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  • David Brooks

    David Brooks is a Canadian born American journalist, social analyst and leading political commentator. He is a profound observer of the American way of life and a knowledgeable analyst of current political scenario and foreign affairs. As an undergraduate, he frequently contributed reviews and satirical pieces to campus publications. After completing his graduation, he began his career as a police reporter which had a clear influence on his perception of the society. Initially he was a liberal philosopher but later emerged as a light conservative. Later, he worked with many newspapers and magazines as a correspondent, film critic, and as an editor. He has also appeared as a radio commentator and expressed his opinions on a number of social and political issues. In addition to being an analyst, he is also a prolific author who has written masterpieces, such as ˜Bobos in Paradise' and ˜On Paradise Drive', emphasizing on the cultural and social influences prevailing in America. Both the works are in a style he termed as ˜comic sociology' which questions our living methods in an amusing, entertaining and thought provoking manner. He possesses the gift of bringing the audiences face to face with the essence of our times in a comical and insightful way. He has emerged as an astonishing writer, an unmatched journalist, and a savvy analyst of present times.

    David Brooks

  • Stan Chambers

    Remembered for his six-decade career as a reporter for Los Angeles' KTLA channel, he earned multiple Emmy Awards and was honored with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

    Stan Chambers

  • Andreina Véliz

    Journalist, TV presenter, producer and model from Venezuela. In 2016, she participated in season 4 of Masterchef in Madrid, Spain. After the show, she continued to work in Spain as a journalist for TV outlets. 

    Andreina Véliz

  • Charles Blow

    American journalist and commentator who made a name for himself as an op-ed columnist for The New York Times. Previously, he worked as a graphics director and art director for National Geographic.

    Charles Blow

  • Ahmet Hakan

    Journalist who joined the Hürriyet team on CNN TURK. He wrote the book Neden Milliyetçilik? in 2001. 

    Ahmet Hakan

  • James Olley

    English journalist and sports reporter best recognized for his work as Chief Football Correspondent for the London Evening Standard. He is also an author and editor and is known for having co-authored the best-seller The Deal. 

    James Olley