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  • Billy Childs

    Versatile soloist, arranger, and ensemble member who collaborated with some of his era's greatest artists. He oversaw the 2000 project "The Calling: Celebrating Sarah Vaughan" by <a title='Dianne Reeves' href='/famous/dianne-reeves.htm'>Dianne Reeves</a>. It won the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal CD.

    Billy Childs

  • Alan Hovhaness

    Alan Hovhaness was an Armenian-American music composer. As one of the most prolific performers of 20th century, his official catalogue comprised 67 symphonies and 434 opus numbers. Some of his remarkable creations include ˜Symphony No. 17' and Guitar Concerto No. 1. While creating Lousadzak, he applied an advanced technique that he referred to as ˜spirit murmur'. In his quest for ancient traditional music of various countries, he visited India, Hawaii, Japan and South Korea. He destroyed many of his earlier works after facing criticism for them. Most of these works were the proof of his interest towards Renaissance style. He got his first recognition as a composer through his symphony Exile and BBC Symphony performed it in London. From 1940 onwards, he became interested towards Armenian music and applied its form and technique in some of his creations. A recipient of Fullbright Fellowship, he was the first Western composer who got the invitation to join in the music festival of Madras, India. In Japan, he appeared in television and conducted music with the Tokyo Symphony. In later part of his life, he studied Indian Carnatic music and Japanese gagaku music to enrich his knowledge in music. His life and work has acted as inspiration for several films also.

    Alan Hovhaness

  • Mercan Dede

    Known as DJ Arkin Allen, he is a Turkish composer and musician who plays both the ney and the bendir. He has gained famed for blending traditional Turkish music and electronic sounds.

    Mercan Dede