Famous Born in new zealand
  • KJ Apa

    Known best for his role as Archie Andrews on the CW series Riverdale, he also portrayed Kane Jenkins on New Zealand's popular TV2 soap opera Shortland Street. In 2018, he starred as the lead in the film The Hate U Give. He has cultivated a significant internet presence, accumulating more than 8 million Instagram followers. 

    KJ Apa

  • Lorde

    Singer who has a debut EP called The Love Club that was released in November 2012. Her single "Royals" led her to be nominated for three Grammy Awards.


  • Roseanne Park

    Fourth and final member introduced to be a part of the YG Entertainment group Black Pink, which released an album titled Square One in August of 2016. 

    Roseanne Park

  • Keith Urban

    Keith Urban is a country musician and guitarist who is famous not just in his native Australia but also in the U.S. and the rest of the world for his soul stirring music. The multiple Grammy Award winner started his musical career in Australia before shifting to the U.S. to try his luck there. Born into a family of music lovers, Urban was exposed to country music from a young age and was also given guitar lessons. As a teenager, he participated and won in several talent shows. He started playing for a local country band and developed his own unique style of music”a combination of rock guitar and country sound”which enabled him to carve a niche for himself in Australia. He released an album and several singles in his home country which were met with considerable success. Propelled by his success he moved to the U.S. to further his career. He set off to a flying start with his first band ˜The Ranch' and eventually left the band to focus on his solo career. His solo debut album, the self-titled ˜Keith Urban' was a smash hit and there was no looking back for the talented singer. The versatile musician is also skilled at playing the acoustic guitar, banjo, bass guitar, piano and mandolin.

    Keith Urban

  • Shannon Harris

    Leading New Zealand beauty and fashion YouTuber known for her channel Shaaanxo. She also has a more personal channel called ShaaanxoVlogs. She founded her own company called xo Beauty, where she sells makeup brushes and cosmetics.

    Shannon Harris

  • Dolan Dark

    Dolan Dark is a well-known YouTube montage creator from New Zealand. He is best known for uploading gaming montage parodies, memes, and comedic song remixes on his eponymous channel. He also has another channel titled ˜Dolan Darker' on which he shares meme-related content. Both of the channels are doing great as they have successfully accumulated hundreds of thousands of subscribers. While the main channel Dolan Dark has over 970k subscribers, the side channel Dolan Darker has more than 623k subscribers (as of September 2018). His channels' content is incredibly humorous and entertaining. Dolan Dark, whose actual name hasn't been revealed on the web yet, is one of the most successful YouTubers from New Zealand. The social media star, who is good friends with fellow YouTube star PewDiePie, is a guy with extraordinary wit and humor. He never fails to make people laugh and this is what makes each of his videos one-of-a-kind!

    Dolan Dark

  • JohnontheRadio

    Twitch partner known for playing games like Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, and Playerunknown's Battlegrounds for more than 120,000 followers. 


  • Sam Wills

    Sam Wills, also known by the pseudonyms ˜Tape Face' and ˜The Boy with Tape on his Face', is a prop comic, mime, and busker from New Zealand. Starting his career as an entertainer at the age of 13, he has performed in several road shows, concerts, and festivals since then. His notable performances include the ones he gave at the World Buskers Festival and at New Zealand International Comedy Festival. Besides this, Wills has also appeared on television. He was a regular performer on TV2's ˜Pulp Comedy' during its three seasons. He was also a finalist on the 11th season of ˜America's Got Talent'. Coming to the honors, the entertainer has earned several accolades at many comedy festivals. He won the ˜Best Marketing Award' at the 2002 New Zealand International Comedy Festival. He is also the proud recipient of the ˜Billy T Award', New Zealand's highest comedy honor. In addition, he won the ˜People's Choice' Award as well as the ˜Groggy Squirrel Readers Award' at World Buskers Festival and Melbourne Comedy Festival respectively. Wills was even presented with the ˜International Achievement Award' by New Zealand's Variety Artists Club.

    Sam Wills

  • Caito Potatoe

    Caito Potatoe is a famous YouTube personality from New Zealand. She is notable for posting rants, beauty tutorials, comedic sketches, and other random content on her self-titled channel. The self-proclaimed ˜Eyebrow Queen of the Southern Hemisphere', Potatoe is one of the unique and different personalities on the social platform. She is a beautiful, sexy, bold, and straightforward woman who never shies away from speaking out whatever is in her heart. The young beauty is proud of who she is and never takes her haters' comments seriously. She loves experimenting with different makeup products, especially lipsticks. She believes in developing her own style statements rather than following any fashion trend blindly. Talking of her family life, Caito Potatoe has a sister who is known as Mia Potatoe on social media. Caito is currently dating a guy known as Mysterymashine on the social networking platform Instagram.

    Caito Potatoe

  • Cheree Crowley

    Known by the ring name Evie, she has gained popularity for her time in the Impact Pro Wrestling's New Zealand promotion. In October 2015, she premiered at the WWE NXT developmental territory show.

    Cheree Crowley

  • Russell Crowe

    Russell Ira Crowe is a New Zealand film actor, producer and musician. He is mostly based in Australia and America, and became famous worldwide with perhaps the most brilliant film of his career, ˜The Gladiator', for which he was honored with an Academy Award. Crowe started his acting career when he was young and left New Zealand, where he was born and brought up, for Australia. There he first started to appear in small roles on the television and later ventured into the Australian feature films. But his position as an A-list Hollywood celebrity quickly escalated when he did movies like, ˜Gladiator', ˜A Beautiful Mind', ˜American Gangster', etc. He is not just an actor but also a musician of great talent and has been associated with many Australian and Canadian bands. He starred and sang as ˜Javert' in the British-American epic adventure movie by Ridley Scott, ˜Les Miserables'. For his exceptional service to Australian society and Australian film production, Crowe has been honored with the Australian Centenary Medal by the Australian government.

    Russell Crowe

  • Catherine De Mayo

    Creator of squishy toy content whose videos on the YouTube channel CathyDM have earned her more than 220,000 subscribers.

    Catherine De Mayo