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  • Finn Wolfhard

    When Finn Wolfhard was gearing up to watch the first film of his lifetime, little did he know the kind of influence it would cast upon his life, changing the course of it completely. Wolfhard's experience after watching ˜Spider-Man' was such that he resolved to become an actor almost instantly. He started working towards realizing his dream even before he turned ten. Barely in his teens, he is already two films old with ˜Aftermath' and ˜The Resurrection'. He has also made guest appearances in several television series including ˜The 100' and ˜The Supernatural'. However, Wolfhard's claim to glory came with the super hit television series ˜Stranger Things'. The teenage sensation is now set to star in the 2017 film, ˜It' and also in the second season of the series, ˜Stranger Things'.

    Finn Wolfhard

  • Daniel Seavey

    Ever since the 14th season of American Idol came up, the American pop scene has never been the same again, all thanks to the youngest heartthrob of the show Daniel Seavey. So whether it is Paula Abdul's ˜Straight Up' or Ed Sheeran's ˜Thinking Out Loud' or even ˜I See Fire', Seavey in his early weeks in the reality show demonstrated how skilled and multitalented he is. His musical abilities have taken him far and how. Today, apart from being a television and a social media star, he along with his band members of ˜Why Don't We' is dominating the pop music with the chartbusting numbers. What falls in Seavey's favour is his remarkable talent at such a young age. When boys of his age hardly even thought of what career to pick ahead, Daniel Seavey had not only made a firm choice but was working hard to turn it into a professional success.

    Daniel Seavey

  • Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian actor. He is specially known for his role in ˜Deadpool'. He played the title character in the film. He played the DC comics hero Green Lantern. He first appeared in a Canadian sitcom and then made his entry in Hollywood. Ryan Reynolds is popularly known for his films like ˜Blade Trinity', ˜The Amityville Horror', ˜X-Men Origins: Wolverine', and ˜Woman in Gold'. He has starred in various TV sitcoms like ˜The Odyssey', ˜Two guys and a girl', ˜Zeroman', and ˜Fifteen'. He has also been a part of TV films like ˜Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story', ˜My Name is Kate', ˜Sabrina the Teenage Witch', ˜School of Life', and others. He has starred in a music video as himself and has been a part of a web series.

    Ryan Reynolds

  • Luca Schaefer-Charlton

    Luca Schaefer-Charlton is a Canadian internet celebrity, best known for posting lip-sync videos on TikTok ( Soon after creating his TikTok account, Luca started accumulating fans because of his funny and unique content. On his TikTok account, Luca has posted a variety of videos including imitation videos of popular celebrities. One such video, in which he imitated famous American model Kendall Jenner, went viral on the internet. Luca is also popular on Instagram among other social media platforms. He is currently being managed by a talent agency named ˜Henson Management,' which specializes in helping its clients achieve their goals in social media.

    Luca Schaefer-Charlton

  • Jacob Tremblay

    This ten year old lad isn't just a pretty face; he is also witty and ingenious. He has stolen the hearts of millions in the movie ˜Room' where he portrays a long haired boy locked up in a room with his mother. His performance in the movie won him not only several fans but also the prestigious ˜Critic's Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer in a Leading role' at the Canadian Cinema and Television Awards. He has been fortunate enough to work with many of the big guns of the industry. Known for his charm and grace, he has won the hearts of popular show hosts and mega stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen DeGeneres. As a young star he takes pride in his work and at the same time puts in humongous efforts to develop his acting skills. He has outwitted even the seasoned Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel on their shows! He has a following of a whopping 446K fans on Instagram and on Twitter a fan base of more than 70K.

    Jacob Tremblay

  • Avan Jogia

    Avan Jogia is a Canadian actor who has continuously made waves for his roles in several movies and television projects. Unlike many people, he took the bold decision of discontinuing his studies at the age of 16 to pursue a career in acting. Avan Jogia was inspired by the acting skills of several veterans like the legendary Ben Kingsley since a young age and this is why he opted for a career in acting. After a short struggle, he made his debut through the television film ˜A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story', where he played the sibling of the protagonist. Since then, Avan Jogia has not looked back and has been steadily reaching new heights. He has essayed important roles in several movies and television shows, which have brought him a lot of acclaim. He has also frequently been a subject of gossip, mainly for his love life.

    Avan Jogia

  • Anna Cathcart

    Anna Cathcart is a Canadian child actor, best known for playing ˜Agent Olympia' in the popular children's series ˜Odd Squad.' She played the lead role of ˜Agent Olympia' in the live-action educational comedy series. It was also her first-ever acting experience. She debuted in the second season of the show in 2016. She reprised her role of ˜Agent Olympia' in the film version of ˜Odd Squad' the same year. Cathy also portrayed ˜Dizzy Tremaine' in the ˜Disney' musical ˜Descendants 2' in 2017. She will be seen in ˜Descendants 3' in 2019. She also appeared as ˜Robyn' in two episodes of the series ˜Dino Dana.' More recently, she played ˜Kitty Covey' in the ˜Netflix' film ˜To All the Boys I've Loved Before.' The film featured her as the little sister of ˜Laura Jean Covey,' played by Lana Condor. She also appeared in an episode of the TV series ˜Once Upon a Time' in 2017. Anna is only 15 years old and already has a bunch of hit roles in her resume, which makes her future look promising.

    Anna Cathcart

  • Jason Priestley

    Jason Bradford Priestley is a Canadian-American actor and director who has appeared in several television and film projects. He started his career as a child artist in TV commercials before moving on to TV programs. He has acted in a number of television shows and is best recognized as Brandon Walsh in the TV series ˜Beverly Hills, 90210' and as Richard "Fitz" Fitzpatrick in the series ˜Call Me Fitz'. Priestley is also known for appearing in other television programs including ˜Teen Angel', ˜Sister Kate', ˜Tru Calling', ˜Love Monkey', ˜Side Order of Life', ˜Haven', ˜Raising Expectations' and ˜Private Eyes'. He has also worked on big screen in movies, such as ˜Love and Death on Long Island', ˜Eye of the Beholder', ˜Double Down', ˜The Fourth Angel', ˜Going the Distance' and ˜Enter the Dangerous Mind', to name a few. As a director, he has directed 15 episodes of ˜Beverly Hills, 90210,' five of ˜The Secret Life of the American Teenager' and four of ˜Working the Engels' among several others. Priestley, whose favourite activities include race car driving, has also participated in many racing events till date. The actor cum director is a huge fan of the Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies and has supported the band several times. Very few people known that the multi-talented Priestley is a published author as well!

    Jason Priestley

  • Dylan Kingwell

    Dylan Kingwell is a Canadian actor who recently gained fame for portraying Victor in A&E's ˜The Returned,' Steve Murphy in ABC's ˜The Good Doctor', and Duncan and Quigley Quagmire in Netflix's ˜A Series of Unfortunate Events ˜. A native of Vancouver, Kingwell got his start in acting when he was four years old. After signing with a talent agency, he got his first acting job, which was a commercial for Hasbro for Candy Land Castle. In 2011, he made his TV debut in the telefilm ˜To the Mat'. He debuted on the big screen two years later, in the Franco-Canadian film ˜The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet'. Kingwell got the chance to work with filmmaker Tim Burton in the 2014 film ˜Big Eyes'. In the ensuing years, he has found a solid footing in the entertainment industry and is gradually emerging as one of the most talented young stars of the contemporary era. In 2015, he played the role of young Sam Winchester in an episode of the CW's fantasy drama television series ˜Supernatural'.

    Dylan Kingwell

  • Seth Rogen

    The actor who sent the viewers rolling in laughter with his goofy performance in the film ˜The 40-Year Old Virgin', Seth Rogen is someone who seems to have been born to be a comedian. With due respects to his acting skills, it must be mentioned that there is something so amusing and funny about his very appearance that makes one want to laugh! Blessed with a chubby face framed by curly hair, twinkling eyes and a silly smile, the actor has got the perfect looks for a comedian. He is the very personification of innocence, goofiness and cuteness combined! As a small boy he realized he had it in him to make people laugh with his silly jokes and antics. The more he made others laugh, the more he loved it and decided to become a career comedian. He started performing stand-up comedy as a teenager. A financial crisis hit his family when Seth was 16, and the teenager dropped out from high school to become a full-time comedian in order to pay the bills. Eventually he carved a niche for himself and started appearing on television shows. After a few initial hiccups, he became an established television actor who eventually ventured into Hollywood. Today the actor has definitely come a long way from his stand-up comedy days!

    Seth Rogen

  • Kyle Hansen

    TikTok personality and point-of-view style content creator best known for his self-titled account. He has built a fanbase of more than 1.2 million followers on the platform.

    Kyle Hansen

  • Brandon Ironside

    Popular content creator who is best known for his thebestbrandon TikTok account where he posts lip-sync videos, often involving his dad. He has gained over 1 million followers on the platform. 

    Brandon Ironside