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  • LA Capone

    Born Leonard Anderson, he was a rapper whose first mixtape was released posthumously by his friends, featuring some of his singles such as "So Loud" and "The Gat."

    LA Capone

  • Amber Liu

    Liu has 5 million Instagram followers and is the lead rapper of the South Korean girl group F(x).

    Amber Liu

  • Xzibit

    Rapper, actor, and host of the popular MTV car makeover show Pimp My Ride. His 2000 album, Restless, sold almost 2 million copies and was certified platinum.


  • Noname

    Rapper and poet whose career took off when she was featured on <a title='Chance the Rapper' href='/famous/chance-rapper.htm'>Chance the Rapper</a>'s 2013 song "Lost." Her first mixtape as a solo artist, Telefone, was released to positive reviews in 2016.


  • Aystar

    Don't Quit, Cheeky Bastard, and Lean Back are some of his most well-known tunes. GRM Daily has written about him. Related to Lebron Jame.


  • DVS

    Brixton born gangster rapper known for his album London Boy American Dreaming and One in a Billion featured on iTunes. He also acted in the British thriller The Intent.


  • Dave Mac

    Canadian rapper who released three mixtapes before dropping his debut EP, Sins. He released his first album, Turn My Back, in 2015. His second album, Trouble, was released in 2016. He is also involved in producing, songwriting, and graphic design within the music industry.

    Dave Mac

  • Gringo the MC

    Also known as MC Gringo, he is a rapper and producer who was initially pursuing a career in indie music under the moniker Michael Goes Acoustic when a hip-hop song he produced and recorded as a joke quickly gained attention. He then started transitioning into hip-hop with his live performances, including opening for countless big name rappers.

    Gringo the MC

  • Cappadonna

    Born Darryl Hill, but more commonly known by his artist name Cappadonna, he is an official member of the collective rap group known as the Wu-Tang Clan. He also performs alongside <a title='Ghostface Killah' href='/famous/ghostface-killah.htm'>Ghostface Killah</a> in the rap group Theodore Unit.


  • Adan Cruz

    Rapper who debuted on MySpace in 2008 as "Adeene" and published his first song "No Tiene Definición." He resurrected his image and started performing as Adan Cruz in 2011. His hits include "Ey Pa" and "Por Los Queremos."

    Adan Cruz

  • Cordaro Stewart

    Rapper and filmmaker who has built a fan base as an independent artist with tracks like "Inspiration," "Hunger" and "Money Man." He is the director of the musical short films Famous Freysh: Tha Cypher! and Famous Freysh: He Don't Love You Enough.

    Cordaro Stewart

  • Kweku Collins

    Rapper who began receiving major attention in 2015, when his debut EP Say It Here, While It's Safe received millions of plays on Spotify and SoundCloud. His first full-length album, Nat Love, was released to positive reviews in 2016. 

    Kweku Collins

  • Dimillio

    West Coast hip hop artist who dropped mixtapes in 2016 and 2017 titled Purple Paradise and Purple Paradise 2.


  • Víctor Germán Goimil

    Argentinean rapper known for songs like "Boss", "Reggaeton Prendido", and "Trap Ando Trappin". His YouTube channel has 40,000 subscribers and 7 million overall views. 

    Víctor Germán Goimil