies after her. Although the obsession has receded to some extent she is still very popular and has become a fashion icon in her own right. Today you have Vanna perfumes and Vanna dolls. However, there is another side of her. She is a proud mother of two young children and loves crocheting and knitting. Even in between shoots one finds her busy with her crochet, an art she has learnt from her grandmother. Many of such crochet works are given away as gifts. She also has her own yarn line called ˜Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Yarn' and has authored an autobiography called ˜Vanna Speaks'.

    Vanna White

  • Jeff Probst

    Emmy Award-winning host of the adventure reality television show Survivor who also hosted his own show, The Jeff Probst Show.

    Jeff Probst

  • Bruce Forsyth

    Bruce Forsyth, born as Bruce Joseph Forsyth-Johnson, was a British actor, comedian, presenter, dancer, singer, and screenwriter. He worked in the entertainment industry for over 75 years and even made a Guinness World Record for having the longest TV career as a male entertainer. Forsyth hosted several shows in his career, such as 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium', 'The Bruce Forsyth Show', 'The Generation Game', 'You Bet', 'Play Your Cards Right' and 'Bruce's Price Is Right', to name a few. He also co-presented a number of shows like ˜Strictly Come Dancing', 'The Royal Variety Performance' and 'Bruce and Ronnie'. As a singer, Forsyth released the albums 'The Musical Side Of Bruce', 'Come Get It', 'Mr. Entertainment' and 'These Are My Favourites'. He also contributed to numerous hit singles including "I'm A Good Boy", "Saturday Sunshine", "I'm In Charge", I'm Backing Britain", "Didn't He Do Well". On a personal note, the British artiste married thrice in his lifetime and fathered six children.

    Bruce Forsyth

  • Pat Sajak

    Pat Sajak is an American TV personality, best known as host of the popular game show ˜Wheels of Fortune.' Born and raised in Chicago, he struggled from poverty since his early days, but he was determined to change his fortune and studied hard to achieve his goals. Before embarking on a career in television, Pat served the US national army during the Vietnam War as a radio host. After serving as an anchor and a weatherman for ˜NBC,' he was eventually offered the job as a host of their successful show ˜Wheels of Fortune.' Pat accepted the offer in 1983 and this changed his life around. Thereafter, he starred in many films and TV series' and became a renowned face. He next hosted a few more shows, such as ˜Live with Regis and Kelly' and ˜Larry King live.' He has also made guest appearances on the soap opera ˜Days of Our Lives' and the sitcom ˜The King of Queens.' ˜Wheels of Fortune' remains one of the most well-known game shows, and the world knows Pat Sajak as a highly skilled television personality.

    Pat Sajak

  • Bob Barker

    Bob Barker, the iconic game show host, was a naval fighter pilot during the World War II. After graduation, he decided on a career in broadcasting and moved to California in search of more opportunities. Soon, he had his own radio show, ˜The Bob Barker Show' that aired for 6 years. Thanks to Ralph Edwards, a radio show producer, who made him the host of ˜End of the Rainbow' that helped his career to take off. He became the host of the NBC's ˜Truth and Consequences', around this time and was its host for 18 years. He is more famous, however, as the host of another game show, ˜The Price Is Right'. The show became a hit not only because of the prizes that it offered, but he also because the viewers loved the friendly and sweet-talking host. He were conducted the game show for 35 years and won 19 Emmys, including the Lifetime Achievement Award for Daytime Television. As a host, he was associated with many shows such as ˜End of the Rainbow', ˜The Family Game' ˜Simon Says' and ˜That's My Line', over his long career in television. The nonagenarian television personality continues to be an active supporter of animal rights, and has donated millions of dollars towards animal welfare.

    Bob Barker

  • Drew Carey

    Drew Carey is a famous American comedian, actor and sports show host. He initially made a name for himself in stand-up comedy while serving in the US Marine Corps and later started his own sitcom, ˜The Drew Carey Show'. He also hosted the American version of the show, 'Whose Line is it Anyway', which was aired on ABC. He has since appeared in many television series, movies, music videos and even a computer game. He is known for his love for sports and has worked as a photographer with the US National Soccer Team. He has hosted the game show, ˜The Price is Right' since 2007 on CBS. He is also a minority owner of the soccer team, ˜Seattle Sounders FC'. He is outspoken and has expressed his political philosophy by saying, I believe the answers to all the problems we face as a society won't come from Washington, it will come from us. So the way we decide to live and our decisions about what we buy or don't are much more important than who we vote for. He openly expressed dissatisfaction with the Bush administration and their approach to the Iraq War. He supported the Libertarian Party and in 2016 was made an Honorary Chair for the campaign in California.

    Drew Carey

  • Tom Bergeron

    TV host of Hollywood Squares, America's Funniest Home Videos, and, on occasion, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

    Tom Bergeron

  • Nick Knowles

    English TV host who has worked on a variety of programs, including Who Dares Wins and Break the Safe.

    Nick Knowles

  • Carol Vorderman

    English television personality who became known for hosting the game show Countdown. She also hosted the program Loose Women, which first aired in 1999.

    Carol Vorderman

  • Vic Sotto

    Filipino television personality, game show host, and title winner of Philippine Box Office King who has hosted the noon-time variety show Eat Bulgari!

    Vic Sotto

  • Mark Labbett

    Mark Andrew Labbett is a British television personality best recognized as Chaser on ITV's game show titled ˜The Chase' in the United Kingdom. He first appeared in the show in 2009 and has since contributed to the American version as the sole Chaser in 2013 as well as one of the five Chasers on the Australian version since 2016. A regular in quizzing competitions and television quiz shows, Labbett has participated in the game shows ˜BrainTeaser', ˜Countdown', ˜SUDO-Q', ˜Who Wants to Be a Millionaire', ˜Only Connect in', ˜The National Lottery People's Quiz', ˜Are You an Egghead' and ˜University Challenge'. Ranked 81st in World Quizzing Championships in 2012, the American, lovingly called ˜The Beast,' has also contributed to shows like ˜Mastermind', and ˜Sugar Free Farm'. An inspiration to several people, especially youngsters, Labbett is known to possess high degrees of intelligence and smartness. He also has hundreds of thousands of fans on Twitter.

    Mark Labbett

  • Billy Eichner

    Creator and executive producer of the comedy game show Billy on the Street, which earned him a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Game Show Host. In 2017, <a title='Ryan Murphy' href='/famous/ryan-murphy.htm'>Ryan Murphy</a> announced that Eichner would star in Season 7 of American Horror Story. 

    Billy Eichner

  • Naomi Kyle

    On-air host for the gaming website IGN who's worked on the popular series The Daily Fix.

    Naomi Kyle

  • Vernon Kay

    Media personality who is best known for hosting television shows such as All Star Family Fortunes, Beat the Star, and T4.

    Vernon Kay

  • Monty Hall

    Host of the game show Let's Make a Deal for 23 years. He received the Order of Canada honor and a Golden Palm Star for his humanitarian work.

    Monty Hall

  • Shaun Wallace

    British television show host who is known as a barrister and Chaser in the ITV quiz show The Chase.

    Shaun Wallace

  • Johnny Gilbert

    American game show host who was known as the announcer and host for the syndicated version of the game show Jeopardy.

    Johnny Gilbert

  • Jenny Ryan

    Quizzer known by her nicknames The Bolton Brainiac and The Vixen, she is primarily known as one of five faces of the ITV game show The Chase. She has also made appearances on shows like Fifteen to One and The Weakest Link.

    Jenny Ryan

  • Chris Tarrant

    Received mainstream recognition as the original host of the popular UK game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

    Chris Tarrant

  • Zoe Hardman

    British TV host and actress known for hosting the show Glitterball. She's also hosted Take Me Out: The Gossip and has worked for Nuts TV. She was in the movie Beyond the Sea.

    Zoe Hardman

  • Isabelle Daza

    Filipina television host known for her work on such GMA Network variety and game shows as Eat Bulaga! and Manny Many Prizes. She also hosted the 2011 Miss World Philippines pageant.

    Isabelle Daza