Age is 13
  • Hayley LeBlanc

    When it comes to YouTube stardom, age is not a factor at all. Eight years old Hayley LeBlanc is quite a sensation on YouTube. Hayley, the youngest member of the Bratayley family, is part of their famous YouTube channel 'Bratayley,' which has over 3 million subscribers. Bratayley kids make videos of their everyday adventure and post on their vlogging channel. Hayley followed her elder sister in her passion for gymnastics, and is now a level 3 gymnast. Other than gymnastics, she enjoys cooking. She also has her separate YouTube channel 'elleoNyaH' (her name spelled backwards) where she posts a variety of videos on gymnastics, dance, cooking, fashion, etc. Like her siblings, Hayley is a part of the channel, OMMyGoshTV, which is run by her parents and features other kids as well. She is an ardent Disney fan and watches Disney movies every night with her sister Annie. She and her siblings are signed with Disney's Maker Studios.

    Hayley LeBlanc

  • RonaldOMG

    RonaldOMG is a Canadian 'YouTube' gamer. He has gained fame majorly for playing games on the social gaming platform 'Roblox.' He is equally popular with the 'Minecraft' community. RonaldOMG owns a 'YouTube' channel that hosts gameplay videos of 'Roblox' games. The channel has already gained a million subscribers. His second channel is a collaborative venture with his sister, where they post vlogs, travel diaries, slime tutorials, challenge videos, and similar entertaining content. The channel has more than five million subscribers. The "YouTuber" sister-and-brother duo also owns a merchandize site.


  • Mia Talerico

    When the filming of the first season of the hit show, 'Good Luck Charlie', began in 2009, Mia Talerico was just eleven months old. Yes, you read it right. A titular role in a TV show at just 11 months of age! Therefore, it would be no exaggeration to say that Mia was born a star. She has practically lived all her life in the limelight. Given that she has got a magnetic screen presence and a solid fan base who dotes over her, we are most certainly going to see a lot more of her in the years to come. Here is a glimpse into the life and times of the little wunderkind who has taken the showbiz by storm.

    Mia Talerico

  • JillianTubeHD

    JillianTubeHD is an American YouTuber and social media influencer with over a million subscribers on her channel as of March 2018. As her parents have decided to keep their surname a secret due to security reasons, she is known online simply as Jillian. The younger sister of YouTuber <a title='EvanTubeHD' href='/famous/evantubehd.htm'>EvanTubeHD</a>”one of the most successful and popular young creators on the platform”Jillian set up her own channel in March 2013. However, she waited until January 2016 to upload her first video. Since then, her personal image as a social media influencer has grown slowly but steadily and she has found her own audience beyond the spotlight of her brother's fame. She mostly posts challenge videos, vlogs, and piano recitals.


  • Coco Quinn

    Coco Quinn is a young American dancer known for appearing in a mini elite competition team called Molly's Monsters at Dance Precisions, which is led by the renowned choreographer Molly Long. She is also recognized for featuring in the popular web series ˜Mani.' She is the sister of dancers Rihanna and Kaylee Quinn. Passionate about dance since childhood, Quinn had started learning rhythmic gymnastics at the age of two. She then went on to train at Dance Precisions before joining Molly's Monsters. Till date, the young dancer has given several brilliant dance performances. She is trained in various dance forms, such as contemporary, jazz, tumble, tap, hip hop, and ballet, to name a few. On a personal note, Quinn is a very charming, innocent, and hardworking girl. Besides dancing, she is good at gymnastics as well. She has three siblings, two of who are also dancers. She loves to practice her dance steps with her sisters and the three of them often perform together.

    Coco Quinn

  • Emily Dobson

    Dancer, actress and social media influencer who is recognized for having performed at the 2018 California Star Ball. In 2019, she competed at the Emerald Ball DanceSport Championships in Los Angeles. She is a three-time United States National finalist in dance. 

    Emily Dobson

  • Yaya Panton

    Yaya Panton is an American child YouTuber best known as the daughter of famous YouTubers Don and <a title='Malinda Panton' href='/famous/malinda-panton.htm'>Malinda Panton</a>. She has a self-titled channel on which she posts fun-filled content. She is also one half of the duo behind the channel ˜The Panton Kids', the other half being her younger brother DJ. Possessing a deep love for being in front of the camera, Yaya is featured in videos related to challenges, pranks, DIYs, toys and games, and more. Irrespective of whether she is making a solo video or shooting with her brother or parents, she does it with the utmost dedication and sincerity. Talking about her social media popularity, both of her channels are doing great. Today, while her solo channel has accumulated over 101k subscribers, her collaborative channel has earned more than 219k subscribers. In addition to these, the YouTuber also has a decent fan following on Instagram. With her unique and fun-filled videos, Yaya is counted amongst the rising stars in the world of child YouTubers.

    Yaya Panton

  • Lilliana Ketchman

    Lilliana Ketchman is a professional dancer from USA. She is notable for competing in the reality dance show ˜Dance Moms' as a member of the ALDC mini team as well as of the elite team. The daughter of ˜Dance Moms' star, Stacey Ketchman, she has participated in numerous dance competitions and events. Ketchman is trained in various dance forms, including contemporary, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, tumble, tap, and ballet, to name a few. Known by the stage name Lilly K, she has been dancing since the age of two and continues to impress the audiences with her brilliant dance performances. On a personal note, Ketchman is a very hardworking and ambitious girl. She is studious and devotes the requisite time to her school education. She is very close to her family and considers her mother to be her primary inspiration. Both of her parents encourage her in her endeavor to pursue a professional career as a dancer.

    Lilliana Ketchman

  • Claire Rock Smith

    Popular content creator who is best known for her ClaireRockSmith YouTube channel. Her prank and reaction videos have earned her over 160,000 subscribers on the video platform. 

    Claire Rock Smith

  • Sky Brown

    Skateboarder who became the youngest girl ever to compete in the 2016 Vans US Open Pro Series. Her favorite place to skate is Miyazaki City Skate Park.

    Sky Brown

  • Skylander Boy

    Skylander Boy is a child YouTuber from the United States. He is best known as a member of the channel ˜TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl' on which he posts skits, gameplay videos, creative videos, music, and other entertaining content. Skylander Boy is part of the famous Skylander family on YouTube and is also featured on their other kid-friendly channels, FUNnel Vision, DohMuchFun and FGTeeV. His parents and siblings are all popular YouTubers. Smart and multi-talented, Skylander Boy has achieved much on the social media despite being so young. His fun and creative activities are really worth watching. Irrespective of whether Skylander Boy is shooting a solo video or doing a family vlog, his mere presence is enough to make the videos entertaining. The child YouTube star is also good in studies. He routinely takes out a fixed number of hours for his school work. He is good in sports too. Talking about his personality, he is a fun-loving boy. He likes to play with his siblings whenever he gets time.

    Skylander Boy

  • Isla Stanford

    Isla Stanford is an American Instagram star. She is best recognized as the sister of <a title='Jack Avery' href='/famous/jack-avery.htm'>Jack Avery</a>, a singer-songwriter associated with the boy band ˜Why Don't We'. Besides being famous on Instagram, Stanford is also popular on TikTok under the username' ImIslaRose'. She has a good fan following on YouTube as well, where she is notable for posting vlogs. She was raised in Pennsylvania alongside her brother and two sisters. Stanford is an avid fan of social media and loves being active across various platforms. Currently having over 250k followers on Instagram, she has become quite famous among youngsters, especially teenage girls. Despite being a sister of a popular singer, Stanford has managed to earn a name for herself. She has a lot of dreams and wants to fulfill them in the future. Talking about her personality, the young Instagram star is a fun-loving girl. She is extremely adorable. As part of a close-knit family, she shares a deep bond with each of her siblings.

    Isla Stanford