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  • Zhuri Nova James

    Known for being the child of NBA superstar <a title='LeBron James' href='/famous/lebron-james.htm'>LeBron James</a> and his wife, <a title='Savannah James' href='/famous/savannah-brinson.htm'>Savannah James</a>. She is the couple's third child and first daughter.

    Zhuri Nova James

  • Milan Allen

    Daughter of rapper Rakim Allen who's better known by his stage name <a title='PnB Rock' href='/famous/rakim-allen.htm'>PnB Rock</a>.

    Milan Allen

  • Danielle Williams

    Daughter of Gypsy Sisters star <a title='Kayla Williams' href='/famous/kayla-williams.htm'>Kayla Williams</a>. Her father's name is Richard.

    Danielle Williams

  • Gloria Carter Spann

    Best known as the younger sister of United States President <a title='Jimmy Carter' href='/famous/jimmy-carter.htm'>Jimmy Carter</a>.

    Gloria Carter Spann

  • Marvin Bush

    Businessman most famous for being the son of former U.S. President <a title='George H.W. Bush' href='/famous/george-bush.htm'>George H.W. Bush</a> and the brother of another President, <a title='George W. Bush' href='/famous/george-w-bush.htm'>George W. Bush</a>. He is also the former Director of HCC Insurance Holdings and Director of SECURACOM.

    Marvin Bush

  • Piper Gooding

    Famous for being the daughter of actor <a title='Cuba Gooding Jr.' href='/famous/cuba-gooding-jr.htm'>Cuba Gooding Jr.</a>. She is his third-born child, and is nine years younger than her next oldest sibling Mason. 

    Piper Gooding

  • Sara MacDonald

    Sara MacDonald is a Scottish publicist who is best recognized as the wife of Oasis rock star <a title='Noel Gallagher' href='/famous/noel-gallagher.htm'>Noel Gallagher</a>. A mother of two and a step-mother of one, she is known for her evergreen beauty, dimpled smile, and charismatic personality. She is a doting wife and a very caring mother to the couple's children. Being a celebrity wife, she often finds herself in the limelight owing to her husband's popularity. Despite having a demanding career herself, she ensures that she is a hands-on mother to the children and actively participates in their day-to-day activities like supervising their studies and occasionally taking them to the playground. With her down-to-earth attitude, MacDonald has captured the hearts of millions all over the world. Talking about her personality and traits, she is bold, gorgeous, and classy. She has an exceptional taste in fashion and is admired for her sophisticated sense of style. The Scottish publicist comes across as an ambitious and successful working mother and many women consider her their role model.

    Sara MacDonald

  • Gielle Hellevig

    Rose to fame for her brief marriage to Of Mice & Men singer <a title='Austin Carlile' href='/famous/austin-carlile.htm'>Austin Carlile</a>.

    Gielle Hellevig

  • Robbie Kessler

    Gained fame after his mother, Kim Marie Kessler married WWE Heavyweight Champion <a title='Randy Orton' href='/famous/randy-orton.htm'>Randy Orton</a>. 

    Robbie Kessler