Famous people' day birth is march-22
  • Tyler Oakley

    Internet today is an incredibly compelling platform for one to climb up the ladder of success and renown. The advent of this medium has actually made the world a much smaller place, to say the least. So, if you have the style, right approach and a cool attitude, I am sure this tool will get the better of you and turn you into a panjandrum at the snap of a finger. Tyler Oakley, a face which is mesmerizing the youth of today, is a hunk of a kind, who has a very powerful presence on the web at the moment. Born in Michigan, Oakley is a YouTube sensation, podcast personality, an activist and a humorist. The magic of his spell was cast on millions of people when he began uploading videos on YouTube in 2007. With over 7 million subscribers to his channel, this young dynamite is adored for his satirical and eccentric humor. He has authored a book titled ˜Binge', an autobiography penned in an intriguing style. A former member of the well-known channel, ˜5Awesomegays', Tyler openly admits being a homosexual. After all said and done, we won't mind knowing more about Tyler Oakley, the star who is making all the heads turn.

    Tyler Oakley

  • Nick Robinson

    Nick Robinson is a popular American actor who, in his short career so far, has portrayed some memorable roles; the most famous among them being Zach Mitchell in 'Jurassic World', Joe Toy in 'The Kings of Summer' and Ryder Scanlon in 'Melissa & Joey'. Right from his childhood, Nick demonstrated an affinity for acting as he would spend the better part of his leisure time enjoying movies and play-acting. He revealed to ˜The Hollywood Reporter' during an interview that he took to acting when he was only 9 years old. Nick was practically a novice when he was selected to depict the character of Ryder Scanlon in the comedic TV series ˜Melissa & Joey', in 2011. In order to shoot for the episodes of ˜Melissa & Joey', Nick postponed completing his graduation from New York University. According to a report by ˜Variety', Robinson was initially considered to enact the part of Augustus Waters in the film ˜The Fault in Our Stars' but the role was ultimately awarded to Ansel Elgort. Nick is not a very gregarious person which is typified by his near absence from social media. He closed his Twitter and Instagram accounts in 2014 and 2015, respectively. He was nominated for the 2015 ˜Young Entertainer Award' as the ˜Best Leading Young Actor' for his role in ˜Jurassic World'.

    Nick Robinson

  • Reese Witherspoon

    Reese Witherspoon is an Academy Award winning American actress who has also made a foray into film production. Witherspoon started off as a teenage actor and through her roles in television as well as films and mini-series; she managed to get a foothold in Hollywood. She is famous for roles in films like ˜Legally Blonde', ˜Sweet Home Alabama', ˜Four Christmases' and plenty of other romantic comedies. However, it would be a mistake to typecast Reese Witherspoon as a specialist of romantic comedies since throughout her career she has come up with stupendous performances in in intense films like ˜Walk the Line', ˜Wild', ˜Vanity Fair' and ˜Rendition'. Witherspoon is one of those rare actresses who have successfully struck a balance between commercial success and critical appreciation, which is why it is not a surprise that she is considered among the most bankable stars in Hollywood. Witherspoon has also been an advocate children's and women's welfare across the world and is actively involved with the Children's Defence Fund. It is not an exaggeration to state that Reese Witherspoon is one of the greatest modern stars in Hollywood and her range of films will continue to enthral audiences for generations.

    Reese Witherspoon

  • Merrick Hanna

    Merrick Hanna is an American freestyle dancer who became famous at a young age for his ˜flo-bot' style of dance. This multitalented teenager is also a popper, actor, and animator. Influenced by his grandmother, who takes dance classes even though she is in her eighties, Merrick started dancing when he was just nine years old. He began with robot-style dancing and soon started teaching himself to pop and wave by watching videos on YouTube. When he was ten, one of his dance videos went viral, and he started drawing attention for his brilliant performances. He then started taking part in local dance competitions at UC San Diego and even competed with adult dancers. During this time, he also received overwhelming response on social media, solidifying his position as an excellent young freestyle dancer. Next, he auditioned for the seasons 10 and 11 of ˜America's Got Talent' but was not successful. Finally, he got through in season 12 of ˜America's Got Talent,' and remained in the competition till the semifinals. Merrick has also acted and danced professionally on the stage and the small screen. He performed in two full-summer Shakespeare runs with the Intrepid Theater Company. Clear Talent Group now represents him. He has also modeled for popular brands like GAP Kids, H&M, and Honda.

    Merrick Hanna

  • Mikey Cobban

    Michael Patrick Mikey Cobban is an English pop singer, best known as a member of the British boy band called ˜RoadTrip'. Besides Michael, RoadTrip has four more members. The band was invited to be a part of the Magcon 2016 tour. Former singer Blair Dreelan has signed the young talented singer along with the other members of the band. Mikey has been passionate about different kinds of creative endeavors, especially music, from a young age. Earlier, he used to perform in a three-member boy band called State of Mind. When the band was disbanded, he took a break from public performances for a short period of time. Soon, he came to know that manager Blair Dreelan was looking for young musicians to form the band RoadTrip. He contacted Dreelan and was selected. Since joining the band, Mikey has toured with it to several countries. The band has also started their own YouTube channel called RoadTrip TV, which has garnered an impressive number of subscribers. They have also released many original songs, covers, and vlogs on their channel.

    Mikey Cobban

  • Gaz Beadle

    Gary Beadle, better known as Gaz Beadle, is an English reality TV star. He is globally recognized for his appearance on the British MTV show ˜Geordie Shore' as well as his steaming on and off chemistry with cast member Charlotte Crosby. After appearing in several TV shows, he became a cast member for two seasons in ˜Ex on the Beach' and thereafter started his own show called ˜Spring Break with Grandad'. He became an entrepreneur after launching his menswear clothing line called '11 Degrees' and is the owner of ˜Pure Beach Club' at Zakynthos. Gaz is equally famous on social media and has his own ˜YouTube' channel titled ˜GazGShore' on which he has 69 K subscribers. He has over 3.2 million followers on his ˜Instagram' account and carries a fan base of 2.5 million on ˜Twitter'. On his ˜Facebook' page, he quotes that he does what every other young man does, but the only difference is he does it on MTV. Thus, it isn't surprising that his popularity has attracted over 723,000 supporters to his page.

    Gaz Beadle

  • Paola Andino

    Best known as the lead role of Emma Alonso on the Nickelodeon series Every Witch Way, she previously appeared as Lily in the episode "These Arms of Mine" of the ABC medical drama series Grey's Anatomy. 

    Paola Andino

  • Max Valenzuela

    Chilean social media star who became famous for his eponymous Instagram account. He earned massive popularity there for his fashion modeling and personal lifestyle photoblogging. 

    Max Valenzuela

  • Kill'em FTW

    Tom Stanniland, popularly known as Kill'em FTW, is a British YouTuber. On his channel, he primarily posts challenges and also shares vlogs. After dropping out of school at the age of 16, he worked in the construction industry for almost a decade. He then decided to start his own YouTube channel. Tom Stanniland has the requisite style, the right approach, and a cool attitude; he possesses all the necessary skills to become a successful online personality. He started his YouTube channel in 2014 and today, the channel has garnered an impressive number of subscribers. He mainly gained fame for his 24-hour challenges, many of which have amassed over millions of views.

    Kill'em FTW

  • Gavin MacIntosh

    Gavin MacIntosh is an American actor and model. He started his professional acting career as a child artist and also began modeling when he was just ten years old. He became popular with his recurring role as Connor Stevens in the TV drama series ˜The Fosters'. He earned much publicity for starring in American TV's youngest same-sex kissing scene, which prompted YouTube to put an age restriction for accessing the video. However, due to a social media campaign, YouTube was forced to remove the restriction. Despite his young age, Gavin has so far appeared in numerous short films, feature films, and television series. He has also done several prestigious advertisement campaigns. Besides acting and modeling, he loves skateboarding, biking, and playing soccer. He also likes to sketch, paint, and write songs.

    Gavin MacIntosh

  • James Patterson

    James Patterson, a former chief executive of advertising agency ˜J Walter Thompson', North America, is one of the bestselling American authors. He is famous for his crime thrillers and romance novels. Patterson began writing in real earnest some 20 years after retiring from his advertising career. His ˜Alex Cross', ˜Women's Murder Club', ˜Michael Bennett', ˜Maximum Ride', ˜NYPD Red', ˜Daniel X', ˜Private', and ˜Witch and Wizard' series of books, as well as innumerable stand-alone novels, have sold more than 300 million copies making him the highest-paid author in the country. He is also the first author to have sold more than one million e-books. One of the most prolific writers worldwide, he is recognized by the ˜Guinness Book of World Records' for having the maximum number of books on The New York Times' best-seller list. Patterson has emerged as a passionate advocate of reading and books, donating millions of dollars from his personal wealth to teachers' colleges, universities, school libraries, students, and independent bookstores. The ˜National Book Foundation' has awarded the prestigious ˜Literarian Award' for his efforts to make books and reading a national priority.

    James Patterson

  • William Shatner

    William Shatner is a Canadian actor, singer, comedian. Shatner initially started off as a stage actor before graduating into television and only got roles in some little known films for some time. However, his career changed completely when he got the role of the iconic Captain James T. Kirk in the cult television series ˜Star Trek' and Shatner went on to portray the character in the films that followed over the years to become one of the most loved films stars of his generation. Shatner worked in television throughout his life and also wrote some episodes of the TV series titled ˜T. J. Hooker' that started in 1982. As a television star, Shatner's most famous role was that of the character Denny Crane in the series ˜The Practice' and later on in the series ˜Boston Legal'. His performance was widely appreciated and also brought plenty of accolades. He has also appeared in a number of plays at Broadway at different points in his career and his training as a Shakespearean actor has been evident in all those performances.

    William Shatner