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  • Saffron Barker

    Saffron Barker is a singer, YouTuber, and one of Britain's most prominent social media celebrities. On her main YouTube channel she has 880K subscribers, while her vlogging channel has more than half a million subscribers. Her content mostly involves beauty, fashion, lifestyle, music, Q&As, and challenges which she does with her friends and family. She is quite famous on other social media platforms as well, with 640K and 266K followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively, 35K Facebook likes, and 27.9K YouNow fans. As a singer, Barker was a part of the all-girl group ˜Born2Blush'. Their first original song, ˜24seven', was released on YouTube in March 2015. In December 2016, she was one of the 25 YouTubers who recorded ˜Christmas Without You', a charity Christmas single benefiting ˜Make-A-Wish Foundation'. The song was penned by Grammy Award winning songwriters ˜Jackie Boys'. Currently she is hosting a six-episode original series for TalkTalk TV titled, ˜In My Day', where she and other members of her family discuss different topics from the perspective of different generations.

    Saffron Barker

  • Conor Maynard

    Conor Maynard is a singer and songwriter from England who became famous after winning the ˜Brand New for 2012' award. His debut single ˜Can't Say No' brought him a lot of fame and recognition as a talented singer. He has performed at a number of places in Europe and has become famous as the second singing sensation after the Canadian singer, Justin Bieber. He has toured the US also and has made quite a name for himself in that country. His singing talent began to be noticed after he started uploading his singing videos on popular video sharing channel, YouTube. He uploaded his very first video in May 2006. Thereafter, he uploaded cover versions of songs in association with rapper and friend, Anthony "Anth" Melo. Soon, he caught the attention of American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, who watched a cover version of his track "Beautiful Monster", sung by Maynard. Ne-Yo was so impressed that he contacted the musician and became Maynard's mentor.

    Conor Maynard

  • Joe Weller

    Joe Weller has the perfect blend of talent and good looks. He is known for his music videos, vlogs, and his football frenzy videos. YouTube has turned his life around, he is so famous that he gets recognized almost everywhere he goes! His most watched video ˜World Cup Song' has more than 15 million views. In the video he is seen rapping freestyle and looking aptly similar to great footballers. His FIFA and sport related content, has kept people of all ages in tune with his videos. He calls his fans ˜The Buxton Army', and he has 4.1 million subscribers to his channel ˜nuevafilms' now re-titled to ˜Joe Weller.' He is also widely followed on Instagram where he has 2 million fans keeping themselves updated with pictures from Joe's life. He loves tweeting too, and has 896K followers on Twitter. He is also the proud owner of his own clothing line, which has undoubtedly been doing very well.

    Joe Weller

  • Casey Barker

    Casey Barker is a British YouTube personality who specializes in comedy content such as vlogs and challenges that he posts on his self-titled channel. He also has a side channel that he runs alongside his partner Nicole Corrales. This channel features his personal life stories and other entries. A brother of the popular YouTuber Saffron Barker, Casey Barker is also active on other social platforms, including Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. He is one of those YouTube personalities who love to share their personal experiences with the audience in order to entertain and motivate them. Barker has already gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers on his channels and is working hard towards making his channel even more famous. On personal note, he is a caring son to his parents, a doting brother to his siblings and a loving father to his young daughter. He is humorous and often behaves crazily to make the people around him laugh. The British YouTuber has graduated from England's BHASVIC Sixth Form College.

    Casey Barker

  • Poppy Deyes

    Poppy Deyes is an English vlogger and a social media influencer, best known as the sister of popular YouTuber <a title='Alfie Deyes' href='/famous/alfie-deyes.htm'>Alfie Deyes</a>. The brother-sister duo has created a number of interesting videos, all hosted on Alfie's channel. Poppy owns a blog page where she writes about travel, food, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. Her love for photography is well-displayed by the collection of pictures on the blog page. Poppy's Instagram feed too is full of many of her pictures. Poppy and her boyfriend, Sean Elliott O'Connor, have teamed up several times to create video content.

    Poppy Deyes

  • Jordan Houston

    Jordan Houston is a famous British YouTuber who runs an eponymous YouTube channel. His videos mainly consist of vlogs, which also includes pranks, social media commentary and lifestyle entries. He started his YouTube channel in October 2016. In just one year, he gained reputation through his quirky videos. He is rapidly gaining following on YouTube and his videos are quite popular. Some of his famous videos include ˜telling my best friend i like her' and ˜coming out to my little sister'. Along with this, he has also done many prank videos with his family members and other Youtubers. He is known as ˜King of Pranks' by his followers as his pranks are appreciated by his fans.

    Jordan Houston

  • Holly Willoughby

    Holly Willoughby is a British television presenter, model and children's book author who worked on a number of CBBC and CITV shows during her early career and later became known for her work with ITV. She currently co-presents the television shows 'Dancing on Ice' and 'This Morning', both with Phillip Schofield, and is also a team captain on the ITV2 show 'Celebrity Juice' alongside Fearne Cotton. She rose to fame as a children's entertainer co-presenting the CITV game show 'Ministry of Mayhem' with Stephen Mulhern. She hosted the revived version of 'Surprise Surprise' for four seasons. Other notable shows she has worked on include 'The Xtra Factor', the charity telethon 'Text Santa', 'The Voice UK' and the sports-based panel show 'Play to the Whistle'. She has also presented various dating shows like 'Streetmate', 'Holly & Fearne Go Dating' with Fearne Cotton, and 'Meet the Parents'. She has co-authored a series of children's books with her sister Kelly, another book with her friend and colleague Fearne Cotton, and has published a couple of self-help books for new mothers.

    Holly Willoughby

  • Katie Price

    Katie Price is an English media personality, reality TV star, author, former glamour model, singer and businesswoman. A self-made pop culture phenomenon, she shot to fame as a topless model known as "Jordan". Eventually, she began to use her own name. She was the most successful page three girl featured in the tabloid The Sun. Her extensive plastic surgery brought her a lot of modeling, hosting and reality TV jobs. As a business woman, she has proved to be very savv; a marketing and self-promoting genius, she built her own multimillion-dollar empire based on sales of her ghostwritten autobiographies and novels, her multiple reality shows, and her lucrative fashion and beauty merchandising lines. Thrice married, her personal life leaves much to be desired. She was criticized by many for putting her children in the spotlight, specifically her eldest son, Harvey, who had physical, emotional and mental challenges, but many supported her for bringing attention to special needs children. An icon to many and an embarrassment to others, this buxom model sharply divided feminist critics. Doubtlessly, it is her ability to reinvent herself from being a super glamour model, to advertisement model, to host of television shows, singer, writer of books and successful entrepreneur selling branded perfumes, that keeps her in the media eye.

    Katie Price

  • Passenger

    Given the name Michael David Rosenberg, he is known as Passenger on stage and performs folk rock music. He formed a five-member band called Passenger in 2003 and released the album Wicked Man's Rest before the band broke up in 2009.


  • MyNamesChai

    British YouTube vlogger who creates a variety of comedy videos for his MyNamesChai channel. He is also a gamer with a second popular YouTube channel called ChaiPlaysGames.


  • Floral Sophia

    Style Haul partner and blogger known for her beauty videos posted to her Floral Sophia YouTube channel, which has earned over 20,000 subscribers. Her video portfolio includes makeup tutorials, favorites videos, and hauls. She also has a secondary YouTube channel called Floral Sophia Vlogs.

    Floral Sophia

  • Freya Fox

    English beauty and lifestyle vlogger best recognized for her eponymous YouTube channel. She has gained more than 50,000 subscribers by creating makeup tutorials, vlogs, and product reviews.

    Freya Fox