Celebrities born in 1912
  • Julia Child

    Julia Child was a cultural phenomenon who was the face of French cooking in America. She not only introduced Americans to culinary excellence but to fine dining as well. What made her novel was the fact that she made the drudgery and labour within the kitchen seem effortless and easy. Interestingly, cooking wasn't the first love for Child who was working in the communication department of OSS before marrying Paul. A food aficionado with a sophisticated palate, he introduced her to fine cuisine. She was so bowled over by the culinary delight that she soon took to learning French cooking and the rest as they say is history. Child not only mastered the skills required for the same but resolved to introduce French culinary delights to Americans. For the same, she came out with her debut work, ˜Mastering the Art of French Cooking' which created a stir amongst the American audience. The book was ground-breaking in terms of its content and has since been serving as the standard guide for the culinary community at large. Other than cookbooks, she also served as the host for the television show, ˜The French Chef' and many others. Her cheery enthusiasm and distinctively charming voice coupled with an encyclopaedic know-how of French cooking made her the most viewed television cook.

    Julia Child

  • Gene Kelly

    Popular actor and dancer who choreographed his own dance routines in such hit 1940s and '50s films as Singin' in the Rain, Anchors Aweigh, An American in Paris and On the Town. He was ranked 15th on the American Film Institute's list of the Greatest Male Stars of All Time in 1999.

    Gene Kelly

  • Eva Braun

    Eva Braun is popularly known in the pages of history as <a title='Adolf Hitler' href='/famous/adolf-hitler.htm'>Adolf Hitler</a>'s mistress and later wife. Born in a middle-class family, she took to studying at the Catholic Institute. It was after completing her education that young Braun worked as a sales woman and later as a photographer for Heinrich Hoffman, who was the official photographer of Hitler, the popular Nazi leader. It was while working for Hoffman that Braun was first introduced to Hitler. Though the two shared a romantic relationship that lasted for more than twelve years, the relationship was not known to the public as Hitler never allowed her to be seen with him in public. Furthermore, despite being his love interest, Braun had no political influence on him whatsoever. Regardless of sharing a desolated life, as Hitler was engrossed in his political ambitions, her loyalty for him never flagged, instead, she promised to be by his side even at the time of death.

    Eva Braun

  • Perry Como

    Prominent singer in the 1930s and '40s whose best known songs included "Don't Let the Stars get in Your Eyes" and "Catch a Falling Star," the latter of which became the first ever certified gold single on March 14, 1958. He was also a television personality who hosted his own weekly TV show.

    Perry Como

  • Alan Turing

    Computers would probably have been non-existent if it wasn't for famous British mathematician, Alan Turing. Having been a child prodigy, he went on to pursue his PhD from the 'Princeton University'. Soon, he became an important member of a group of code-breakers in the 'Government Code and Cypher School' ('GC&CS') in Bletchley Park. He was given the daunting task of deciphering the ever-changing German codes sent through the ingenious machine, 'Enigma'. Alan proved the almost impossible task, possible with his 'bombe' device, which used a technique called 'Banburismus'. Eventually this mathematician and his team of code-breakers were successful in defeating the 'Enigma'. However, two code-breakers from his team were found out to be Soviet spies, and thus the work was declared highly confidential. For a long time, no records of Turing's work were available, and the 'Official Secrets Act' prohibited him from talking about his work to anyone. His homosexuality caused him to be convicted, though the British government has apologized posthumously in recent times. His works and life has recently been popularized by the ˜Academy Award' winning movie, ˜The Imitation Game', released in 2014. Read on and explore the life and works of this brilliant mathematician and code-breaker.

    Alan Turing

  • Kim Il-Sung

    Kim Il-Sung is known as the founder and first president of the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. Kim was born to a small peasant family but they were soon forced to flee following the Japanese occupation of his homeland. After moving to China, Kim soon became radicalised and joined forces that were committed to defying the occupiers. Even as an early teen, he was involved with armed resistance activity and as a young man he was promoted to a leadership role. Driven by his anti-Japanese sentiments, he sided with the Soviet Union in the World War, where he trained and fought along with the Soviet soldiers against the Japanese. He eventually rose to the ranks of a leader in the Soviet military. At the end of the war, he was in a prime position to take over the mantle of leadership of his newly-liberated country. Seizing the opportunity, Kim and his forces soon overruled the entire peninsula but faced stiff resistance from foreign countries. After a bitter and devastating war, the peninsula was split in half and he became the undisputed leader of the northern half. Combining Communist and Marxist ideology with his own brand of Korean self-reliance, he soon forged himself as the shining leader of a new country. After ruling his country with an iron grip for half a century, the supreme leader passed away, leaving his country in the hands of a virtual monarchy.

    Kim Il-Sung

  • Mary Trump

    British-American mother of <a title='Donald Trump' href='/famous/donald-trump.htm'>Donald Trump</a> who worked as a domestic worker. Her naturalization in the United States did not occur until March of 1942.

    Mary Trump

  • Lady Bird Johnson

    Claudia Alta Taylor famously known as Lady Bird Johnson was the First Lady of the United States from 1963 to 1969. Her husband <a title='Lyndon B. Johnson' href='/famous/lyndon-b-johnson.htm'>Lyndon B. Johnson</a> was the thirty sixth President of the United States. She was an environmentalist and actively participated in several projects to beautify Washington, D.C., other cities and national highways. She was a well educated lady of her time and an able manager and investor. She tactfully utilized a moderate inheritance during the congressional campaign of her husband <a title='Lyndon B. Johnson' href='/famous/lyndon-b-johnson.htm'>Lyndon B. Johnson</a>. She managed her husband's office while he enlisted in the navy during the Second World War. Lady Bird Johnson owned a radio station and a TV station which ran successfully helping the Johnsons become millionaires. As a First Lady, she made cutting-edge moves including recruiting her press secretary, employing staff exclusively in the East wing to work on projects of First Lady, communicating directly with the Congress and touring alone for electioneering. She received two of the highest civilian honours of the United States - the ˜Congressional Gold Medal' and the ˜Presidential Gold Medal'. Her book, ˜A White House Diary' contains record of her activities as the First Lady.

    Lady Bird Johnson

  • Woody Guthrie

    Woodrow Wilson Woody Guthrie was a singer-songwriter counted among the most prominent figures of American folk music. The musician best known for his song, ˜This Land Is Your Land' had produced numerous folk, traditional, political, and children's ballads and songs over his career. Even though born into a prosperous household, he had a troubled childhood as his mother suffered from a severe neurological disorder and had to be institutionalized. He also experienced difficult times during the Dust Bowl era, a period characterized by severe dust storms in America during the Great Depression”the pains of which were often reflected in his songs. He traveled with migrant workers and learned their traditional songs during this period. Later on he became a radio performer and achieved considerable fame for his hillbilly and traditional folk music. He became highly critical of the patriotic song, ˜God Bless America' and decided to improvise on it. Thus was born his most famous creation, ˜This Land Is Your Land' which went on to become one of U.S.'s most popular folk songs. Woody personified the heart of America as his songs resonated with the sentiments of the American working class. A prolific writer, he also wrote poems and prose in addition to songs, most of which were never published.

    Woody Guthrie

  • Millvina Dean

    Famous in her later years as the last of the survivors of the Titanic disaster, Dean traveled on the doomed ship when she was only two months old. 

    Millvina Dean

  • Chuck Jones

    ˜Animation isn't the illusion of life, it is life!' was one of the famous quotes by Chuck Jones who carved a niche for himself outside the famous Walt Disney studios. He brought life to cartoons with his prolific animation skills. A young Jones started his endeavours by using the wasted stationery of his father and set out to make it big in the world of animation. He started off by washing cels and then tip-toed his way to turn Warner Bros. into a big animation studio and left behind a great repertoire of work. Later, he went on to produce the famous ˜Tom and Jerry' series with MGM Studios and also adapted the Dr. Seuss books into animation films. He once said remarking on his cartoon creations that ˜Bugs is an aspiration. Daffy is a realization'. The quote reflected how he drew from human traits and represented them in his cartoons. In his later years, he chose to pass on his skills through lectures and seminars and also inspired films like ˜The Emperor's New Groove' and ˜Lilo & Stitch'. Jones passed away leaving behind an unmatched legacy in the field of animation and cartoons.

    Chuck Jones

  • Pope John Paul I

    Italian Pope who had the shortest reign in the history of the Catholic Church after he died 33 days after ascending to the Papacy.

    Pope John Paul I