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  • Brooke Hyland

    Brooke Hyland is an American singer and dancer who first made waves at a young age through the reality show ˜Dance Moms'. At the age of 9, Brooke Hyland took her first dancing lessons and soon she became a part of the ˜Abby Lee Miller Dance Company'. Since then, there has been no looking back for Brooke Hyland, who is now an inspiration to many people. During the period 2012-13, she released a single titled ˜Summer Love Song', as well as the album ˜Brooke Hyland'. More than a year ago, she started her YouTube channel, ˜Brooke Hyland'. She has posted quite a few videos on this channel, such as ˜A Peek-A-Boo Christmas', ˜Chicago Adventures', ˜Creek Falls Cliff Jumping' and ˜Brooke Hyland Question And Answer'. She is also being followed by a lot of people on the popular image sharing site ˜Instagram'. Brooke Hyland is quite popular on other social networking sites as well, such as ˜Facebook' and ˜Twitter'.

    Brooke Hyland

  • Paige Hyland

    Jazz and musical theatre dancer who became known for her appearance on Lifetime's Dance Moms. She placed 1st on season 2, episode 7.

    Paige Hyland

  • Nolan Betts

    Instagram sensation who gained notoriety during his relationship with dancer <a title='Brooke Hyland' href='/famous/brooke-hyland.htm'>Brooke Hyland</a>. He has over 230,000 followers on his nolanbetts Instagram account. 

    Nolan Betts

  • Nick Kelley

    Instagram star also known as nick_kelley41, who rose to fame in part by his relationship with dancer <a title='Paige Hyland' href='/famous/paige-hyland.htm'>Paige Hyland</a> of Lifetime's Dance Moms. 

    Nick Kelley

  • Liv Ice

    Instagram star and dancer who has attracted over 40,000 followers to her iceicebabyy3 Instagram.

    Liv Ice