Famous with careers are tattooartist
  • Noel'le Longhaul

    Professional tattoo artist who is known for her intricately detailed nature scenes and for working as an artist through Bright Hollow. She is also a singer and songwriter who records a diverse range of music through the pseudonym Loone. She shares her tattoo work along with other lifestyle content through her Instagram for her over 60,000 followers. 

    Noel'le Longhaul

  • Gullsah Karaca

    Biologist and tattoo artist who uses multiple techniques, and the variant colors and forms of nature, for her artwork. Her gullsahkaraca Instagram account has 50,000 followers.

    Gullsah Karaca

  • Sergey Shanko

    Color portrait tattoo artist who makes realistic depictions of people and characters. His work is seen on the Instagram account sergey_shanko which has 140,000 followers.

    Sergey Shanko

  • Renato Vision

    Black-work and abstract tattoo artist who worked in a studio called Old Vision Tattoo.

    Renato Vision

  • Frank Carrilho

    Tattoo artist who uses straight lines, black ink, and stippling for his work. His eponymous Instagram account has more than 160,000 followers.

    Frank Carrilho

  • Pietro Marinho

    Professional tattoo artist employed by Soul Tattoo Art & Café who shared his finished creations on an Instagram account called mahadevil. It attracted more than 110,000 followers.

    Pietro Marinho

  • Miro Dantas

    Brazilian tattoo artist who is known for running his own shop Vila Madalena in Sao Paulo. He specializes in a realism based works and focuses on elements of traditional painting. He shares his works through Instagram for his over 40,000 followers. 

    Miro Dantas

  • Laura Juan

    Spanish tattoo artist specializing in realistic tattoo in which she uses the skin as if it were a paper or canvas. Her work often involved drawing faces of real celebrities as seen on her laurajuan_art Instagram account which has 60,000 followers.

    Laura Juan

  • William Steiner-Pacheco

    Tattoo artist who owns his own tattoo shop called Noby's Tattoo Zone in Stockholm, Sweden. He shares his detailed designs with his over 60,000 Instagram followers. 

    William Steiner-Pacheco

  • Pedro Acosta

    Tattoo artist who is known for studying techniques in realism and hyperrealism. He works in both black and grey and color. He shares a range of his photo realistic tattoo work to Instagram and his over 110,000 followers. 

    Pedro Acosta

  • Marian Machismo

    Tattoo artist who is known for her minimal designs and single needle work. She travel to a range of countries to work as a freelance artist and shares her works from the design phase to the finished product through Instagram for her over 40,000 followers. 

    Marian Machismo

  • Andres Acosta

    Tattooist who has become known on Instagram sharing stunning and colorful hyperrealistic tattoos of roses and galaxies, amongst other things. His work has earned him more than 300,000 followers on Instagram. 

    Andres Acosta

  • Alexis Vaatete

    Combining American and Polynesian art forms, Alexis became a renowned tattoo artist whose work has reflected the beauties and tragedies of life. He was an apprentice Orange County Inkhouse for three years under Franco Vescovi before managing Franco's shop Vatican Studios.

    Alexis Vaatete

  • Alessandro Capozzi

    Owner of the tattoo studio and contemporary art gallery Aureo Roma who specialized in modern, black-and-white tattoo design.

    Alessandro Capozzi

  • Oscar Akermo

    Tattoo artist whose photorealistic black and grey portraits have made him hugely respected and earned him an Instagram following of more than 250,000. He has worked out of shops like Tattoo Studio 73 in Uddevalla, Sweden and Bang Bang in New York City. 

    Oscar Akermo

  • Dongkyu Lee

    Tattoo artist who is known for his hyperrealistic style which often features portraits and other visual imagery from pop culture and films. His work is often in color and focus on the accurate portrayal of both people and settings. He shares photos of his work to Instagram and his over 220,000 followers. 

    Dongkyu Lee

  • Scott Campbell

    Professional tattoo artist, sculptor and painter who opened the famed shop Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn in 2005. His clientele includes numerous celebrities such as <a title='Howard Stern' href='/famous/howard-stern.htm'>Howard Stern</a>, <a title='Robert Downey Jr.' href='/famous/robert-downey-jr.htm'>Robert Downey Jr.</a>, <a title='Courtney Love' href='/famous/courtney-love.htm'>Courtney Love</a> and <a title='Sting' href='/famous/sting.htm'>Sting</a>.

    Scott Campbell

  • Kari Barba

    Tattoo artist best known as the longtime owner of the famous Outer Limits tattoo shop, located in Long Beach, California. She is widely considered a trailblazer in her field, becoming one of America's first notable female tattoo artists and shop owners.

    Kari Barba

  • Kamil Mokot

    Sketch style tattoo artist who became employed at Glorius Ink Tattoo. He'd utilize geometrical elements and symmetry in his work.

    Kamil Mokot

  • Jo Harrison

    Tattooist who has become hugely popular due to her Oriental-inspired freehand tattoos, which frequently incorporate natural elements like plants and animals. She began serving as the co-owner of the U.K. tattoo shop Modern Body Art in 1999.

    Jo Harrison

  • Shaun Topper

    Celebrity tattoo artist who became an ambassador for Tattoodo as well as a partner for Jet Black Supply.

    Shaun Topper

  • Max Rathbone

    Tattoo artist best known as the owner of Second City Tattoo Club, located in Birmingham, England. He has become particularly renowned for his floral work, which he showcases for more than 90,000 followers on Instagram.

    Max Rathbone

  • Diego Tatted

    Talented tattoo artist whose delicately shaded works of body art have earned him more than 51 Instagram fans. 

    Diego Tatted

  • Astrid Elisabeth

    Tattoo artist who is best recognized for her minimal design style and line work. Her work often is portraits and flowers in both color and black and grey tones. With a range of themes, concepts, and art, she shares her boyd of work to Instagram and her over 50,000 followers. 

    Astrid Elisabeth