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  • Robert Lewandowski

    Robert Lewandowski is a famous Polish professional footballer who plays for the Bayern Munich football club and also the Poland national team, where he serves as the captain. He was born in Warsaw, Poland, and he began his career at MKS Varsovia Warsaw. Later, he played for Lech Poznan, and after that he transferred to Borussia Dortmund. Since 2014, he has been playing for Germany's Bayern Munich football club. He made his international debut for the senior Poland national team at the age of 20. He came as a substitute in a match against San Marino, where he scored a goal, helping his team score a victory and qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He has received several awards and honors in his career so far. He was voted Poland's Footballer of the Year for seven times in a row. He was also named the Polish Sport Personality of the Year in 2015. The same year, he was named by ˜The Guardian' as the fifth best footballer on the planet. Besides being a footballer, he is also a venture capitalist. Through the company Protos Venture Capital, he has invested in several start-up enterprises.

    Robert Lewandowski

  • Roxxsaurus

    Roksana Janiszewska, popularly known as Roxxsaurus, is a Polish-British YouTube star who became famous after she created her own channels, Roxxsaurus and RoxxsaurusVlogs, and started uploading DIYs, makeup and fashion related videos. She created her first YouTube channel in December 2012. She is also a makeup expert and an artist/illustrator, and displays her illustrations on her Tumblr account. A popular internet personality, Roxxsaurus has become a name to reckon with in the virtual world, thanks to her Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram accounts that have earned her millions of fans and followers. She has worked hard to stand out from the crowd of makeup artists on YouTube and create a unique niche for herself. She carefully observed and analyzed the growing trend for creating extreme makeup looks as a form of self-expression, which she adopted in most of her YouTube makeup videos. On Tumblr, she started out with her Roxart blog. Her Twitter account has 203k followers, while her Instagram account has 415k followers. She is well encouraged by her followers and enjoys a good relationship with them. She can be often seen interacting with her fans and followers on her social media profiles.


  • Maria Jeleniewska

    Best known on as jeleniewska, she is a featured creator on the lip syncing platform. A top talent muser, she has earned more than 700,000 followers doing transitions and slow motions. Her Instagram handle is mv2ry. 

    Maria Jeleniewska

  • Damian Chrobak sensation who has earned more than 500,000 fans by posting a variety of content from lip syncs to comedy videos to dances.

    Damian Chrobak

  • Kinga Sawczuk

    Primarily known for her Kompleksiaraxx account, she would earn the verification crown and more than 3.9 million fans on the app by posting lip-sync, comedy and vlog-like videos.

    Kinga Sawczuk

  • Joanna Kuchta

    Fashion aficionado and freelance model who started modeling commercially when she was 14 years old. She's become tremendously popular on Instagram, earning more than 1.1 million followers.

    Joanna Kuchta

  • Tommy Wiseau

    Tommy Wiseau is a Polish-American actor, director, filmmaker, and writer. He is best known for writing, producing, directing, and starring in the cult film ˜The Room' that won the Audience Award at New York International Film Festival in 2004. He is also known for creating the documentary ˜Homeless in America' as well as the sitcom ˜The Neighbors'. Wiseau is a controversial artist who has gained both appreciation as well as criticism for his projects. However, he doesn't let the criticism dampen his spirit and continues to create unconventional films and TV shows. Known for his signature curly black hair and eccentric personality, Wiseau is in a serious mood most of the time, irrespective of whether he is filming or posing in front of the media for pictures. The actor is also always seen wearing a pair of sunglasses, even in daylight. Wiseau, who is a highly secretive person, hasn't disclosed anything regarding his personal life to the media. In 2017, he told ˜Entertainment Weekly' that he believed that a person's private life should be private and that he has all the rights to maintain his privacy from the prying eyes of the media!

    Tommy Wiseau

  • Stasio Janiszewski

    Lip syncing sensation grown popular through his sobiestasiu account. His frequent videos to the tune of popular artists have earned him more than 470,000 followers. 

    Stasio Janiszewski

  • Ola Jordan

    Professional Latin dancer known for being a professional on Strictly Come Dancing, which she was a part of from 2006 to 2015.

    Ola Jordan

  • Joanna Krupa

    Joanna Krupa is a Polish-American actress, model and an animal rights activist known for her roles in reality television shows and her appearance on many of world's top fashion magazines. She left her hometown and arrived in Los Angeles in order to make a career in the American entertainment industry and since then, she has appeared on the covers of more than 100 magazines around the world. Maxim magazine included her in the list of ˜Hot 100' for many years in a row and reality television producers are in awe of her. Apart from her reality TV stints, she has appeared in ˜Las Vegas' and ˜CSI: Crime scene investigation' and has also been a judge in ˜Poland's Next Top Model' regularly since she first started in 2010. Joanna is a devoted animal rights activist and apart from being in full support of PETA, she has started her own initiative ˜Angels for Animal Rescue'. Presently, Joanna is working on her own line of swimsuits, fashion accessories and Jewellery.

    Joanna Krupa

  • Angelika Oles

    British YouTube star who is famous for her eponymous channel. She has risen to massive popularity for her rants, exposés, and commentary on fellow social media stars. 

    Angelika Oles

  • Keralis

    Keralis is a YouTube gamer and commentator of Polish origin, currently living in Sweden. He mostly uploads "Let's Play" videos on his eponymous YouTube channel. He initially started to post Minecraft videos specifically, and has a number of Minecraft series including "Minecraft Let's Build 1 and 2", "Minecraft Inspiration Series", "Wife vs. Minecraft" and "Feed The Beast". He also became a member of the invite-only Minecraft survival server, HermitCraft, and made a lot of videos on that server. He even has his own Minecraft server called "World of Keralis". However, as he became popular, he started to grow his channel by uploading gameplay videos on a number of games from different genres. He has played city-building and management games like ˜Cities Skylines: Snowfall, RimWorld', ˜Tropico 5, Banished', ˜SimCity'; survival games like ˜The Forest', ˜Conan Exiles', ˜Ark: Survival Evolved'; simulation games like ˜Euro Truck Simulator 2', ˜Farming Simulator 15', ˜The Sims 3'; and action-adventure games like ˜Dishonored, Destiny, Battlefield 4, and Watch Dogs'.