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  • Evan Peters

    Evan Thomas Peters is a well-known American film and TV actor. He has played supporting roles in popular TV shows such as 'Phil of the Future' and 'Invasion'. He has also appeared in several films including the 'X-Men: Days of Future' as well as its sequel, ˜X-Men: Apocalypse.' Born in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States, Peters aspired to be an actor from an early age. Along with pursuing modeling, he also used to take local acting classes. His first role in films was in the 2002 movie 'Clipping Adam', for which he won an award at the Phoenix Film Festival, for Best Breakthrough Performance. Throughout the years, along with his career in films and TV, he has also appeared in numerous television commercials for Sony PlayStation, Progressive Insurance, Moviefone, Papa John's Pizza, and Kellogg. In 2011, he started appearing in 'American Horror Story,' an anthology horror TV series, which can be regarded as his most significant work till date. His performance in the series has been quite appreciated and has earned him nominations for three different awards.

    Evan Peters

  • SZA

    Raspy-voiced singer-songwriter known for EP's like "S" and "Z." Her image and sense of style have landed her interviews with magazines like Vogue.


  • Chelsea Crockett

    Chelsea Crockett is an American social media star, famous for posting fashion vlogs. In addition to fashion vlogs, she also posts a variety of other videos on her self-titled YouTube channel. These videos are related to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. She has also posted many story time videos, question and answer videos, daily vlogs, videos on life hacks and much more. She owns one more YouTube channel named ˜Nick and Chels,' which she created along with her boyfriend, Nick. She has been a part of many YouTube shows and is associated with many beauty and fashion brands. She was the finalist of the 2012 ˜NYX Face Awards.' She has already stepped into the field of acting and appeared in a couple of movies and television shows. Chelsea has also authored a book titled ˜Your Own Beautiful: Advice and Inspiration from Chelsea Crockett,' which is a beauty guide for young women.

    Chelsea Crockett

  • Akon

    Grammy-nominated R&B and hip-hop artist who gained prominence with the song "Locked Up" and his debut album Trouble. He has collaborated on numerous #1 hits.


  • Maya Angelou

    Maya Angelou was a distinguished writer who witnessed a lot of domestic crisis as a child. At the young age of seven, she faced abuse in the form of rape, by her mother's boyfriend. Along with her older brother, she was forced to travel places while growing up, unable to settle down in one place for a long time. Despite having a difficult childhood and adolescence, her spirit did not take a beating. She began earning for herself as a cab driver, and then became a dancer and singer. Soon, she learnt several languages on a tour to Europe, and showed a keen interest in English literature. She befriended established African-American writers, who motivated her to pursue writing as a career. Maya published her first autobiography, 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings', at the age of forty-one. The book received favourable reviews and she gradually became an established writer. She also acted in musicals, tried her hand at directing movies, and even writing and producing a documentary. She is also known for her feminist beliefs, which are most evident through her famous poem, 'Phenomenal Woman'. Having campaigned for many charitable causes, and made a mark as a poet, the death of this writer was mourned by many famous people

    Maya Angelou

  • Andrew Lowe

    If you are a fan of watching funny and hilarious Feel-Good videos on YouTube, chances are high that you would know who Andrew Lowe is! This young YouTuber, still in his late teens, is already creating a furor in the social media realm with his funny and entertaining videos that are sure to recharge your mental batteries and perk up your mood even if you are having a bad day! Introduced to YouTube as a middle school student, he started making videos primarily as a means to deal with the teenage angst that every youngster faces during the pubescent phase. Little did he know that one day his videos would be viewed by millions across the globe! While Andrew himself admits that his initial videos were crappy, one can't deny that they also reflected the innocence and vulnerability of the young teen behind them. As the boy evolved with time, his videos too underwent a makeover with improved content and better editing. Slowly and steadily, he continued gaining followers and has now successfully become a popular social media star who has an impressive fan following not just on YouTube, but also on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

    Andrew Lowe

  • Taylor Momsen

    Taylor Momsen is an American singer, songwriter, and actress, best known as the lead singer and frontwoman of the rock band The Pretty Reckless. She is a multi-talented personality who entered the entertainment world at the tender age of just two years. Proclaiming her life to be a roller-coaster ride with constant work commitments from an early age, she quips that she did not have a real life while growing up. This gorgeous young lady from Missouri was brought up in the Roman Catholic faith, but now stresses that she is not religious anymore. Her lineage traces back to ethnic Germans who hailed from the ˜then' Russian empire. Beginning her career as a child actor, she eventually forayed into modeling and music as well. Her appearance as `Jenny Humphrey' in the popular ˜Gossip Girl' series made her a household name and the hit debut album of her group”˜Light Me Up'”gained her fame in the music world. Even though she is a multi-faceted personality, she claims that her true love is music and has now stopped taking up acting assignments to focus on her musical career.

    Taylor Momsen

  • Nick Merico

    Nick Merico is an Argentine TV actor, best known for his role as Daniel Miller in Nickelodeon's 2014 series ˜Every Witch Way'. Besides being an actor, he is also a singer who loves creating his own songs. Singing since the age of eleven, Merico is extremely talented and enthusiastic when it comes to both acting and singing. He also holds a self-titled YouTube channel on which he uploads his cover songs and other videos. Today, Nick Merico has become one of the most impressive social media stars with thousands of fans and followers. This young personality is not just famous on YouTube, but on other social networking platforms too. He has a decent fan following on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Coming to his personal lifestyle, the internet sensation seems to be very sober in nature. Yet, he is a jokester and fun to be around. And this is what his fans like about him the most!

    Nick Merico

  • Jake Fuller

    Social media star who has gained fame for his Itsnotjakefuller TikTok channel. He has earned massive renown for his POV role plays with dubs and lip-syncs. 

    Jake Fuller

  • Hitman Holla

    Hitman Holla is an American battle rapper known for his unmatched punch lines and aggressive spirit. He was a promising college basketball player but got embroiled in street life before picking-up rapping as a career. He first got noticed when he knocked out ˜Bill Collector' in a video that went viral on ˜WorldStarHipHop.' He is a member of communities, such as ˜Fight Klub,' ˜Battle America,' and ˜SMACK/ Uri' and has battled with opponents like Math Hoffa, Conceited, and T-Rex. He has several successful ˜Ultimate Rap League' battles under his belt. He has released an album, ˜Diddy Dum Dum,' and a mixtape, ˜Ball Game.' He has started his own clothing line under the brand name, ˜Ball Game'. He has also raised funds to support research on breast cancer.

    Hitman Holla

  • Metro Boomin

    Born Leland Wayne and professionally known as Metro Boomin, he is a record producer who produced instrumentals for hip hop artists including <a title='Ludacris' href='/famous/ludacris.htm'>Ludacris</a>, Migos, <a title='Future' href='/famous/future.htm'>Future</a>, <a title='Wiz Khalifa' href='/famous/wiz-khalifa.htm'>Wiz Khalifa</a>, <a title='Nicki Minaj' href='/famous/nicki-minaj.htm'>Nicki Minaj</a> and more. 

    Metro Boomin

  • Jamie Salvatori

    Founder and owner of the e-commerce gift store Vat19 notable for its unique, novelty products. For marketing, a YouTube channel was created to help sell the merchandise, a channel that has earned an astounding 5 million subscribers.

    Jamie Salvatori