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  • Jessica Mauboy

    Jessica Mauboy is an Australian R&B and pop singer, songwriter, and actress who rose to fame after finishing 2nd in the fourth season of the music competition, ˜Australian Idol', which also resulted in a recording deal with Sony Music Australia. One of the most successful female artists in Australia, she is considered a role model to young girls and indigenous communities in the country. She began her music career with the release of a live album of her performances on the competition, and then joined the girl band Young Divas and worked on their second album ˜New Attitude'. She started her solo career one year later, and has so far released three studio albums “ ˜Been Waiting', ˜Get 'Em Girls', and ˜Beautiful'. She has made countless appearances on TV shows, acted in the musical comedy-drama films 'Bran Nue Dae' and 'The Sapphires', and played the lead in the television series 'The Secret Daughter'. She has also recorded the soundtrack albums for 'The Sapphires' and 'The Secret Daughter'. She has won numerous awards for her musical performances, as well as acting.

    Jessica Mauboy

  • Jessica Sanchez

    Runner-up on the eleventh season of American Idol. She released her first studio album, Me, You & the Music, in 2013.

    Jessica Sanchez

  • Tom Parker

    Irish dance-pop vocalist who forms one-fifth of the platinum-selling band The Wanted. The band's first single, titled "All Time Low," rose to #1 on the UK Charts. 

    Tom Parker

  • Kina Grannis

    Kina Kasuya Grannis is an American acoustic pop singer and song-writer, who has more than a million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is famous for her romantic singles and duets which combine elements of love and longing to create such mesmerizing melodies that touch the hearts of the listeners. As someone who has always loved singing, she first gained fame when she won the ˜Doritos Crash the Super Bowl' musical competition in 2008, which is a dream contest for any aspiring singer. Starting out as a Super Bowl winner, she worked hard to build her career as a successful singer and went on to become a YouTube singing sensation within a few years. Her albums ˜Stairwells' (2010) and ˜Elements' (2014) gained much applause from millions of listeners across the globe.

    Kina Grannis

  • John O'Callaghan

    Lead vocalist and songwriter for the Arizona based rock group The Maine. Their third album titled Pioneer peaked at #90 on the Billboard 200 chart while their following album Forever Halloween peaked at #39.

    John O'Callaghan

  • Aaron Pauley

    Former Jamie's Elsewhere vocalist who left the band to join Of Mice & Men in 2012 and who played on the latter's 2014 album, Restoring Force.

    Aaron Pauley

  • Tiffany Evans

    Singer and actress who first rose to fame on Star Search in 2003. She is best known for her self-titled debut album, and she has appeared on popular shows The District and Law & Order: SVU.

    Tiffany Evans

  • Mason Noise

    Competitor on the 12th series of The X Factor UK who has released a number of singles, including "Over Me," "Boyfriend" and "Take a Seat."

    Mason Noise

  • Josh Golden

    Missouri singer-songwriter who began playing the guitar at age ten. His YouTube channel JoshGoldenMusic has over 200,000 subscribers.

    Josh Golden

  • Yoli Mayor

    Pop singer and songwriter who rose to fame after competing on America's Got Talent in 2017. On the show, she received a standing ovation for her performance of <a title='Rihanna' href='/famous/rihanna.htm'>Rihanna</a>'s "Love on the Brain."

    Yoli Mayor

  • Paddy Wilde

    English singer who shot to stardom as a finalist on the first season of the children's singing competition Got What It Takes? in 2016. On the show, he wowed audiences with renditions of songs like <a title='Bruno Mars' href='/famous/bruno-mars.htm'>Bruno Mars</a>' "When I Was Your Man."

    Paddy Wilde

  • Taj Jackson

    Star of the Lifetime original reality series The Jacksons: Next Generation, Taj is also a singer, songwriter, piano and bass player who performs alongside his younger brothers in the R&B/pop music trio called 3T.

    Taj Jackson

  • Amenazzy

    José Daniel Betances, or as he is better known, El Nene La Amenazzy, is a popular Spanish-language R&B artist known for hit singles like "Me Hace Falta" and "Mugeriego."


  • Sonika Vaid

    Known for her appearance during the 15th and final season of the reality singing competition American Idol. She advanced to the top 8 in March 2016.

    Sonika Vaid

  • Kishore Kumar

    The soulful voice behind many of the hit Bollywood songs of yesteryears' superstar Rajesh Khanna, playback singer Kishore Kumar was a unique and eccentric personality. A multifaceted personality, he was not just a playback singer, but also an actor, comedian, lyricist, composer, producer cum director. One of the most recognized and well loved male voices of Hindi cinema, Kishore Kumar was also a much emotionally unstable personality, a genius troubled by the weights of his own talents. Born as the youngest among the siblings into a wealthy Bengali family, Kishore's venture into filmdom simply happened by chance. In fact, it is nothing but a quirk of fate that the man who would one day become the voice of India's superstars did not even receive a basic training in music! He was just a young boy when his elder brother became an actor in Bollywood and the youngster followed his brother to Bombay where his brother helped him find work. How would a young boy without any training in acting or music face up to the challenges of the colorful world of Bollywood? He need not have worried. As fate would have it, Kishore soon became the darling of the masses and still reigns over their hearts years after his death.

    Kishore Kumar

  • Ciana Pelekai

    Singer who first gained attention competing on the fourth season of the hit reality series America's Got Talent. She then tried again in the eighth season of the series. She has also won a number of singing competitions including Hawaii Stars and Brown Bags to Stardom.

    Ciana Pelekai

  • Max Cavalera

    Frontman for the groove metal band Soulfly who has also performed with Sepultura. He has also worked on projects like Nailbomb.

    Max Cavalera

  • Moya Brennan

    Irish folk singer and harpist who released many successful albums, like 1992's Maire.

    Moya Brennan

  • Lidija Bacic Lille

    Singer who started her solo career in 2008 through her work with Croatian composer Mark Tomasovic. She found acclaim in June 2017 when she wrapped herself in the Croatian flag while promoting her upcoming album Body as a Song. She has over 170,000 followers on Instagram. 

    Lidija Bacic Lille

  • Ryan Vizcaino

    Singer who rose to fame auditioning for La Voz Kids in 2013. He has gained a substantial following in San Antonio, Texas, and has expanded that following to Instagram where he has more than 20,000 dedicated fans.

    Ryan Vizcaino

  • Öykü Gürman

    Turkish singer who rose to fame as one half of the Mediterranean and Arabian music duo Öykü ve Berk alongside her brother Berk Gürman. Following the duo's 2010 breakup, she found success as a solo artist with songs like "Canevi" and "Nem Alacak Felek Benim."

    Öykü Gürman

  • Crystal Bowersox

    American rock singer who was the second place finalist for the ninth season of American Idol. She has released singles like "Up to the Mountain."

    Crystal Bowersox

  • Size 8

    Gospel and R&B performer whose 2013 single "Mateke" won the Groove Awards' Video of the Year distinction. Early in her career, she developed a fan base as a secular artist prior to becoming a born-again Christian in 2013.

    Size 8

  • Cheesa Laureta

    Known for her solo singing career following her time on NBC's reality singing competition series The Voice. She finished as a quarterfinalist during the show's second season in 2012.

    Cheesa Laureta