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  • Cameron Dallas

    Cameron Alexander Dallas is the product of his generation. A generation that grew upon a staple diet of social media frenzy and short attention spans. If you haven't heard of Cameron Dallas, it most probably means that you are a Luddite who is well past his/her adolescent years. Well, don't beat yourself up. Here is your guide to the 21-year old internet phenomenon whose meteoric rise is a testimony to the changing landscape of the entertainment industry. Back in 2013, the world was introduced to a new social-media platform called ˜Vine', where users could share and watch 6-second-long looping video clips. It was only a matter of time, before the popularity of ˜Vine' soared, thanks largely to a host of celebrities who quickly jumped on the bandwagon. Cameron Dallas was shrewd enough to see the potential of this new sensation. The lanky Californian, who already had a considerable fan following on ˜Instagram', saw the GIF-like brevity of ˜Vine' as the ideal platform to showcase his zany sense of humor and striking good looks. And just like that, things started to fall in place for him.

    Cameron Dallas

  • Eva Gutowski

    Eva Gutowski is a well-known vlogger and beauty guru who has become a YouTube sensation with her channel ˜MyLifeAsEva'”where she posts videos on things associated with beauty and fashion”and her vlog Channel ˜Eva Marisol'. Although as a young girl she aspired to become a screen diva or a psychiatrist, destiny had something else in store for her and gradually she got drawn towards becoming a reporter and entertainment host. She served in a mom and pop pizza shop as cashier before landing up as a beauty guru and vlogger in YouTube with her beauty and fashion makeup tutorials that eventually garnered immense popularity. These videos are primarily addressed to young adults and teens and encompass tutorials on fashion, hair and makeup. The accomplishments of this young diva as a YouTube entertainer are far-reaching. Till date her YouTube channel has garnered more than 7 million subscribers. While still in her early twenties she has achieved several feats including being marked as one of the fastest growing stars of YouTube; being ranked at number 4 on the Famechangers Digital Star Ranking list of ˜Variety' magazine; and being included in the Social Media Stars list in Billboard.

    Eva Gutowski

  • Lil Uzi Vert

    Lil Uzi Vert is an American rapper and songwriter who is best known for his chart-bursting single ˜Bad and Boujee' that peaked at the number 1 position on the US Billboard Hot 100. Born as Symere Woods, Uzi's venture into rapping began when he was in high school. Inspired by one of his friends, he took up rapping and ever since then, has solidified his spot as a natural entertainer. Such has been his fan following that he was tagged by media houses as one of the names to watch out for in the upcoming years, in 2016. His signature rapid delivery has been long praised and admired. Also the fact that he draws inspiration from not just a single source makes his music different. Uzi's non conformity to Philadelphia's long-held reputation for shotgun-mouthed, battle-ready MCs is a major plus point for him. Unlike other rappers, Uzi's style is a mix of nasal vocal tone and melody. His rapping does not seem forced or the fact that he is trying to make a name for himself in a cypher by stuffing inordinate amount of syllables into a bar. Though Uzi's musical journey began early, he gained fame when he came up with his third mixtape ˜Luv Is Rage'. He followed its success with his later mixtapes ˜Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World' and ˜The Perfect Luv Tape' both of which were released in 2016. Currently, he is one of the singing talents to watch out for in the music industry.

    Lil Uzi Vert

  • Halsey

    Born Ashley Frangipane and better known by her stage name Halsey (an anagram of her first name), she has released notable singles titled "Ghost," "Hurricane," and "New Americana."  


  • Karina Garcia

    Karina Garcia is an American You Tube superstar, vlogger and social media personality. She truly deserves every bit of the fame she comes across. Her YouTube videos on several subjects have made her a hugely popular YouTuber. Her direct and easy-to-go approach with her videos gives that extra punch to the videos among her dedicated viewers. As of yet, she has mostly uploaded videos on DIYs, and life hacks. Not only many of them have multiple utilities, but are easy to follow in real life. Although she started making videos in 2015, the content makes her videos hugely popular and gets huge viewership. From nail polish lipstick to period hacks, which every girl needs to know “ Karina is very particular on choosing the theme of the video uploaded in her You Tube channel. Not only the videos are about the DIYs or life hacks or beauty hacks, but also the slimes uploaded by Karina Garcia are extremely popular among the teenagers.

    Karina Garcia

  • Camila Mendes

    Camila Carraro Mendes is an actress and model from America. She gained fame for portraying Veronica Lodge on The CW's teen drama television series ˜Riverdale'. A native of Virginia, she grew up moving from one place to another, with a considerable amount of time spent in the state of Florida. Mendes made her acting debut in a commercial for IKEA. In 2016, she landed her breakout role as Veronica Lodge in ˜Riverdale'. As the show became an international teen culture sensation, Mendes' performance in the show received positive reviews. She made her cinematic debut in 2018 with the romantic comedy ˜The New Romantic' and has appeared in two music videos, ˜Maggie Rogers: Give A Little' and ˜The Chainsmokers Feat. Emily Warren: Side Effects'. Mendes is also an aspiring singer and has contributed several songs to the ˜Riverdale' soundtrack. Since she has been cast in the show, her popularity on social media has skyrocketed. She has over 1.8 million followers on Twitter and about 140 thousand followers on Facebook. On Instagram, Mendes has almost 12 million followers.

    Camila Mendes

  • Preston Arsement

    Preston Arsement is definitely that one YouTuber and gamer who you can watch just for his hilarious-yet-appropriate sense of humor, which is quite entertaining. And if you're passionate about gaming and the rush that comes with it, then Preston Arsement's channels won't disappoint. Preston has gained a reputation of being a pro at taking down even the toughest ˜COD' or ˜Black Ops' levels. One just needs to see how insane his ˜Minecraft' skills are. No wonder he has taken social media platforms by storm with over 5 million subscribers in total! It surely does look like Preston was born to take over the e-gaming space and at the age of 22 he has already made it as big as any professional gamer on social media. As if his career isn't enviable enough, Preston also hangs out with some of the big time gamers like JeromeASF, and TheBajanCanadian. Well, this sure does mean he is some kind of gaming prodigy!

    Preston Arsement

  • Christina Grimmie

    Christina Victoria Grimmie was an American singer, songwriter, and musician. With a YouTube channel that helped her attain much popularity, she became even more well-known after she took part in the NBC singing completion ˜The Voice'. Born in Marlton, New Jersey, in the US, Grimmie was enthusiastic about singing from quite an early age. At the age of 15, she created her YouTube channel, through which she released her works to the audience. Her first video was a cover of ˜Don't Wanna be Torn', a popular track by Hannah Montana. Slowly, her popularity grew and within four years, she had two million viewers. Her first extended play, ˜Find Me', was released in 2011. Debuting at number 35 on the US Billboard 200, it was a success, and brought her to even more fame. She worked on two more extended plays over the next few years, one of which was released after her untimely death. Her only studio album ˜With Love' was released in 2013. Grimmie also appeared in a 2016 independent romantic comedy movie ˜The Matchbreaker', where she played an important role.

    Christina Grimmie

  • Gabriel Conte

    Gabriel Conte is a youth icon and social media star. He is energetic and proactive, creating a number of skits and videos which are always fresh and humorous. He is an example of a modern social media phenomenon. He has used innovative technology and platforms to showcase himself and give his viewers a slice of life experience. He exudes verve and innovation. His style ranges from informal to casual. Gabriel Conte has been a regular and popular content creator on the phone app Vine, and shows how newer and sleeker platforms can be used to package and disseminate powerful and appealing messages and productions.

    Gabriel Conte

  • Domo Wilson

    Domo Wilson is a social media star famous for the comedic videos she posts on Vine, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. Her videos are characterized by her energetic and hilarious performances. Her honest approach to various topics often lends her videos a unique freshness. Her videos range from funny reactions to day-to-day situations, like forgetting to take the phone to the bathroom, to serious issues like living life as a gay person. She has a number of social media accounts which she shares with her partner <a title='Crissy Danielle' href='/famous/crissy-danielle.htm'>Crissy Danielle</a>. They together have nearly 3 million subscribers on their three YouTube channels. Apart from her immense online presence, she is also a skilled musician who performs live travelling all around the United States. She performs comedy and music at music shows, clubs, and also delivers motivational speeches at schools.

    Domo Wilson

  • Madelaine Petsch

    Madelaine Petsch is an American actor who is best known for her starring role in the series ˜Riverdale.' She was born in Washington and spent the early years of her life there. Her parents were originally from South Africa, and they continued to visit their home country. Thus, Madelaine spent most of her childhood and adolescence hopping between these two countries. She had a flair for performing arts ever since she was a child. By the time she turned 10, she had already been trained in acting ad dance. She started auditioning while in high school, but her luck did not allow her to appear in any major mainstream role. She made her acting debut in the year 2015, when she appeared in a small role in the TV film ˜The Hive.' She then appeared in ˜Instant Mom' and ˜The Curse of Sleeping Beauty.' She gained fame after appearing as ˜Cheryl Blossom,' a rich spoiled girl, in the series ˜Riverdale.' Her performance helped her bag a few awards and brought her immense mainstream fame.

    Madelaine Petsch

  • Bad Bunny

    Spanish-language hip hop sensation who delivered a 2016 smash hit single called "Soy Peor." He has performed alongside artists such as Nengo Flow, Arcangel, and Ozuna. He was featured on <a title='Becky G' href='/famous/becky-g.htm'>Becky G</a>'s single "Mayores."

    Bad Bunny