Celebrities born in 1934
  • Maggie Smith

    Maggie Smith is a British stage, TV, and film actress most famous for her roles in the films ˜The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' and ˜California Suite'. She is also much popular for her role of Professor Minerva McGonagall in the popular Harry Potter film series. Smith has made appearances in more than fifty films in her extensive career spanning over six decades. A prominent figure in British culture, she was made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II for her contribution to performing arts. In 2014, she also received the Companion of Honour from the queen for her contribution to drama. She began her career on stage as a teenager before moving to cinema and started gaining attention after her role in the film ˜Nowhere to Go'. She later won the Oscar in the ˜Best Actress' category for her role in ˜The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' and another Oscar in the ˜Best Supporting Actress' category for her role in the film ˜California Suite'. Smith is one of the only six actresses to have won the Oscar in both the categories. She has also won four Emmy Awards, five BAFTA awards, three Golden Globes, and one Tony Award. Her more recent role in the Harry Potter film series has also earned her much fame and appreciation.

    Maggie Smith

  • Jane Goodall

    Jane Goodall is an English Animal Rights activist famously dubbed as the woman who redefined man. She is an ethologist and anthropologist, best known for her 45-year study of primate behavior of chimpanzees in Tanzania. She was fascinated with animal behavior from her early years and dreamt of traveling to Africa someday to observe them in their natural habitats. This passion for animals led her to the Gombe Stream National Park after her schooling. Chimpanzees were considered the second most intelligent primate by her mentor and anthropologist, Louis Leakey, thus she began her research by observing them on a daily basis. Her interactions with chimpanzees challenged many long term beliefs such as chimpanzees are vegetarians and not as evolved as compared to humans. A previous belief that man is the only toolmaker in all of the species that inhabit the earth was discarded by her studies and was considered a significant milestone in the course of scientific history of evolution. She received many awards and accolades for her activism in creating a better society for animals. She wrote several books to encourage people for treating animals with kindness and love. She still spends about 300 days a year traveling, lecturing and raising funds for her institute in order to preserve the wildlife.

    Jane Goodall

  • Bill Russell

    Regarded as one of the best ever players in the history of National Basketball Association (NBA), William Felton Bill Russell is a retired professional basketball player who was the centerpiece of the Boston's Celtics dynasty for a period of 13 years. He was very famous for his shot-blocking and man-to-man defense which led his team to many victories in major tournaments. The talented player had grown up in a neighbourhood notorious for its rampant racism. Basketball provided him a means of rising above this issue and he got the chance as a professional player to prove his mettle. He was also much respected for his ability to inspire and motivate his team members to improve their playing techniques and give their best performances. Equally skilled at grabbing rebounds, he is just one of the only two players to have made more than 50 rebounds in a single game and has had a dozen consecutive seasons of 1,000 or more rebounds. Russell's superstardom is special not just because of his amazing performances, what makes his success even more special is the fact that he was the first African American player in NBA history to achieve such glory, and he was also the first African American to become an NBA coach.

    Bill Russell

  • George Segal

    His movie career began with a role in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and continued with various roles in comedy and drama films. In 2013, he began appearing on The Goldbergs.

    George Segal

  • Hank Aaron

    The rag to riches story of Hand Aaron, a retired American baseball player, is remarkable and inspirational in the true sense. Born in an extremely poor family, little Aaron had to take up several odd jobs to support his family. With hardly any interest in studies and a passion for sports, he had made up his mind about baseball from a very young age. Therefore, when opportunity knocked his door, he took it and never turned back. However, his ethnicity as an African-American, always posed as an obstacle. Being an African-American and playing major league was far from being appreciated and he was continually threatened with dire consequences. However, his daunting spirit and his blind love for the game, kept him going and took him all the way up, to the top of the success ladder. Soon, he proved his worth in major league baseball and set new records. After an immensely successful stint, he was honored with several awards and medals and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Despite being born and raised in the unfortunate circumstances of poverty and racism, Aaron was never really bogged down by these challenges. He had his goal set, right from beginning and crossed every hurdle that came his way to be become a baseball legend.

    Hank Aaron

  • Sophia Loren

    Sofia Villani Scicolone, popularly by her screen name Sophia Loren, is an Italian film star. Counted amongst the most beautiful and talented actresses to have ruled the cinema world, she was a major star from the 1950s to the 1970s. Born to an unwed mother, she had a difficult childhood. Being an illegitimate child meant no father figure and extreme poverty in the first 15 years of her life. Aptly nicknamed 'little stick', she was shy, ugly and lean as a child, and little did she know that one day she would become a sex symbol in the entire US and Europe. Her fortune changed when at the age of 15 she was spotted by a producer, her future husband, in a beauty pageant. From there on she went from being an unknown face to a Hollywood star and in no time garnered a huge following of admirers. Several prestigious awards certify that she was not just a pretty face but a complete and true actress. Unlike several of her contemporaries whose personal lives were marked by controversies, Sophia Loren had a stable marriage with Carlo Ponti, a man 22 years older to her, and did not remarry after his death

    Sophia Loren

  • Jim Hutton

    American actor best known for his work in the title role on the show Ellery Queen. 

    Jim Hutton

  • Giorgio Armani

    Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion designer much renowned the world over for his elegant menswear. His popularity is especially high in the U.S where the name ˜Armani' is synonymous with style and sophistication. Armani became a designer by chance”his first career choice was to become a doctor! He enrolled in Department of Medicine at the University of Milan but dropped out to join the army. After being discharged from the army he found work as a window dresser in a departmental store, where he remained for seven years learning all that he could about fashion designing and marketing. He started designing menswear and contributed his designs to several fashion houses like Allegri, Hilton, Bagutta, Sicons, etc. He went on to form his own label, ˜Armani' which soon became one of the leading names in international fashion. The growing success of his designer clothing prompted him to expand his business to include underwear, swimwear and accessories. He has designed costumes for more than 100 films like ˜American Gigolo' and ˜The Untouchables' which established his popularity in Hollywood as well. His keen interest in sports led him to design the costumes of England national football team. As on today, he is regarded as one of the best fashion designers the world has ever seen.

    Giorgio Armani

  • Roberto Clemente

    Roberto Clemente was a professional Puerto Rican baseball player, who is regarded among the best baseball players ever. Having won numerous awards including the Most Valuable Player Award in his lifetime, he was one of the few players in history who reached the 3000-hit milestone. Because of his great skills as a sportsman, his name is written in cornerstones of schools, hospitals, as well as many other such public buildings, including monuments and statues, which also prove that his fame was beyond baseball. Clemente was also known for having a huge ethnic pride, and didn't see himself merely as a representative of Latin America, but saw his career as a tool to help Latin Americans, especially the ones who were underprivileged. He had a lot of affection for children. He used to hold baseball clinics for little children despite his busy schedule. He had also wanted to build a ˜Sports City' that would have innumerable facilities for the Puerto Rican youths which would encourage them to build their careers in sports. Unfortunately his untimely death in a plane crash shattered all that he still had to offer to the world.

    Roberto Clemente

  • Frankie Valli

    Frankie Valli is an American singer who rose to fame as the lead singer of the band The Four Seasons in the 1960s. The band, which produced popular hits like ˜Sherry', ˜Working My Way Back to You', and 'Who Loves You' launched Valli as a much loved singer enabling him to embark on a highly successful career as a solo artist later on. Known for his unusually powerful falsetto voice, Valli has scored 29 Top 40 hits with The Four Seasons and nine Top 40 hits as a solo artist. Born into a middle-class family, he developed an early interest in music. His mother sensed her young son's talents and encouraged him in his endeavors. He was greatly inspired to take up music as a career after watching Frank Sinatra in live performance. He listened to his favorite singers on record and practiced singing by himself in order to develop his voice. He began his musical career by working with a variety of acts and found moderate success. By the 1960s he had become part of the band that would be known as The Four Seasons. He achieved phenomenal success as the band's lead singer and also enjoyed a very successful stint as a solo artist

    Frankie Valli

  • Judi Dench

    Judi Dench is a British actress, best known for her role as ˜M' in the 007 James Bond movies. She made her professional theatre debut at the Royal Court Theatre as Ophelia in ˜Hamlet' produced by the Old Vic Company. She later joined the Royal Shakespeare Company and appeared in a number of plays including ˜The Cherry Orchard' at the Aldwych Theatre. She also appeared as Lady Macbeth in a Playhouse Company production. She made her debut on the big screen in the film ˜The Third Secret' and made her television debut in the BBC serial ˜Hilda Lessways'. In the course of her career she has won over 50 awards with more than 200 nominations which include a Best Supporting Actress, Academy Award, for her role in ˜Shakespeare in Love'. She has been honoured with a number of titles and awards including the Order of the British Empire (OBE), Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) and fellow of the British Film Institute (BFI). She married British actor Michael Williams and has a daughter named Tara Cressida Frances Williams who is an actress. Well passed 80, she is still actively involved in various philanthropic ventures and is in no mood to retire from her acting career.

    Judi Dench

  • Tom Baker

    English actor known for being the fourth actor to play the Doctor on Doctor Who. He later played the role of Sherlock Holmes in the miniseries The Hounds of Baskerville.

    Tom Baker