Celebrities born in 1958
  • Michael Jackson

    When they say the sky is the limit, to me that's really true, these lines by Michael Jackson beautifully suffice his life and his love for music. A music aficionado and enthusiast, Jackson changed the way people looked on to music and created a never-ending craze with his chartbusters and best-sellers. He gave pop and rock its life and blood and wrote chapters in the history of music that would long live for centuries to come. A music propeller in the truest sense, it was his outstanding gift and prodigious talent that made him a sensation globally. His countless awards and honorific titles, such as ˜King of Pop' and ˜Artist of the Decade, Generation, Century and Millennium' are a glaring testimony to his enthralling musical career. His supremely endowed music won the hearts of millions worldwide, making him a global figure in the popular culture for almost four decades. While his distinctive sound and style has been of great influence to numerous hip hop, post-disco, contemporary R&B, pop, and rock artists, it was his angelic dance style that continues to be one of the popular styles of dance. He was the man behind today's popular dance styles, moonwalk and robot, both of which bear the name MJ style. It was for his relentless contribution to music, dance and fashion that he was named ˜the most successful entertainer of all time'.

    Michael Jackson

  • Ellen DeGeneres

    Ellen DeGeneres is a renowned name in the world of television especially in the category of stand-up comedians. When she was a teenager, her parents divorced, and as quoted by her she applied innovative tricks to make her mother laugh in order to help her deal with the rough phase. Her mother remarried, and thereafter, she lived with her mother and step-father. Ellen travelled to New Orleans and enrolled at the university there. However, she soon dropped out from the university and engaged in many odd jobs until she found her true calling. She began to perform stand-up comedy at public places like clubs and coffee houses. Soon her popularity spread far and wide. One of the major turning points in her life can be regarded as her appearance in the show ˜The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson'. This remarkable comedienne was also cast in a few movies before she signed her first sitcom ˜Open House' for the ˜Fox' network. Although the show went off air after few episodes, it earned Ellen due recognition. This was followed by a few more sitcoms where her performance turned out to be exceptional and catapulted her to the zenith of American stand-up comedy. Her most notable show entitled ˜The Ellen DeGeneres Show' has been amusing people for more than a decade.

    Ellen DeGeneres

  • Madonna

    Madonna, often addressed as the ˜Queen of Pop', is one of the most popular international artists. She was born into a Catholic family and her mother was a staunch follower of her religion. After the demise of her mother, and her father's remarriage, Madonna went through a radical change and turned into a rebel. She had an affinity towards dancing and dropped out of college to pursue a career in dancing. In a pursuit to chase her dream, she moved to New York. Life was not easy for her in New York, and to survive she had to engage in many odd jobs, which also included being a waitress and nude modelling. At the same time, she also carried on her dance training and participated in bands. Soon her talent got noticed and she got her first solo contract. Ever since the skilled performer has never looked back and has climbed the ladder of success steadily. She has created many records and registered her name in the ˜Guinness World Record'. The talented artist has uncountable awards to her credit. She has been regarded as a style icon and her some of her songs are believed to be classics. Controversies and Madonna go hand-in-hand, and this artist faces all challenges boldly and overcomes them


  • Prince

    Born Prince Rogers Nelson, this popular recording artist released ten platinum-selling albums and won multiple Grammy Awards for Purple Rain, including Best Performance and Best Soundtrack.


  • Ice T

    Born Tracy Marrow, he is an iconic rapper and founder of the heavy metal band Body Count, which released the controversial track "Cop Killer" in 1992. Despite the anti-police message of his most infamous song, he went on to portray a police officer on the long-running NBC drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

    Ice T

  • Alec Baldwin

    The man who played Jack Donaghy on the hit television series, '30 Rock', actor Alec Baldwin is someone who can handle serious, funny, and character roles with the same elan. Baldwin had already built his reputation as an acclaimed stage actor and had also ventured into films by the time he appeared in the sitcom. Yet it was his role as Jack that made him one of television's most popular and much loved star. Dark haired with smooth good looks, Baldwin is also well known for his roles in films like ˜The Departed' and ˜The Cooler'. Though neither of his parents was in the show business, the acting bug bit Alec when he was quite young. Wanting to become an actor, he decided to study drama in college following which he began appearing in television shows. Eventually three of his younger brothers also became actors though Alec remains the most popular one among the Baldwin Brothers. He had a successful stint at the Broadway and moved on to Hollywood where he was offered small roles. He worked hard to make a name for himself in the industry and soon ventured into production as well. As much as he loves being on television and in films, theatre remains his biggest passion.

    Alec Baldwin

  • Tim Burton

    It is true that talent and innovativeness can set any man's career soaring high and Tim Burton is no less. Blessed with a great acumen for imaginativeness coupled with excellent drawing skills, Burton soon converted his passion and hobby into his career and had no looking back since then. A graduate of California Institute of Arts, he started his career by taking up the position of an apprentice animator at the Walt Disney studios. However, this was just the beginning of his super illustrious career as he set forth to make a mark as a director, producer, writer, poet and stop motion artist in the American film industry. In his four decades of career, he came up with dark, gothic, macabre and quirky horror and fantasy films. Adding to the dark gothic setup is the effective use of musical interludes which is prominently seen in almost all his films. Most of his films focuses around a misunderstood outcast and include characters who distrust the protagonist. As of 2012, he has directed 16 films and produced 12 films. Some of his super successful films include ˜Pee-wee's Big Adventure', ˜Batman', ˜Batman Returns', ˜Planet of the Apes', ˜Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and ˜Alice in Wonderland'.

    Tim Burton

  • Peter Capaldi

    Peter Dougan Capaldi is a Scottish actor, director, and writer known for his portrayal of the twelfth incarnation of the title character in the British science-fiction television program ˜Doctor Who'. The actor is also known for his role of ˜Malcolm Tucker' in the British comedy television series ˜The Thick of It'. Peter Capaldi grew up aspiring to become an actor one day and appeared in several school dramas during his childhood. He began his career with minor roles in television series and soon ventured into films as well. The veteran actor now has over one hundred credits to his name as an actor and quite a few as a director and writer. The Academy Award winner has delivered some of his best performances in television shows and films like ˜John and Yoko: A Love Story', ˜Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life', ˜The All New Alexei Sayle Show', ˜The Lair of the White Worm', ˜Big Fat Gypsy Gangster', and ˜World War Z'. Besides acting, he has a deep interest in philanthropy and is a patron of Worldwide Cancer Research.

    Peter Capaldi

  • Kevin Bacon

    Prolific TV and film actor who became known for his roles in Footloose and Apollo 13, and who won a Golden Globe Award for his role in The River Wild. His other films include Hollow Man, Mystic River, Friday the 13th, and Tremors.

    Kevin Bacon

  • Jamie Lee Curtis

    Jamie Lee Curtis is an American big screen and television actress and also a writer. She came to formally known as Baroness, ˜Lady Haden-Guest' following her husband's inheritance of the Barony. Her debut film ˜Halloween' where she essayed the role of Laurie Strode was a hit and establishing her as a noted actress in the horror genre. Eventually, her remarkable performance in the film landed her other films in the genre including ˜Terror Train', ˜The Fog', ˜Roadgames' and ˜Halloween II'. She earned the title of ˜scream queen' for her characterisations in horror films. Later she excelled in the comedy genre with equal success and received favourable reviews which established her as a versatile actress. Some of her finest comedy films are ˜Trading Places', A Fish Called Wanda' and ˜True Lies'. Her noted work on television includes series such as ˜Operation Petticoat', ˜Anything But Love', ˜NCIS' and ˜New Girl'. She has done several television movies starting from ˜She's in the Army Now' and moving on with ˜The Heidi Chronicles', ˜Nicholas' Gift' and ˜Only Human'. At present she plays Dean Cathy Munsch, the lead role in the series ˜Scream Queens' that is aired on ˜FOX'. She has authored many children's books including ˜When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth' and ˜Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day' that not only received critical acclaim but also won over the readers. Jamie Lee Curtis has bagged several awards including the ˜BAFTA Award', ˜Golden Globe Award', ˜Saturn Award' and ˜American Comedy Award'.

    Jamie Lee Curtis

  • Gary Oldman

    Gary Oldman is one of the most successful English screen and stage actors, filmmakers and musicians in the world today. Not only has he carved a niche for himself in Hollywood as one of the ˜most versatile' actors, but he has also built a cult following because of his dapper good looks and his talent. Throughout his film career, he has worked together with a number of top Hollywood filmmakers such as, Christopher Nolan, Francis Ford Coppola, Ridley Scott and Quentin Tarantino, to name a few. He is best known for his roles in films like Bram Stoker's ˜Dracula', ˜Air Force One', ˜State of Grace', ˜Meantime', ˜Lawless', the ˜Harry Potter' series and the ˜Batman' trilogy. A trained actor, he is a ˜Royal Court Theatre' alumnus and has also worked with the ˜Royal Shakespeare Company'. He has been lauded for his conventional acting style and multiplicity, and has been hailed by prominent film critics as one of ˜Hollywood's greatest actors'.

    Gary Oldman

  • Angela Bassett

    Angela Bassett is an American actress, who is most known for her roles in biographical productions like 'What's Love Got to Do with It' and 'The Rosa Parks Story'. She has worked on a large variety of projects in her illustrious career spanning over three decades. Even though she performed in a dance group as a child, she discovered her love for acting during a field trip to Washington D.C. in her 11th grade, after watching actor James Earl Jones perform in a Kennedy Center production of the play 'Of Mice and Men'. Before getting into acting, she briefly served as a receptionist at a beauty salon and worked as a photo researcher at 'U.S. News & World Report' magazine. However, she proved her acting prowess as a theatre actor and went on to feature in a number of movies and television shows. Some of her notable films include 'Boyz n the Hood', 'Malcolm X', 'Panther', 'Waiting to Exhale', 'Akeelah and the Bee', 'Green Lantern', 'Black Nativity' and 'London Has Fallen'. She appeared on the television series 'ER', 'American Horror Story', and did voice acting for 'BoJack Horseman'.

    Angela Bassett