Famous motorcycle racer, Celebrity Birthdays

  • Valentino Rossi

    Valentino Rossi, the ultimate idol of international motorbike racing, is one of the most talented and successful motorbike racers ever. Harboring a passion for race at a very young age, he won his first world racing title at the age of 18. Since then, he never missed a race and has been making records, one after another. Undoubtedly, he is on the track to becoming a motorbike legend or rather, he is one already! The Italian sensation who turned 34 this year, is also known for being a tad superstitious, especially, before competing in any race. His pre-ride rituals, as they are called, include bending down and holding the right-side foot-peg of his bike with his head bowed. For this he once made a statement, "It's just a moment to focus and ˜talk' to my bike, like moving from one place to the next." Today, he is one of most famous celebrities and is one of the greatest sportspersons. His achievements in the sport make him the most successful racer ever. However, this coveted racer is quite discreet about his personal life and likes to stay off the radar. Read more about his life, career and amazing achievements, in the article below.

    Valentino Rossi

  • Travis Pastrana

    Travis Pastrana is one of the most accomplished racers that America has ever produced. At an early age he developed an interest for racing and his parents could gauge the inherent talent in their son, and supported him in enhancing his skills. He got his first motorbike when he was only four, and even at that tender age, he performed stunts which would astonish people. This sport demands great physical as well as mental strength, and Travis lacked neither. He met with several accidents and was wounded and injured innumerable times, but this daring racer never gave up his endeavours. The proverb ˜Failure is the pillar of success' seems to perfectly suit Pastrana because whenever he failed in any attempt, he made it a point to practice even more and ensured his success. It can be said that speed and stunts together make him stand out in the world of sports. He has earned immense popularity with his stunts which apparently are breathtaking. Travis has amassed a huge number of fans who follow him on social networking sites to keep themselves updated about his life, endeavours and achievements. The talented rally racer has won many hearts along with racing events, and has a long way to go

    Travis Pastrana

  • Ryan Dungey

    Young Supercross star who won the 2012 AMA 450 Class Motocross Championship and the 2017 AMA Supercross Championship. He has won over 40 AMA races in her career across four classes.

    Ryan Dungey

  • Marc Marquez

    Spanish motorcycle racer became the youngest person to ever win the MotoGP World Championships in 2013. He followed it with a successful title defense in 2014.

    Marc Marquez

  • Ken Roczen

    Supercross and Motocross rider who won the 2011 Motocross World Championship. He also placed first at the 2012 Motocross des Nations.

    Ken Roczen

  • Anthony West

    Best known for his time racing in the Supersport World Championship as a Grand Prix racer. In 2016, he finished his race in the Supersport World Championship in 3rd place aboard a Yamaha.

    Anthony West

  • Chad Reed

    Australian motocross and supercross racer considered to be one of the most talented riders in the sport since the turn of the century. He won the AMA National Motocross Championship in 2009 and was subsequently named AMA Athlete of the Year.

    Chad Reed

  • Carey Hart

    Former freestyle motocross racer also known for his ownership of Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company. In 2015, he became an off-road truck racer. who married the singer Pink in 2006.

    Carey Hart

  • Josh Hayes

    Professional motorcycle racer known for his time in the AMA Superbike Championship, where he's spent most of his career. He competed in MotoGP in 2011.

    Josh Hayes

  • James Stewart Jr.

    Motocross rider who goes by the name Bubba Stewart. He first competed at the X Games in 2009 and signed with Joe Gibbs racing in 2011, although he only stayed with the team for one year.

    James Stewart Jr.

  • Eli Tomac

    Pro racer who became the winner of the 2017 AMA Motocross Championship. He won his first 450MX race in 2014 and was also the 2013 250MX champion.

    Eli Tomac

  • Carl Fogarty

    Known as "Foggy," he is an English Superbike racer who had one of the most successful careers the sport has ever seen, winning four World Superbike Championships. In 2014, he won the 14th series of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

    Carl Fogarty

  • Ryan Villopoto

    American motocross and supercross rider who became the 2012 AMA Champion. That same year, he won the FIM Supercross Championship. He retired from the sport in July 2015.

    Ryan Villopoto

  • Guy Martin

    British motorcycle racer known better for his exploits off the track than for his successes on it.

    Guy Martin

  • Brian Deegan

    Motocross legend who became one of the most decorated freestyle riders in X Games history after winning his 13th medal. In addition to motocross, he also participates in Rally Car and Short Course Trucks. He's also the founder an co-owner of the brand Metal Mulisha.

    Brian Deegan

  • Hailie Deegan

    Motorcycle racer who picked up a Regional Championship title at the age of 15 in 2016. Later that same year, she saw seven regional podium finishes and five mod class national series podium finishes in the LOORRS series. In 2017, she was the only girl named to the nine-member NASCAR Next program. 

    Hailie Deegan

  • Ricky Carmichael

    Supercross and Motocross racer who earned the nickname GOAT, or Greatest of All Time, for his unparalleled motorbike performance.

    Ricky Carmichael

  • Jason Anderson

    Professional motocross and Supercross rider known for taking his first career title in 2014 after winning the 250 West Region Supercross championship. In 2018 he became the 450 Supercross Champion.

    Jason Anderson

  • Cooper Webb

    Professional dirt bike racer for Star Racing Yamaha who took home first place at the 2015 Anaheim 2 Supercross and the 2015 Phoenix Supercross. He was also 3rd overall in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship 250 Class.

    Cooper Webb

  • Nicky Hayden

    Motorcycle racer dubbed "The Kentucky Kid" who turned professional in 2003 and won the MotoGP Championship in 2006. 

    Nicky Hayden

  • Jorge Lorenzo

    Jorge Lorenzo is a professional Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle road racer who achieved fame at a very early age after winning five world championships. Competing in professional racing since his early teenage days, he went on to win the 2006 and 2007 250cc World Championships. He then started competing in the MotoGP class as part of the Yamaha team and has already won three titles and has finished as the runners-up three times. He recently ended his longtime association with Yamaha and switched to Ducati for the current season of the MotoGP race. His multiple premier class title wins made him the first Spanish racer to achieve this feat. Throughout his career, he has won 65 races, which places him fifth on the list of all-time winners in the GP motorcycle racing. He supported the Oxfam international confederation's initiative to assist the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. He has worn sponsored protective gear from Dainese for most part of his early career, following which he started to represent another brand, Alpinestars. He endorsed the smartphone racing game, ˜Zopo Speed 7 GP', made by Chinese company Zopo Mobile.

    Jorge Lorenzo

  • Jeff Ward

    Known as "The Flying Squirrel," he was the first person to win every major AMA motocross championship.

    Jeff Ward

  • Adam Cianciarulo

    Cianciarulo won three of his first five races in the 2014 supercross season after starting his professional motocross career in 2013.

    Adam Cianciarulo

  • Tazio Nuvolari

    Considered one of the most accomplished motorcycle racers and race car drivers in the history of the two sports, he won two dozen Grand Prix titles and several Mille Miglias; Coppa Cianos; Le Mans; European Championships; Royal Automobile Club Tourist Trophies; and Targa Florios honors.

    Tazio Nuvolari