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  • Luke Fontana

    Celebrity portrait photographer who has shot A-listers such as <a title='Meryl Streep' href='/famous/meryl-streep.htm'>Meryl Streep</a>, <a title='Helen Mirren' href='/famous/helen-mirren.htm'>Helen Mirren</a>, <a title='Matthew McConaughey' href='/famous/matthew-mcconaughey.htm'>Matthew McConaughey</a>, and <a title='Kate Winslet' href='/famous/kate-winslet.htm'>Kate Winslet</a>. His work has been featured in known publications including Vanity Fair, Esquire, People, Playboy, and Forbes, among others.

    Luke Fontana

  • Bryan Randall

    Boyfriend of Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock who also became a well-known Los Angeles-based photographer. He had primarily focused on children's portraits and outdoor scenes.

    Bryan Randall

  • Hugo Van Lawick

    Emmy Award-winning Dutch photographer and wildlife filmmaker who popularized the study of chimpanzees and other wild animals through his work.

    Hugo Van Lawick

  • Darren Pearson

    Known for his light-art project Darius Twin, he has become known for creating stunning long-exposure light-art photographs and even stunning light-art stop motion animations. His unique works have led to collaborations with brands like Reebok and Honda. 

    Darren Pearson

  • Marius Sperlich

    Photographer who is known for his unique blending of extreme close ups juxtaposed with a variety of different materials.

    Marius Sperlich

  • Frankie Marin

    Photographer known for his work shooting a variety of social media campaigns for well-known brands. Much of his work features modeling portraits and boasts to more than 30,000 followers on Instagram. 

    Frankie Marin

  • Cinthia Contreras

    Fashion photographer who gives readers a glimpse into the realities of the fashion industry on her successful blog, Cinthia Spoon. She co-founded the food blog TheFoodLifeNYC and has been the fashion editor at Flow Magazine. 

    Cinthia Contreras

  • Keith Munyan

    Photographer of celebrity clients including <a title='Hilary Duff' href='/famous/hilary-duff.htm'>Hilary Duff</a> and <a title='Cindy Crawford' href='/famous/cindy-crawford.htm'>Cindy Crawford</a>.

    Keith Munyan