Celebrities born in 2016
  • Taytum Fisher

    Taytum Fisher is one of the twins of the popular "YouTuber" couple Kyler and Madison. Taytum and her twin, <a title='Oakley' href='/famous/oakley-fisher.htm'>Oakley</a>, regularly feature on their family channel's vlogs. Their mother created an 'Instagram' page soon after they were born, and since then, they have garnered a huge fan base. Taytum has already appeared in two TV series, namely, 'Days of our Lives' and 'Pretty Little Liars.'

    Taytum Fisher

  • Oakley Fisher

    Oakley Fisher is an American child actress, Instagram star, and social media personality. She and her twin sister, Taytum, have appeared in several television shows and films. A native Californian, Oakley, along with her sister, was introduced to social media and the entertainment industry by her parents, both of whom are actors. Two days after the twins were born, their parents set up their Instagram account. She subsequently made her acting debut in a Subway commercial when she was a few months old. She and her sister also portrayed the character of Holly in the popular soap opera ˜Days of Our Lives'. On their Instagram account, the twins have accumulated more than 2.1 million followers.

    Oakley Fisher

  • Freddie Tomlinson

    Freddie Tomlinson is the son of <a title='Louis Tomlinson' href='/famous/louis-tomlinson.htm'>Louis Tomlinson</a> and <a title='Briana Jungwirth' href='/famous/briana-jungwirth.htm'>Briana Jungwirth</a>. Like most star kids, Freddie Tomlinson too gained a lot of public attention even before he came to this world. This little chubby star made a lot of fans even before he opened his eyes to this world. Freddie Tomlinson mainly got a lot of attention due to the fact that he is the first child to be born to one of the members of One Direction. The official announcement of Freddie's impending birth was made on July 14, 2015 through the People Magazine that <a title='Louis Tomlinson' href='/famous/louis-tomlinson.htm'>Louis Tomlinson</a> and <a title='Briana Jungwirth' href='/famous/briana-jungwirth.htm'>Briana Jungwirth</a> are expecting a kid together. It has to be noted that the parents of Freddie never were in a relationship and had just a fun one night stand. Both of them met through Briana's relative who was also a part of the video shoot of ˜Steal My Girl'. Simon Cowell happens to be the first one who confirmed the news of the pregnancy. On August 4, 2015 <a title='Louis Tomlinson' href='/famous/louis-tomlinson.htm'>Louis Tomlinson</a> also gave a positive nod to the pregnancy news while he was being interviewed live on Good Morning America and also stated that he was buzzing with excitement.

    Freddie Tomlinson

  • Kyrie Prince

    Kyrie Prince is the son of <a title='Damien Prince' href='/famous/damien-prince.htm'>Damien Prince</a> and <a title='Biannca Raines' href='/famous/biannca-raines.htm'>Biannca Raines</a>. Damien and Biannca are popular YouTubers and social media influencers. They have multiple YouTube channels and a prominent presence on other social media platforms as well. Kyrie's mother became pregnant with him sometime in early 2016 and she and Damien decided that they would vlog through the pregnancy. They even vlogged about Kyrie's birth. The original video has garnered millions of views. Since he was born, Kyrie has been growing up in front of the cameras. He has an older brother and is going to have a sister soon. As social media influencers, Kyrie's parents have encountered their share of controversies. They have been criticised for their parenting skills, how they live their lives, and even for their intelligence. Despite this, the Prince family still maintains their position as one of the biggest family-related YouTube channels. They presently have over 2.2 million subscribers and about 300 million views on ˜The Prince Family' channel and 3.2 million subscribers and about 200 million views on their ˜D&B Nation' channel.

    Kyrie Prince

  • Asahd Khaled

    DJ Khaled's firstborn son and child is a music producer and Snapchat sensation. On Instagram, he has over 1.9 million followers.

    Asahd Khaled

  • Juliet Rader

    Third child of YouTube stars <a title='Sam' href='/famous/samuel-rader.htm'>Sam</a> and <a title='Nia Rader' href='/famous/nia-rader.htm'>Nia Rader</a>, who are known for co-running the family vlog YouTube channel <a title='Sam' href='/famous/samuel-rader.htm'>Sam</a> and Nia.   

    Juliet Rader

  • Ryatt Talbott

    The youngest member of the Talbott family, she appears with her parents and older brother on their popular YouTube family vlogging channel Trav and Cor. 

    Ryatt Talbott

  • Micah KittiesMama

    An addition to the KittiesMama family in 2016, he was introduced to the world in a vlog called "Meet Baby Micah! | Birth Vlog | Kittiesmama" three days after he was born. 

    Micah KittiesMama

  • Zayn Ali

    He is the son of Canadian YouTube sensations <a title='LaToya Forever' href='/famous/latoya-forever.htm'>LaToya Forever</a> and <a title='Adam Ali' href='/famous/adam-ali.htm'>Adam Ali</a>. He has over 60,000 followers on his zaynwontlose Instagram account. 

    Zayn Ali

  • Miquela

    Miquela Sousa, or Lil Miquela, is a character which was created by Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou. The project began in 2016 as an Instagram profile.


  • Kash Mania

    He’s the youngest artist in the game with a unreleased feature with boosie and with the amount of YouTube views that he has. Kash is a unstoppable 4 year old with great energy and back to back dropping music work ethic. He went from blowing up from “Snack Out”, now he’s out with a powerful, painful hit called “Outside Mo3 remix”. He’s a Instagram entertainer and a rapper but if your ever around him having a bad day, I promise based off his energy he’ll help you smile.

    Kash Mania

  • Luna Stephens

    First born child of model and television personality <a title='Chrissy Teigen' href='/famous/christine-teigen.htm'>Chrissy Teigen</a> and her husband, musician <a title='John Legend' href='/famous/john-legend.htm'>John Legend</a>.

    Luna Stephens