Celebrities born in 2014
  • Tydus Talbott

    Tydus Talbott is the first-born child of the popular "YouTuber" couple Travis and Corey. The couple manages their family 'YouTube' channel, 'Trav and Cor,' which showcases their lives. Tydus is better known as "Mini <a title='Jake Paul' href='/famous/jake-paul.htm'>Jake Paul</a>" and has appeared in several impersonation videos posted on the channel. Tydus has an 'Instagram' page of the same name as his pseudonym, which is managed by his father. He is also part of two other 'Instagram' pages: the family's main account and the account that Tydus shares with his younger sister. The little 'YouTube' star made headlines when he was clicked with the legendary Hollywood actor Bill Murray.

    Tydus Talbott

  • Royalty Brown

    Royalty Brown is the first and only child (so far) of the world famous hip hop and R&B artist, <a title='Chris Brown' href='/famous/chris-brown.htm'>Chris Brown</a>. Despite being just a toddler as of 2017, Royalty has gained a huge fan following in such a short time. She owes her fame to her father, who has been deemed a legend in the space of hip hop music. Chris is a proud father and has even claimed that Royalty has given him unconditional love, strength, and a purpose in life. Of late, she is rising as a star on various platforms of social media, wherein numerous people share her pictures and videos on a daily basis. In Chris' ever so turbulent world, Royalty has given him a much-needed sense of stability and is well appreciated by his fans for it.

    Royalty Brown

  • Eduardo Saccone-Joly

    Eduardo Saccone“Joly is the son of <a title='Jonathan' href='/famous/jonathan-saccone-joly.htm'>Jonathan</a> and Anna Saccone“Joly. He is quite popular because of his parents, who run a very popular family YouTube channel, ˜LeFloofTV'. His elder sister, Emilia Saccone “Joly, dotes him and is a very caring sibling. Eduardo popped up into the limelight when his parents decided to capture his birth moments and share it in the social networking site.

    Eduardo Saccone-Joly

  • Mila Stauffer

    One member of the Stauffer family, she gained fame alongside her parents and siblings on her mother <a title='Katie Stauffer' href='/famous/katie-stauffer.htm'>Katie Stauffer</a>'s insanely popular Instagram account, kcstauffer.  

    Mila Stauffer

  • Solage Ortiz

    Popular figure on Instagram with an account that is run by her mother Esthalla. She is seen posing for the camera as a young fashionista and model. 

    Solage Ortiz

  • Samia Ali

    Famous as the daughter of YouTube star <a title='LaToya Forever' href='/famous/latoya-forever.htm'>LaToya Forever</a> and internet personality and fitness trainer <a title='Adam Ali' href='/famous/adam-ali.htm'>Adam Ali</a>. She has her own YouTube channel called Samia's Life Toys Show. 

    Samia Ali

  • Winston Butler

    Famous as the youngest child of web stars <a title='Casey Butler' href='/famous/casey-lavere.htm'>Casey Butler</a> and <a title='Kayli Butler' href='/famous/kayli-butler.htm'>Kayli Butler</a>, he made his debut in April of 2014. During his early days, he was only rarely featured on his family's Shaytards YouTube channel, but he often appeared on the Caseylavere vlog.

    Winston Butler

  • Emma Stauffer

    Daughter of Instagram aficionado <a title='Katie Stauffer' href='/famous/katie-stauffer.htm'>Katie Stauffer</a>, she often appears in photos on her mother's popular Instagram account, kcstauffer.  

    Emma Stauffer

  • Mattie Justine

    Mattie Justine is the famous Tik Tok Star and Model from USA. She has appeared in many Videos. She is known for her Beautiful Looks, cute smile, Style, and Amazing Personality. She got popular for her Acts. She has a huge fan Following . She is among one of the most trending girls in tiktok. You will be soon seeing her in Modeling shoots . She is primarily famous for comedy video clips, dancing videos and performs lip-syncs on TikTok( Musical.ly). She usually shares her fashionable outfits and modeling photos over her Instagram. She has even the earned the precious badge for being an ace TikTok comedian. And is now a crowned “muser.” We walk you through all about her

    Mattie Justine

  • Indie Gardner

    One of four siblings, she is a twin and YouTube star most well known for appearing on the YouTube channel and blog Gardner Quad Squad. She and her siblings were a product of in vitro fertilization.

    Indie Gardner

  • Evie Gardner

    Identical twin and fraternal sibling of four, she and her three sisters are the star of the family vlogging YouTube channel and blog, Gardner Quad Squad. Their parents rocketed to fame after they discovered they were pregnant with two sets of twins. 

    Evie Gardner

  • Esme Gardner

    Member of the Gardner Quad Squad alongside her parents and three siblings. They have accumulated more than 410,000 subscribers on their family vlogging channel.

    Esme Gardner