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  • Lukas Forchhammer

    Lukas Forchhammer is a Danish-Irish singer- songwriter and actor. He is best known as the lead vocalist of the pop and soul band Lukas Graham in which he performs with bassist Magnus Larsson and drummer Mark Falgren. He is also known for starring in the Danish family film series ˜Krummerne'. Born in a middle-class family, Forchhammer began performing at a very young age. Before attaining mainstream fame, he was a part of a YouTube channel where he shared his band's videos of singles and covers. Till date, the singer has released a handful of platinum-certified albums and many hit singles. In 2012, his debut self-titled studio album topped the Hitlisten chart. The best thing about his music is that it reflects real life experiences and stories rather than fancy fairytales. On a personal note, Forchhammer is a happily committed man and the father of a beautiful baby girl.

    Lukas Forchhammer

  • Brooke Adee

    Brooke Adee is an aspiring American pop singer and songwriter, who gained fame when she took part in season eight of the singing competition show,˜The Voice' on NBC network. She also posts cover songs on her self-titled YouTube channel, which she had created on November 25, 2009. She has garnered 45k subscribers and 1 million views, as of June 2018. Inspired by ˜Annie', a Broadway musical based on Harold Gray's ˜Little Orphan Annie', she developed a passion for music in her childhood. Originally from Austin, Texas, the live music capital of the world, Brooke had started performing live when she was just 13. She aspires to pursue a career in music and venture into the entertainment industry soon. Her social media presence has helped her to showcase her music to a wider international audience.

    Brooke Adee

  • Megan Lee

    Megan Lee is a Korean“American actor and singer, best known for her ˜YouTube' videos and for her acting role in the Canadian series ˜Make it Pop.' Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, she developed an interest in acting at a very early age. By the time she was 10 years old, she had already started appearing in TV commercials and doing small roles in short films. She made her TV debut in 2008, with a small role in the series ˜Battleground Earth,' and then did a few more roles the same year. In 2009, she appeared as a contestant on the children's game show ˜BrainSurge.' She then appeared on the popular Korean talent hunt show ˜Star Audition.' In 2015, she got the biggest break of her career when she was chosen to play the lead role in the TV musical series ˜Make it Pop,' inspired by K-Pop. The series ran for two seasons. In February 2018, she was seen as one of the contestants in the 14th season of the singing reality show ˜The Voice.'

    Megan Lee

  • Taylor Dye

    Taylor Tae Dye is an American country singer famous for being one half of the music duo Maddie & Tae, the other half being Madison Maddie Marlow. The duo has released one album, one EP, and several singles till date. Growing up, Dye performed as a singer at numerous events. She often sang the national anthem in festivals and functions. At 15, she met Maddie for the first time and the two began composing music together. Since then, the girls have been working and performing together. Dye serves as the background vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter while Marlow serves as the lead vocalist and guitarist. The girls first tasted success with their breakthrough 2014 hit track "Girl in a Country Song". The young performers have also been featured in a number of music videos. They perform live shows on stage as well. Taylor Dye's singing style combines elements of country music with the pop and rock genres. On a personal note, she is very close to her family as well as her boyfriend, fellow country singer Jackie Lee.

    Taylor Dye

  • Towanda Braxton

    R&B artist who revamped her singing career by forming The Braxtons in 2010 with her sisters.

    Towanda Braxton

  • Kevin Ortiz

    Latin pop singer who performed at the 2013 Youth Awards and signed with Badsin Records in anticipation of his debut album Same with Blood.

    Kevin Ortiz

  • Ricky Bell

    R&B vocalist best known as a member of the popular groups New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe. He has also sung backup vocals on tracks by artists like <a title='Bobby Brown' href='/famous/bobby-brown.htm'>Bobby Brown</a> and <a title='LL Cool J' href='/famous/ll-cool-j.htm'>LL Cool J</a>.

    Ricky Bell

  • Frankie Avalon

    Not many teen idols are able to carve a successful career for themselves as they mature, but Frankie Avalon is someone who first rocked the world as a teenager and continues to do so today even as a septuagenarian! Born in Philadelphia, he entered the world of music during the 1950s when becoming a singing sensation was every teenager's dream. Out of the thousands of youngsters who chased the idea of making it big as a musician, Frankie stood out because he already had a background in music, and his good looks and charms added to his appeal. Music had always been his passion as he started playing the trumpet when he was very young. Considered a child prodigy, he had been winning contests even before he was ten and was invited to appear on a U.S. television show when he was just 11! Blessed with a lovely voice, he also decided to try his hand at singing and found success with hits like ˜Venus' and ˜Just Ask your Heart'. Highly ambitious, he eventually ventured into acting and here again he was much welcomed due to his charming personality and good looks. Today he is a septuagenarian yet he shows no signs of slowing down!

    Frankie Avalon

  • Jack Walton

    Singer-songwriter who competed on the 2014 season of the X Factor UK, finishing in 11th place.

    Jack Walton

  • Asher Monroe

    He is most recognized for his roles on NBC's Parenthood, CBS's The Mentalist, and the cinematic version of the musical Fame. MTV called him one of the top ten artists of 2011.

    Asher Monroe

  • Najma Akhtar

    1984 winner of the Birmingham Asian Song Contest whose music combines jazz, Indian ghazal and bhajans. She put out eight albums between 1988 and 2009.

    Najma Akhtar

  • Fefita La Grande

    Born Manuela Josefa Cabrera and better known by the stage name of "Fefita La Grande," this Dominican merengue tipico musician is regarded as one of her country's most accomplished accordionists. Her albums include La Pimienta es la Que Pica (1980), Todos los Hombres Son Buenos (1994), and La Ciudad Corazon (2001).

    Fefita La Grande

  • Myra Molloy

    Thai singer who gained prominence from winning the reality competition show Thailand's Got Talent when she was just thirteen years old.

    Myra Molloy

  • Douglas Glenn Colvin

    Commonly known by the name Dee Dee Ramone who co-founded the punk rock band, The Ramones. He also pursued a rap career, naming himself Dee Dee King.

    Douglas Glenn Colvin

  • Adam Cohen

    Low Millions' frontman is a Canadian singer and songwriter best recognized for his work with the band. Low Millions are known in Canada for albums like "Ex-Girlfriends," released in 2004.

    Adam Cohen

  • Kira Isabella

    Honored as the 2013 Female Artist of the Year at the CCMA's a year after winning the CCMA for Rising Star, she is a Canadian country music singer whose second album, Caffeine & Big Dreams, includes the singles "Quarterback" and "Gone Enough."

    Kira Isabella

  • Vennu Mallesh

    Indian singer whose heavily auto-tuned 2012 song "It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do" achieved massive viral fame, earning more than 7 million views on YouTube. He followed up the success of the song with tracks like "12 Angry Men" and "I Love U Dear."

    Vennu Mallesh

  • Bobby Jones

    This TV personality is most known as the host of Black Entertainment Television's Bobby Jones Gospel program, but he also had a great career as a Gospel singer, winning a Grammy Award in 1984 for a duet version of "I'm So Glad I'm Standing Here Today" with Barbara Mandrell.

    Bobby Jones

  • JeA

    Pop star who first won fans as the leader of the Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls, who are known for chart-topping singles like "Sixth Sense." Her first solo album, Just JeA, was released in 2013.


  • Roshelle

    Finalist on the 10th season of the X Factor Italy who finished in 4th place after being mentored by <a title='Fedez' href='/famous/fedez.htm'>Fedez</a> throughout the competition. She released an EP called What U Do to Me in 2016.


  • Anna Netrebko

    Musical America awarded her Musician of the Year in 2007. She is a Russian soprano opera vocalist.

    Anna Netrebko

  • Rocio Jurado

    Acclaimed singer and recording artist who was named Best Female Voice of the Twentieth Century for The Voice of the Millennium Prize.

    Rocio Jurado

  • Ami Onuki

    Japanese vocalist who is a member of the pop group PUFFY and is best known for the song "Asia no Junshin."

    Ami Onuki

  • Manal Benchlikha

    Singer and songwriter who is known for having participated on the competition series Mantsayadch. She is known for also having earned representation from the Magic Castle Entertainment label. 

    Manal Benchlikha